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  1. Halfblind

    AI generated art / pictures [megathread]

    Edit: Redacted because I didn't read the rules, sorry.
  2. Halfblind

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    I think what you are describing is what I mentioned above called 'myoclonic jerks' and yes, I get them sometimes. For more information on sleep paralysis please watch this video.
  3. Halfblind

    Are you having sleep paralysis?

    I know a little about science and weird health issues. I have a point to all this and an experience to share, so please bear with me. I also have a chronic illness, if you want to know more, please let me know. If you have restless leg syndrome or twitching muscles before going to bed it is often caused by nutritional deficiencies. It also may be caused by neurological disorders. If it is the former, even if you eat a healthy diet, your body might still need extra vitamins and minerals. Many have reported relief after supplementing magnesium, calcium or iron. The only way to know for sure is to do a mineral and heavy metal hair test to know what minerals you are deficient in. Please also consult with a doctor of functional medicine, or vitamin expert if you have additional questions. Most western doctors don't know much about nutrition. Also, about 80% of Americans are deficient in many different nutrients. There is another similar disorder to RLS that is called 'myoclonic jerks' which are primarily caused by neurological disorders like a pinched spinal nerve or other neuromuscular issues like multiple sclerosis. These happen right as you are going to bed and you can experience involuntary jerks of your legs, arms and even your head. These are very scary and can really affect your quality of life. I have these sometimes, but doctors don't seem to be concerned about them, like anything else that I have. Years ago, I started having very weird health issues. Very weird that I still can't explain what I am going through to doctors, and I still haven't recovered to this day. In 2007 I started having very bad stomach pains, but I had to pushed through the pain. Years passed, and I thought that the stomach issues would also pass, but they started getting worse every year. In 2015, shortly after my father passed away, my family had to clean the house. Unknown to me was that the house had toxic mold. In March, of that year, I started having very bad health problems, to where I had to quit my job. Years later I also found out that I had a stomach infection called Helicobacter Pylori, but eradication made me very sick. I now feel worse somehow afterwards. Doctors would always dismiss my stomach issues as anxiety, so it made it harder to find help and answers. Part of my health issues, I also suffer from debilitating headaches. Every time I went to see a doctor about them, they always prescribed antidepressants. When taking the meds, I got even more sick. Years later I found out that I have genetic limitation on how my liver metabolizes substances and detoxifies. My liver either produces very few or not at all of key enzymes responsible to metabolize medications and for detoxification. This makes taking any number of certain medications extremely toxic to me. Taking the smallest amount of the meds would make me bedridden with a fever for weeks. These meds included SSRI's, acid inhibitors and beta blockers. I also cannot take natural herbs like St. Johns wart nor Turmeric. I recently was also diagnosed with Gilbert's syndrome, and I now have full and permanent jaundice. With that out of the way, on to my story of sleep paralysis. When I was taking the medication Amitriptyline, prescribed for the headaches, the medication would have extreme side effects. Later I found out that A was one of the medications that I cannot take due to the genetic liver enzyme issues. While on the medication I would be so tired all the time. It would cause my chronic fatigue issues to become worse even on the smallest prescribable dose. Then one night after taking a higher dose than I did before, per doctor's orders, I had my sleep paralysis experience. While in sleep paralysis, my brain was conscious, for I could see my surroundings perfectly, but I could not move anything. All I could do was lie in bed and wait. Then it happened I saw something very scary floating above my bed next to the window. It was a shadow person, but different than what others have experienced. The most common shadow people are the lady that sits on your chest and the hat man. Mine had long slender arms and legs, horns on his head and red glowing eyes. It watched me while I was helpless. I finally mustered up the strength to snore, which then scared it away. Then I finally mustered up the will to get of bed and the experience was all over. To this day I cannot ever forget about it. I theorize that my experience with sleep paralysis was caused by my chronic illness and a toxic liver overload from everything, but especially the meds. I saw something that I never thought I would ever see in my life. Am I better for It. I don't know. Sorry my story was a little long, but I thought I would share it anyway.
  4. Halfblind

    The Quake Confessional Booth

    We already have The Doom Confession Booth, but why not a Quake Confession Booth. Here you can confess your deepest Quake sins. I'll wash my hands first... I don't like the Quake remaster, like I thought I would. Nothing against the maps, or the people involved in the project, but I don't like the Kex engine. There's a lot of lost momentum from the original engine and source ports like Quakespasm, that makes normal jumping a little harder to do effectively. I was also a little upset that they used a few textures from Raven Software in the Dimensions of the Machine. I also didn't like Honey much either, but everyone has their own tastes. I did however like Rubicon 2 though. Especially metlslime maps, they were just amazing.
  5. Halfblind

