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Status Updates posted by Halfblind

  1. I followed you because I like your avatar picture. Did you make it in Photoshop or GIMP one day and forget to increase the time between each frame? It looks like it is having fun because it is spinning so fast.

    1. Danz


      heh, thanks. The gif was made in this online gif maker called ezgif. Reason I made it was because i kept seeing a similar version with a spinning cacodemon around the web and decided to make a heretic counterpart with the iron lich just for kicks. This one is slightly slower, the original is even faster.

      iron lich.gif

    2. Halfblind


      I made my avatar picture from scratch using ms-paint and Photoshop. It is from a graphic set that I made for a doom/heretic project that I was working on.

    3. Halfblind


      I think that your new avatar picture is cute as hell. I would love to see a collection of gifs created by you in the future.

  2. Doom Playthroughs (Great Maps, Great Mods, Great Fun)


    1. I played through Zero Tolerance by Dutch Devil with the Wonder Chicken mod on difficulty 2.

    2. I played through Hellfire Reborn by Shadowman with the Wonder Chicken mod on difficulty 2.