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  1. Xane_MM

    Doom with PBR materials

    Actually, this is a custom shader by dpJudas. Yeah, it isn't officially in GZDoom but should be because heightmaps add nice depth to textures, when combined with pre-baked lighting where the dips are. (I know, it's said to never do that with PBR but GZDoom needs "global light sources".)
  2. Xane_MM

    Doom with PBR materials

    No one asked for it, but I strangely bothered to write this about the heightmaps just in case, so I'll post it anyway. I guess I wrote it for @hardcore_gamer!
  3. Xane_MM

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    Hmm…I think a "do not ask again" option should be added that adds an empty file with that name for people that just play mods that don't use MIDI music.
  4. I was reading the old thread about all the modifications you did to the 3DO Doom and they are cool, but have you made any more changes since the last post?

  5. It doesn't look too great but it's a big step up from what the game was when Doomworld first saw it: Compare to how it currently looks, better graphics: I really wanted it to succeed on these forums but looking back at what version I showed, it really was as bad as people were saying. I should've waited more before revealing it to the internet. This is why this isn't on, say, ZDoom Forums yet. I'm waiting until a set point in development instead of rushing it onto the forum. It's good you may try it out once I get closer to completion, though; Seems a lot of people here aren't giving this a second chance. Anyways, here's news: I added a new song to the game, "To the Core", which plays in the big HCPD building at the end of 1-3.
  6. Xane_MM

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    I use Substance Designer and I noticed that GZDoom won't accept any textures that program exports, including color ones. Not sure why that is, but only after I open and save each PNG in Paint do they work in the game. Try saving all of your PBR textures in Paint then re-import them.
  7. It isn't time for a new release yet but I still feel the need to keep this somewhat up to date, even though I ruined my chances of this game succeeding here from the beginning. Anyways, here's how the changelog looks at the moment: Anyways, what's the most notable changes from that list for a ol' "tl;dr"? Well, for one, the Windows EXE is now 32-bit so more computers can play my game if they're unlucky enough to not have 64-bit. (I get high-end laptops only so I don't know how common 32-bit really is!) Additionally, the special plane system is now handled through invisible objects that make it easier to set up and visualize in GZDoom Builder. Special planes are water, bottomless pits, and lava/deadly liquids in case you've forgotten. Also, The Command Master (1-4), the first boss area, now exists but it doesn't have the boss programmed yet. You reach it from the end of City Street Run (1-3). Now, for the future, what will I probably go after next to further develop the game? Well, one thing's for sure, Xane doesn't have many weapons; He only has Arthas' Sword but Mary has three weapons, two more than him! Let's fix that with Xane's Hammer! This is what Xane will use as his hammer, having an actually original design (not a mere Sonic Adventure DX reskin); It has multiple attacks planned: Hammer Attack - Same as Mary's Hammer's counterpart, Xane will smack the enemy in front of him with his hammer. An upgrade will make this attack able to be charged, allowing Xane to use more force. When charged, Xane will turn the hammer around so the end with the spike is facing the enemy then will hit them quickly with it, which will deal extra damage. Hammer Throw - Xane flips the hammer around so the spike is facing outward from him, grabbing the small blue handle above the orange area with one "hand". He then throws it forward quick enough so that the hammer starts spinning through the air, huting any enemies it goes through. If the spiked end is what hurts the enemy, it will do extra damage. The downside of this attack is that Xane is left without a weapon until it hits a wall or disappears in some way. Charge Attack - Not sure what this one should be named, but it's an override, essentially; If Xane is moving fast enough, he'll move the hammer over to his left, across his body to indicate he'll do a different attack. If the attack button's pressed, Xane will speed forward, swinging the hammer sideways. If it hits an enemy, they will fly away from him as if Mary's Air Dash hit them. That's the plan for Xane, but in general another plan is to re-program the upgrades in the game to make them non-linear; At the moment, if you get a weapon upgrade, it's always the same order, but this may change in the future. If it's implemented, the plan's to make a menu appear when the player touches a weapon upgrade object. This menu will let them choose any upgrade for weapons they have, but while they can choose any upgrade they want, the best upgrades for each weapon are unavailable until all normal upgrades are chosen. Well, that's all for now; Visit The X Site to download the latest build and try out what is in the game...
  8. Xane_MM

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    That sounds like it'd be the best way to handle it, to make my slight source code modifications then have those only take effect with the command line switch. That'd still let people support you while having support for my game. I guess I should send an e-mail.
  9. Xane_MM

    What the heck happened to Doom Touch/D Touch??

