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Status Updates posted by Xane123

  1. I was reading the old thread about all the modifications you did to the 3DO Doom and they are cool, but have you made any more changes since the last post?

  2. Is your picture Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head? She has a cute face in this picture if so.

    1. Pinchy


      This video was on youtube for a while, don't know why it was removed, I downloaded it though and made some animations https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/597426

  3. The thread on these forums is so outdated but my game, Mary's Magical Adventure, is getting further in development, now on the latest GZDoom version, plus has Mac OS X/Ubuntu builds. Since this is random for a status, eh, have a picture of the bowling alley in 1-3!

    Picture of a bowling alley in the game. A weak tiger just jumped over a counter to the left.

    1. Doomkid


      If you want to bump the thread feel free, bumps are ok when they're relevant / reasonable

    2. Xane123


      I'll probably bump it soon. For now, the main post was updated with new screenshots since I've updated that GZDoom version and it has the cool effects built-in!

  4. I was going to post in a thread about my favorite avatars but that's two months old...but I wanted to say I like things like anime girls with seemingly only their oversized eyes making them cute, even if they're taking over Doomworld as some said!

    I also tagged @Nine Inch Heels and @rdwpa...they have cute ones, even if rdwpa's came from...Elfen Lied with the strange girl girl with two sides!

    Also, I'll add since I saw it but non-anime girl avatar that looks cute are @Pinchy's who-I-assume-is Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head. I had to talk about this as I didn't want to bump that thread...

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    2. loveless


      Before using KonCha for an avatar I had Mugi from K-On.  


      Fun fact, my Doom hud has the face replaced with PunOko, KonCha, and TehePelo emotes to match the hp values.

    3. Xane123


      @loveless Interesting...if only I knew what girl KonCha was, but it's hard to find the origin of Twitch emotes...maybe she was drawn specifically for the emotes you listed...

    4. loveless


      I wouldn't doubt it.

  5. My DOOM marine fits here better than Mary, no matter how cute she is...I, Xane the UAC space marine, will be represented proper!

  6. My picture is now Mary and a blue HCPD officer in a Motel 6 room, which you can find in the second level of my TC!

    1. dew


      Going by the deep red blush I assume this is her first time taking a selfie with a buff dude in a motel bed.

    2. Xane123


      I guess this is! Before, she tried it with a Troll, now a cop, who'll appear in her pictures next? We'll see!

  7. Wow, I read Doomworld would be getting an update to the forum and now it has!

    So far, it seems to be an improvement! I chose a picture of my ZDoom TC, Mary's Magical Adventure, because for one it's my creation and second because even if the game lags a lot as Doom wasn't designed to render this much at once, Hell City is still the best level in the game with everything always visible!