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  1. I was going to post in a thread about my favorite avatars but that's two months old...but I wanted to say I like things like anime girls with seemingly only their oversized eyes making them cute, even if they're taking over Doomworld as some said!

    I also tagged @Nine Inch Heels and @rdwpa...they have cute ones, even if rdwpa's came from...Elfen Lied with the strange girl girl with two sides!

    Also, I'll add since I saw it but non-anime girl avatar that looks cute are @Pinchy's who-I-assume-is Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head. I had to talk about this as I didn't want to bump that thread...

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    2. loveless


      Before using KonCha for an avatar I had Mugi from K-On.  


      Fun fact, my Doom hud has the face replaced with PunOko, KonCha, and TehePelo emotes to match the hp values.

    3. Xane123


      @loveless Interesting...if only I knew what girl KonCha was, but it's hard to find the origin of Twitch emotes...maybe she was drawn specifically for the emotes you listed...

    4. loveless


      I wouldn't doubt it.