    The Quake Confessional Booth

    @Ludi Like the Rubicon Rumble Pack, some AD maps sure overstay their welcome. Especially when you are trying to find at least half the secrets. Xmas Jam 2021 Grue's and Krampus's maps are especially hard even on easy.
  6. Thanks, I had no idea. I have a chronic illness, so it has been really hard to keep up on things. Thaks for sharing that, it makes it super useful especially for newer mappers.
  7. I don't want to. Just look up Tormentor667 and what happened with Blade of Agony and go down that rabbit hole. I really don't want to get into trouble.
  8. Just my two cents... Last time I checked uploading to the archive required an FTP client like FileZilla or something like that. FTP clients require a direct connection to the FTP upload server and will not work through a proxy server. Most ISP's in the states and modern browsers prefer using proxy servers and will not allow direct connections to FTP sites. My ISP even prevents from downloading files via FTP because they favor SSL and nothing else. I cannot even download anything from my nearest FTP (Idaho) mirror anymore. Over 10 years ago, when they had an FTP mirror in Texas, I was able download files fine back then. Now I have to use the SSL mirror in New York to download from idgames anymore. There are a small portion of modders, designers and developers who are digital nomads. They have to use their nearest library or coffee shop to use the internet, which complicates the issue further. Ever since 2010 we have lost a ton of finished and in-progress projects from our community. - Negatives New Doom - There was a couple of in development projects hosted at New Doom that I was interested playing over 10 years ago. All of which either never got finished, nor I cannot find anywhere to download. Wads In Progress - WIP was a site that mappers can post projects that are still in development. It hosted hundreds of screenshots and was a great way to build engagement and excitement towards future projects. Due to a user posting inappropriate feedback and comments most of the project pages were deleted entirely. The site never recovered and was shut down many years ago. Raven Games - RG was originally a site started by the community that hosted community projects for all games released by Raven Software. These included wads from Heretic and Hexen. It was 'bought out' by Activision and then used to promote the COD games instead. :( ZDoom Forums - Compared to Doomworld the ZDoom Forums seem a little dead or has a lot less activity than it once did. I stopped using it years ago for personal reasons. Realm667 - Everyone here knows what happened, I don't want to flog a dead horse. Here are some lessons and suggestions that I want to share. + Positives ModDB/IndieDB - The good thing is ModDB and IndieDB aren't going anywhere soon. If it is appropriate, I think someone should start a thread here at Doomworld and pin it. That thread should have links to any mods, maps and other files found on those two sites. That way we can have everything all in one convenient spot. Itch.io/Steam - Both these sites host mods and full games sometimes. Often times for free. You just have to do a lot of digging to find them. Quaddicted - Not Doom related, but I think we can learn a lot from the Quake community. There is a thread at QD called "Tracking new releases" that one can post links to finished projects and any other maps that are not found in their archive. It was started by Spirit to track what files he uploaded to their archive. If memory serves Spirit is one of few who actually upload directly to their archive. negke then uses it as a guide when he generates their download and review pages. I wish there was a thread here at Doomworld like that, where someone could take charge of unloading the files for us. I understand that would be a hard thing to ask because that would sometimes be like 1K files per day. That would be really hard for anyone to handle on their own. For every map created for Quake there is probably over several hundred maps created for Doom every year. I probably gave you a dollar and a half, but these are just my thoughts.
  9. Halfblind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    @Roofi and @Not Jabba This map is indeed "For Whom the Bell Tolls." I still haven't finished the second map yet. I will finish it when I have more time for it. Technically not my favorite tech map I think ZDoom maps from over 10 years ago have a lot of charm. I did play Beluga, and Blowup over 10 years ago though, but I hadn't played this one yet. I did play Beluga recently again. However, one of my favorite tech maps from that era would hands down be Dutch Devil's - Total Control.
  10. Halfblind

