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  1. dat crazy demon in the e1m4 maze, gosh I jumped so high when I just turned and saw he was eating my flesh... it prevented me from entering the maze so many times... the abandoned mines and monster condo were scary places to play back then, and for some reason the arachnotron in the circle of death thrilled me since I watched the player died in the doom 2 demo. other stuff that gave me the creeps are: finding the soulsphere for the first time, the dark rooms in e1m2 and e1m5, the group of demons in e1m8, and the maze maps (map 11) from plutonia 1 and 2, full of arch viles (I guess the arch vile traps at the end, when they cornered you to death) and finally, to date I am a little scared to play the first map in deus vult 1, when you have to kill like 5 cybers w/your rocket launcher in that long corridor. scary to face them.
  2. unchris

    After the Holocaust - Updated

    SGT, for some reason I cannot make 100% kills nor secrets: two spiders are not being brought to the map, plus I cannot normally find the secret where the plasma gun is. in addition, cannot find all the items... :( any hints?
  3. unchris

    Where do you live?

    lima, peru
  4. woah, can you use mouse in doom?
  5. unchris

    Ugliest Monster

    dear old macubi is the ugliest motherfucker. I like to kill them with the supershotgun & see their death animation. second place for ugliness is either spider mastermind or pain elementals.
  6. unchris

    Skill level 6 speculation

    skill6=invisible bridges
  7. unchris

    What's your least/most favourite IWAD level?

    BEST doom: i dig E4M2 & E4M1 because they're really challenging. plus E1M7 is one of greatest maps & E1M5 has one of the most underrated songs ever, sad that it hasnt been used too much. I kinda like E3M9's insanity. doom2: map26, map17 & map29 are genius. + I always loved map15 & map20. plutonia: map24 I love the feeling of walking on a tall-narrow way whilst a cyber shoots you rockets from a long distance, like in map12. map10, map21, map15 are great; and map11 genius. tnt: havent played for several years but I used to love central processing. plutonia2: map11 & map15, particularly map11. WORST doom: easily E3M8 the most disappointing & I never liked E1M9. doom2: map21 is ew & I hate map30. plutonia: map08