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  1. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Hows this sound?

    What was incorrect? I did proof read it a few times.
  2. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Hows this sound?

    Going to attempt to make a Doom WAD yet again and decided on a simple story in a text file. How does it sound? The story so far First the invasion came through the portals at Mars Base UAC. Then they invaded Earth and you defeated what you can only assume to be the Devil himself. However the Mother Demon survived the attack and resurrected many of the monsters. Descending into Hell once again through a hell-portal left over by the demons, you slaughtered the Mother and decided to remain in Hell so that no beasts should ever rise again. It's been 3 years now since you killed the final remaining demon, or so you thought. You see a light in the distance among the red mountains where "the Devil" had resided. Could he of actually survived? You can't be sure because after what appeared to be his destruction, you were whisked away by a teleport back home. You reach the mountains and hear the screams of the damned. You feel an uneasy darkness lingering over you as you clench the only weapon you have that has ammunition. A pistol and 50 bullets. Looks like it's time to kick some demon ass yet again!
  3. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Heretic Wad in progress

    I've been working with ZDoom and set up the WAD simply as Heretic. So I'm sure it will work with all source ports. I agree with the blue floor. I tried multiple floor textures for that room but it was a bit distracting so I left it. It's a boss arena actually.
  4. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Heretic Wad in progress

    Just started working on a new Heretic WAD. I'm redesigning the 3 main episodes. No new enemies or new textures. I wanted to design the levels based on their original names and how the game was first made. I'm in no means the best WAD author but by the time I get done (eventually, hopefully) I hope others will enjoy it. I took a few screenshots. http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3677/10920881863_cb7780a640_o.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7424/10920882543_392a7bcc99_o.jpg http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3719/10920650696_d4698c7469_o.jpg http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7404/10920728854_5538d76c87_o.jpg
  5. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Hexen/Heretic/Doom monsters

    Yep this works. Thanks so much!
  6. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Hexen/Heretic/Doom monsters

    I've been trying for hours to get Doom or Heretic monsters into Hexen or vice versa with any of them. I use Zdoom. If you do "summon cyberdemon" in Heretic or Hexen it'll still spawn it but it will be invisible. I've tried copying and pasting the sprites from the doom2.wad but it doesn't work. I've tried loading doom2.wad as an additional resource into Doombuilder 2 with hexen.wad or heretic.wad. It shows the enemies but also all textures go whack colors. I've tried looking in all 3 different wads for the actual monster but all I can find are the sprites. My question is how exactly can I summon one monster from 1 game into another without them being invisible or having rainbow colors. Or is there someway to extract an enemy directly from a wad? I know custom monsters have their own wads.
  7. c1rcu1tn3rd


    so im having a problem with monsters. i have them teleport in when i enter a room but they all telefrag each other even though i have several teleport destination spots. anyone know how to get around this or ideas?
  8. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Floor and Ceiling texture alignment

    Yea...I'm a noob and have been posting alot lately but alas I'm also having an issue with textures aligning on the ceiling or floor. Basically when I go and make a new 64x64 sector, drop the ceiling and paste a light texture on it, it's not aligned. The texture just repeats. When I move the sector it still has a problem. The link below shows what I'm talking about. Now my question is how do I get it so that the light is in the center and I can keep the sector where I want it. I know there is a texture offset for line defs but I didn't find one for floor and ceiling textures. https://sites.google.com/site/c1rcu1tn3rd/filecabinet/texture.jpg?attredirects=0
  9. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Monsters death ends level

    Someone gave me a suggestion called tagging monsters which I assume is similar to tagging sectors. The only problem is though I can't find where to set a tag to a monster. When I right click on a monster there is no option to tag it. Only the thing type, size, position, angle, the difficulty settings and an icon. So....where's the tag function?
  10. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Monsters death ends level

    Hey all I just started creating levels with Doom Builder 2 for Doom 2 and was wondering if there was a way so that when a monster dies it will end the level. For instance in the test level I'm making when I kill the cyberdemon I want the level to end. Is this possible? Any help is greatly appreciated! -Matt