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Flash Game Archive is my favorite way to play old flash games today. It is better than Flashpoint because it is better supported and updated with new games almost every week. The latest version of Flashpoint 'Absence II' seems to be broken and unusable at the moment. One of my favorite flash games found in the archive is Heat Rush USA by LongAnimals. It is my favorite game in the Heat Rush series and one of two favorite games by LongAnimals. Too bad we cannot use any of these art assets in our Doom mods.
  11. I was thinking today, if there are any Doom mods about love or with love in the title the difficulty settings should be aptly named. - Too Young to Fall in Love - You Give Love a Bad Name - Too Late for Love - Love is a Battlefield
  12. Halfblind

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I've been playing through random maps from the archive recently. I'm only playing maps from the Ports section with a rating of 4 full stars or more. If I find any maps with cool architecture, I have been taking screenshots of them. I came across this map this week. I am not mentioning the name of the map, nor the author. You're just going to have to guess, because it makes it fun that way.
  13. I think this version looks much cleaner and nicer. Great Job! It's like an inverse Top Gun or Van Halen logo. I can't wait to see it in game. I wrote a poem last night about this project. It's called "Ten Lines" and it contains only 10 lines. Feel free to use it in anyway with this project. I hope you enjoy it. Here are the latest versions of my maps. There are 3 maps within, but the last one was created after the deadline. If it's not used that is okay, but I wanted to include all my maps together as a small stand-alone project anyways. My third map was created for shits and giggles, and it abuses the hall of mirrors effect. Anyone is encouraged to download it and play it. I don't mind. In the file is all you need for the UMAPINFO/MAPINFO scripts, for help with compiling the project. It includes intertext between each map, but you don't have to include these if you don't want to. I also found out that in the stats screen after the level (G)Zdoom doesn't display the "&" character, but it does in the AutoMap. How weird.
  14. I went back and re-read the entire thread, so I could be on the same page as everyone else. Here are some of my thoughts. Just my opinion, but if you make the SB look like this it would look cleaner. I don't know how to get it to fit like yours does though. So, "skill issue" is an urban dictionary or gamer slang thing like PEBKAC and not an editor/source port thing? I'm not a slaughter map nor extremist person myself, but I get what you mean. I prefer smaller, well-crafted, more intimate battles myself. Honestly, I don't like to vote on things like that because I am anti-nepotism. It's like voting on 2 different Lego builds. One being a house and another being a castle. You voted on the castle because that's what Lego sets that you prefer even though the house was an equally amazing build too. I prefer to vote on my top 5 things in 5 different categories though. If we vote on something like that for this project, I will vote on categories like this: 1. Top 5 Most Creative: The most creative use of the limitations. 2. Top 5 Most Intense: The maps with the most challenging battles. 3. Top 5 Most Atmospheric: Self-explanatory. 4. Top 5 Most Relaxing: The most beginner friendly maps. 5. Top 5 Most Unique: This could mean the most unique choice of music or other non-mapping elements. @NiGHTS108 Because of the nature of this CP I would suggest that you include a separate credits file in your upload. You should include categories like Mapper, Music, Graphics, Testers and Other Contributors credits. This would keep your read-me file cleaner. We also need to know if the maps have additional permissions like modification or re-use for additional projects. I am learning a great deal from the Quake community on how well documented their projects are. Also, I wanted to change the name of my first map from Cramped Crates to Cramped Cargo. I didn't see that reflected yet in the spreadsheet. I think the new name fits the map better. Also, I made a few small changes to my maps which includes both a UMAPINFO and new ZDoom MAPINFO lumps for ports that support them. I hope that makes it easier for you, and I will drop the new updates soon. Thank you.
  15. I remember a map set back in the day that featured like 5 maps. The first map was rather small, but then they got really huge after that. One level featured Sauron's tower from The Lord of the Rings. The last map, however, combined all previous maps into one massive map. The final map contained over 7 or 8 thousand enemies on easy. Couldn't you do something like that, where you can choose some of the previous maps and rework them into this larger map? With the support from the author that is and a kind final show down story device. I was thinking that would be really cool. Also, what are your plans for secret levels. I made a hilariously stupid map that abuses the Hall of Mirrors and the John Romero head glitches. but it was made after the deadline :(. Surprisingly the HOM glitch doesn't work for PRBoom but it works in Woof though.
  16. Update: I rebuilt my previous map attempt and by my opinion this version is much better. I included another map in the download and in my opinion both maps play well back-to-back. They are a derivative of the same kind of idea with a lot of variation between both maps. I tried implementing difficulty settings too. In my opinion most of these restriction/limitation and vanilla/boom style map sets would work wonderfully if created for the ZDoom (not GZdoom) port. There is still a lot that you can do with that little engine. If I were to rebuild these maps for ZDoom I would have used monster spawns, moving floors, line horizons and item pick up triggers to make the maps more interesting.
  17. Why do you have so much health and rockets ammo? When playing it on the lower difficulties I only had to shoot like 2 rockets to 100% the map due to monster infighting. It has a great choice in monsters and textures though.
  18. Please may I submit a map. Please note I had to quit mapping and stop my personal projects years ago due to an unending chronic illness, so don't expect much from me. Author: BlindChaos aka Halfblind Map Name: Cramped Crates Map Slot: Just pick one I don't care Map MIDI: Please use Doom 2 Map 15 Resources: The map is designed in vanilla with all vanilla resources.
  19. Halfblind

