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  1. Look mom, I beat an El Inferno map! MAP15 ITYTD-MAX in 37:59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41PuCLpKONQ poogers15-itytd-max-3759.zip
  2. I'm only seeing this now, but it's like a week later, so maybe you've already solved it. Posting anyway, since it might still be helpful to someone out there. The tl;dr is that powershell is passing three parameters: $wad_args, $map_args, and $demo_args. But what dsda-doom actually wants to receive is 15 parameters: one being "-iwad", then "D:\path\to\iwad.wad", and "-file", then "D:\path\to\pwad.wad", and so on. (I guess this is the standard way to send/receive parameters? I didn't know until now) Quick solution: use Invoke-Expression instead of &. Invoke-Expression "D:\Path\to\dsda-doom.exe $wad_args $map_args $demo_args" Basically what it does is treat the whole string as if you typed it on the command line, which means it automatically knows to break up the parameters. (As opposed to & which calls the exe and passes it parameters through the system API or whatever, so you have to be careful what you pass in and how) (If you don't like Invoke-Expression -- fair enough -- you could of course break everything down into the 15 strings and pass them with &. I figure though, for a doom script, that seems like too much hassle) PS 1: I had some copy/paste issues with the code from your post, there are invisible characters for some reason, which will screw up the script if you leave them around. You probably have it fine in your actual saved script, but just be warned if you copy/paste from here. PS 2: If you want to tinker around with powershell, you should download echoargs. Put it wherever and then use that path as your exe (i.e. instead of dsda-doom, in this example), it's very handy for testing/troubleshooting. I got my copy from https://ss64.com/ps/call.html
  3. djnr

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    It's relatively the same as prBoom: In Options > Setup > Key Bindings, there is a Demo section. The option is called "Camera Mode". Pressing it during gameplay has no effect. Pressing it during demo playback toggles between - 1) normal - 2) player location, but free angle - 3) free location and angle
  4. djnr

    Talk about some custom monsters you likeĀ 

    Imp in a trashcan (seasons.wad) - he's cute
  5. No comment on anything specific, but I would like to mention that I hope anything deemed allowable gets incorporated into dsda-doom and toggleable from the menu. (Just like instant restart button, high res, high framerate, widescreen, advanced/extended HUD, etc.)
  6. djnr

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    ngmvmt2 Map01 Pacifist 19.97 (old: 20.93 also by me) :) ng201p019.zip
  7. djnr

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Some minor suggestions (fixes?): - "Show alive monsters" should use the same logic as kill counters/maxing rules. Specifically, show enemies revived by archviles - Recording in strict mode should disable "after dying, press use to respawn". Or maybe just make it possible to disable it in general?
  8. MAP31 UV-Speed in 38.31 p731-038.zip
  9. At one point I was thinking of improving these, but never ended up doing so. I decided to upload them at last. Happy... oh wow, don't check the dates on them. Happy 2021, everyone. --- Angler (swtw.wad + swtw_angler.wad) UV-Speed, also Pacifist 0:13.91 angler-13.zip Recorded before the pacifist reform; telefrags the cyber at the end. (Well, I think it would also have counted before the changes... maybe?) "True pacifist" is possible but I gave up after a few tries as it was too difficult/annoying for me. Would definitely be a moot point nowadays. Even besides the cyber telefrag -- sorry if the demo makes you vomit. --- Lilywhite Lilith (dbp11.wad) MAP 07 UV-Speed 1:12.86 ll07-112.zip Not much to add beyond assorted notes in the text file.
  10. Nice demo -- however, max is possible actually! After reaching the exit platform, you are now allowed to shoot -- so it's possible to backtrack and clean up :) edit: Lol yeah, it's a wild one. Basically need to do the map twice in a row, plus the combat, plus a backtracking portion. (Also have to avoid accidentally triggering the exit!) I was able to do it with tons of saves, but man oh man... best of luck on the recording!
  11. djnr

    Breathless [/idgames]

    A wonderful map. Absolutely love the visuals and the different themes (especially the cyan key room). A few issues to report: - There are 2 cacodemons too close to each other and thus can't move, so they can't fly in for you to kill. (Screenshot is using "show alive monsters" in glboom+) https://i.imgur.com/c1BmgAa.png - A different 2 cacodemons never activated/teleported in https://i.imgur.com/I14mXvE.png - After lowering the black key bars, it's possible to SR50 and get some goodies early. It doesn't break anything, so it can probably stay in https://i.imgur.com/iK98dQl.png
  12. djnr

    ngmvmt2 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 03 pacifist (= speed) in 0:42 ng203p042.zip The monsters were all super cooperative so I thought I had better be nice too, and not shoot any.
  13. djnr

    ngmvmt2 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 01 pacifist/speed in 0:20 0:21 also included ng201p020.zip Fairly optimized. I think TAS can get 0:18 with SR50 and 3 AV boosts, but I'm not sure about 0:19 by humans. (Neither are going to be me, haha.) My first demo, btw. It was pretty fun!