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  1. I know this question has probably been asked several times, and I believe I have asked this myself years ago. I just cant seem to find it in the forums. I have the .bat for recording, I just don't have one for playing back my recorded demo. What must I put in the playback's bat file?
  2. derp

    Mouse Binding in PrBoom?

    Yeah, well since I've gotten off of Vanilla doom controls (arrow keys to move, shift to run, control to shoot, etc.) from...well Vanilla doom, I've been playing Skulltag as my main port. And I never used alwaysrun because I felt like there were plenty of times when I didn't wanna run. I felt like a toggle was just a nuisance, so I assigned it to my right click mouse button and I've been used to that ever since :/
  3. derp

    Mouse Binding in PrBoom?

    Wait nvm it was an older version I downloaded. I got the newest PrBoom Plus and I fixed it. But I can't bind mb2 to run :/ Anyway to?
  4. derp

    Mouse Binding in PrBoom?

    So I enabled the mouse in the settings, and when I go to the key binding settings MB1 (mouse button 1) is to "Move Forward" for some odd reason. Same with the other MB's, they're all bound to commands that I don't want by default. It isn't letting me change them either. I click enter on the setting and it tells me to hit the key to bind it to whatever command. It works with all the keyboard commands, but it doesn't work for the mouse. It won't let me bind the mouse buttons or unbind them for their current commands. The mouse works, I tried using it. It's just those damn buttons wont bind! Help please :/
  5. Lmfao, I'm glad I wasn't the only kid who had nightmares after playing this damn game haha.
  6. I used Skulltag for everything before, but this time it tells me that I'm not allowed to use "shareware" WADs on Skulltag. I downloaded the WAD from http://www.it-he.org/doom.htm#smb I'm not even sure I installed it right. I extracted it and it gave me a bunch of texts, .exe's, and 2 .wad files. One is titled SKYMAYBE and the other is SMB417. How do I get this running and what source port will I have to use to run it?
  7. Some of those WADs look cool and I feel deprived. I've never played them before.
  8. derp

    Doom 1 *Ultimate Doom* no longer on XBLA?

    Oh my, then I got it just in time. I bought Doom about 3 weeks ago for XBLA. I finished all the achievements, woot.
  9. I remember when our household first got a good computer (for its time, around 1998), Doom was one of the first games my uncle installed on it. Since I was only like 4 years old at the time, I didn't bother touching the computer, nevermind seeing what "Doom" was. A few years later, my uncle came over and I saw him playing it. I was already scared shitless just watching him, but I eventually grew some balls and gave it a try. Yeah, I was pretty damn scared. I used iddqd and idkfa because I was scared of dying (lmfao I was like 7 okay?). I stopped using cheats just a couple years ago, when I decided to stop tripping on my labias.
  10. I know Doom isn't for vertical looking, but I'm just so used to being able to look everywhere from other FPS games I've played. It feels weird only being able to look left and right.
  11. Nevermind, guys. I got it. In the controls, I had to set some secondary fire control and when you clicked that, it aimed down the sight. I use Skulltag btw.
  12. Damn, I don't know how to do all that. :( Lol, thanks for answering though.
  13. Sorry if I sound like a troll. Not a troll, just a severe noob. Plz answer Y_Y
  14. I joined a match earlier and it was like Call of Duty. They had all of the weapons from MW2, perks, knifing, etc. They also had custom maps, but I don't really care about those. Anyway, they also had a mod that regenerated health like in CoD. For example, if I got hit with a rocket and had 12% health left, it gradually went back up to 100% without medikits, stimpacks, etc. I jsut had to get to cover. There was also tactical insertions and respawning. It was really cool, but I'm still noobish at this. How can I do those mods?