    looking for compatible quake source port for my pc

    Wait, you have an Intel Core i7 running Windows 10 and have only 6GB of space? Your going to need more space than that if you are going to run any good Quake mods. If you have the slot and you cannot afford to buy a bigger SDD I would recommend buying a small SD card with at least 16GB of space. My entire Quake mod directory takes up more space than 6GB. This is my go-to as well, but if that is not your flavor you could try the Mark V engine. Some Quake mappers like DumptruckDS use that one also. If you want some Quake mod and map suggestions I can point you in the right direction too.
  20. Halfblind

    Classic Fps Universe

    I hope this works... After D’Sparil cursed Corvus with the “Curse of the Lost Gods,” Corvus travelled throughout the outer worlds before returning back to Pathoris. While on his journey he came to the world of Draken and met a woman named Rynn and her dragon Arokh. He travelled to another world and met an elf named Alvir and his beautiful human mage girlfriend Azara Zatch. He then stumbled upon the world of Midgard during the dark ages where he met Sam ‘Serious’ Stone and the hordes of Mental. Additionally he would travel to the world of Celenheim prior to the rift that would split that world between darkness and light and create a powerful “enclave.” He had all these wonderful adventures before returning to the world of Pathoris to spend the rest of his days with his beautiful elven wife. After the events when Sam Stone travelled through time, there were many other battles on Midgard then known as the Earth. An unknown marine later known as the Rifter travelled through the chasm known also as the rift and found himself in many time frames. He never met Sam Stone, nor did he meet Corvus, but he did see the remnants of their battles. Shortly after Sam’s departure from middle America there was a culling of xenomorphs by the powerful Yautja. They would eventually leave the earth, but without leaving a queen behind in Antarctica. While in ancient Egypt Sam Stone learned about an ancient human race that once lived there called the Sirians, but there was also another race known as the Nakhti who left ancient Egypt many centuries prior. Corvus had a descendant whose name was Canus who also travelled the outer worlds. Canus was also granted Corvus’s wand from his father. Canus found himself in Midgard at a war torn time. Midgard was in a full blown world war. Torn by the war machine known as the Nazi’s. It was the time of the Third Reich. Canus found himself battling on the side of the Allies where he met B.J. Blazkowicz while he was imprisoned in the castle Wolfenstein. B.J. nicknamed him Wolf Stone because of where they met. During the war Canus heard rumors of vampires who were allied with the Nazi’s and formed an evil triad. Canus would later meet a beautiful dhampir named Rayne when she was on a vendetta against her vampire father who allied himself with the Axis Powers. Later in the future slipgates were reverse engineered by technology left after the chasm. Rifter, who was much older at the time, showed Ranger how to use the slipgates before Ranger went on his mission throughout the many dimensions. Ranger went to many dimensions where he heard stories of Corvus, Sam Stone, the Slayer, the Strogg and the Skaarj. Years later Ranger would help train Bitterman before he would embark on his battle against the Strogg in great arenas of skill and might. Years later a prisoner answered the call of battle when the Skaarj attacked the Nali homeworld. Years after that the Liandri hosted their most prestigious tournament yet. This tournament would decide the fate of the Nakhti planet and its people. The final battle was to the death and was between Anubis and his betrothed Selket. Later Anubis would travel to earth to learn about what happened to Egypt after his people's departure thousands of years ago. Additional Notes: Alvir and Azara are characters I would have used in a Heretic mod if I ever had the chance to work on it. Damn you health issues. Naming Corvus’s descendant Canus was a reference to Wofenstein 3d. Canus (or Canis) means wolf and having B.J. nickname him Wolf Stone is clever because Wolfenstein literally means wolf stone. Wolfstone is also a name of a really cool band from Ireland. Edit: My chaos star can teleport me back to the beginning of the level too.
  21. I need help finding a retro browser first person shooter. Over 4 years ago I stumbled upon a retro first person shooter that I though looked amazing. I discovered it around the time I learned about the Doom Triple Pack that was playable through Flash. This game was similar to Wolfenstein 3D due to its height restrictions but it was way more advanced. It was set in a lab or a space station that was taken over by enemies. I don't remember if the enemies were zombified humans, aliens or robots. I don't know if the game used Flash, an early version of Unity or if it was an HTML5 game. All I know is that it was way more advanced that what I have seen built in GameMaker. If it was a Flash game I do hope it can be played through FlashPoint. I don't even remember what site I played it on either. The game looked amazing because it featured a lot of environmental decoration sprites, see through doors and transparent windows. The pixelized textures were mostly blue, grey and white. Below I have listed a few games that have reminded me of it. 1. Exophobia - Reminded me because of its blue textures, rails and detail. 2. 90's FPS Prototype - This is a little bit closer due to its graphic style, detail, see through doors and transparent windows. It wasn't this game because it has floor and ceiling height variations. 3. LAB - It wasn't this game, but it does have cutouts in the doors and transparent windows. I did play this one back then too. Here are a few more games that are definitely not it either. 1. Deadlocked 2. HellHunt GB 3. Rexx Stone 4. G.O.R. Guns Of Rage I know it's a long shot, but I would really thank the one who finds the game. Thank you.
  22. Halfblind

