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  1. I have access to some doom manuals. I tried to make a scan of one of the pictures, but due to the way it was printed, it came out like the following: If there is something I could change when I do the scan to get a better result please tell me and I will re-do it, along with some of the other sprites.
  2. baitercell

    I challenge you to a WAD with these colours

    I whipped up a very quick level ( 30 mins to 1 hour ). Please note that it is only my third map and I know there are a lot of textures that arn't aligned and many other things. But it does follow the theme of green bricks and stuff. http://www.mediafire.com/?z0il1zj39h08sq2
  3. baitercell

    I challenge you to a WAD with these colours

    Take a look at Sunder.wad. Ignoring the fact that it is a slaughter map, most of its levels have individual themes that run throughout most of the levels.
  4. baitercell

    So 10 minute Speedmaps?

    This is the first map I have published. My previous mapping history consists of the doom builder 2 tutorials, and just clicking around to see what things do. I found the 10 minute limit allowed me to focus and actually make a map. I did about 1 minute of planning, 10 minutes of adding the sectors, then another 5 mins of monster placing and getting the doors to work. http://www.mediafire.com/?dn8p5bac0fz2nnd Enjoy
  5. baitercell


    In map 12, the linedef 6781 is reachable before the pillars blocking it are lowered. This might make it possible to get to the yellow key, push the yellow door button and make it to the next room before many of the monsters have teleported in. It’s nothing major, just a minor bug.
  6. baitercell


    I came across one issue with map 11, maybe it was intentional, but I was able to skip some of the “Super Mario Passage,” linked is a picture of the route I took. http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/1916/zdoom2010111114560396.png