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  1. Brollixx

    Super Happy Fun Contest Time

    relik by any chance do you play the warcraft 3 beta, because if i remember right, thats what I eat dead people is off of..
  2. Brollixx


    its 1.22
  3. Brollixx


    I finally got it to come on, but i get a bunch of signs with exclamation marks on them and it cant read about 95% of the scripts.. so its a doom2 where no swtiches work
  4. Brollixx


    I didnt evenn get that far, i got to the part where it keeps going to the regular doom screen then i start screaming and cussing
  5. Brollixx


    I havent played doom 2 wads in a couple of years and i was wondering , how do you play doom arcade? the guy was too stupid to put a readme that is of any help or use at all. It runs with zdoom, so could somebody please tell me how to make the freakin thing work?
  6. Brollixx

    Doom 3 System requirements?

    sorry, wrong forum
  7. Brollixx

    Doom 3 System requirements?

    Does anyone know what the system requirements will be aruond for doom 3? Im 16 and i have no job, no allowance, so with my and my bro's money we can get our 2 comps to an 800 mhz and a 1.7, would this run it?
  8. Brollixx

    Doom Addiction

    i have been playing it ever since it came out and im 16 now, but i only have to take 1 extra year of high school, does anyone play doom2 online anymore?