    Help Me Find A Retro Browser First Person Shooter

    No. that isn't the game, but thanks for helping anyway. I still haven’t found the game that I'm looking for yet. I looked at everything on Flashpoint using the tag:”shooter” command, but I still haven’t found it. I have even started using archive.org to look at snapshots from websites that I remember going to from 2016 to 2018 and still nothing. I did however find these “interesting” games on Flashpoint though.
  23. Halfblind

    Obscure shooters thread

    I have been playing this game recently after finding it at myabandonware.com. Not to be confused with the mobile game with the same name. Released in 2006 by Digital Extremes 2 years after their work with Epic Games on Unreal Tournament 2k4 and 2 years prior to releasing Dark Sector. Two Games that were much better than this one. I think this is when they departed from Epic Games and started working on their own projects. This game is rather short with about 20-30 maps total. The maps rather boring, because they all look the same, down to using the same theme and mapping style. UT2K4 had way more variety than this. Weapons are bulky and slow and they don't feel like they have any real impact visually. The AI is extremely stupid. They will ignore you even if you are standing right in front of them with the flag. The bots in the UT99 on easy were 20 times more intelligent. The vehicles control very well, even better than the ones in UT2K4, but the maps are too small to make them useful. Overall I give the game 3 out of 5 stars, because there is nothing that breaks the game but it still doesn't impress me at all. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> For more obscure first person shooter games I started this topic over 4 years ago.
  24. Halfblind

    Help Me Find A Retro Browser First Person Shooter

    It does sound a bit like Blake Stone but is is not unfortunately. Plus why would they make a browser version of Blake Stone when you have to buy it at sites like GOG and steam? Me neither, About 5 years ago I could find a bunch of interesting games, music and other content online. Now I cannot find much that is any good anymore. Many sites that I used to visit to download mods for other old school games have also been taken down too. It makes me sad that I can't access any of those old school games and content anymore. I only played the game a few times at my local library. I did not even get through the first level. I didn't play it enough to remember much about it. 1. All I remember is that the character started with a pistol that was futuristic I guess. The weapons were all 2D sprites. 2. I don't remember what the enemies looked like the most. All I remember is that they were 2D sprites too. 3. The overall art style used sci-fi pixelated textures which were low-res. Even though the art style was low-res it was still higher res than many of the low res games at itch.io such as Y.A.W. and what Pico-8 games like Poom can handle. 4. The player was fixed the ground, so there was no jumping. The player movement was pretty slow compared to newer games. If it supported the mouse you can only move left or right. There was no up and down movement of the camera. The default keys layout was to look left and right with the arrow keys. Additionally, the game site that I played it at also showed a short video clip of the gameplay which activated when you hovered over the thumbnail. Similar to what they do at crazygames and Y8.