    I think Delta Touch is a big improvement over ol' D-Touch, but I have a question about Delta Touch's source code, @beloko: A long time ago, I remember trying to compile D-Touch so I could have a modified version that worked with my game's modified GZDoom source code, but even after getting the SDK and Android Studio then trying to build it, it never worked. Can't remember what error appeared. Another person's D-Touch mod, GZDoom-Android, was built successfully but then the app would stop working every time I tried to start my game. However, how easy is it to build Delta Touch into an app compared to D-Touch? I'm not doing this to release a free Delta Touch, but rather because I modified things in my GZDoom source code such as certain polyobjects being non-solid, which would all be solid in Delta Touch, breaking a feature of my game, so building my own version of the app intended just to run my game would be a good idea. (I wouldn't know programming language enough to disable all non-GZDoom source ports to make it not be usable as a Delta Touch replacement, though.)
  10. When i started making maps for Doom, I used Doom Builder but the laptop I was using was so outdated that it couldn't use 3D mode so my maps were very simple and had many problems, such as sky textures on walls, missing floors, and while sectors bleeding to the bottom of the screen like slime trails. I didn't know about source ports at the time (though later I started using ZDoom) so I just used Doom95, having to deal with the game crashing for seemingly no reason when I added the smallest things to some of my maps. A lot of the maps were literally just corridors with no height changes and barely any doors as I had no clue how to make them. Good thing I eventually got better laptops and started mapping for ZDoom after that! Here's pictures of some of this bad level design I think I first made.
  11. It's become a ghost town in this thread (and hopefully ZDoom Forums doesn't become the same thing), but I'm going to try reviving this thread again for the newest version, version 1.9! A lot has changed since 1.8, but now I keep a list of things I change between versions so the full list can be read on GitHub. The most notable changes done are... UPDATES A new area, ARENA1, was added. This is the first map in the "wave-based arena" mode, inspired by Hulk's "Challenge Mode" rooftop area. Performing a Drop Dash over an area transition no longer makes Xane's sword lock up when attempting a Sword Beam on the ground. Xane's claw now pulls Xane up to whatever's above the spot it attached to. This can be seen in 1-2 near the end of the area. Four "mods" are now supported, like the "low-end" mod that changes behavior slightly; Skyboxes don't render and "render culling"/draw distance is enabled if no setting is set previously. To enable a mod, put it in the same folder as the game. A new sky was added, the moving clouds/stormy sky. It's the first animated sky in the game, with 96 frames of four cloud layers scrolling at different speeds. To see it on any level, type the command changesky STORM_01 in the console. Signs were added to replace some tutorials. Tutorials for enemies and Special Stages won't be converted to this, though in the future signs will disappear if the tutorial it mentions has been already seen or if tutorials are disabled. SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOADS I don't know why Travis isn't giving me MacOS and Ubuntu builds, but due to that, they aren't up to date. Windows is as it's the operating system I use. If you want to use my settings, remove the "!" from !Settings.ini in the compiled Windows build download. Anyways, here's the 64-bit Windows build, game data, and The X Site's MMA page. Have fun...if anyone plays the game!
  12. I mainly like Windows 7 and in my opinion the problems mainly started with Windows 8 so here's three things I love and hate about modem Windows versions. LOVE Being able to search from the Start Menu when possible. I'm currently stuck with Windows XP for a couple more days and I keep accidentally making the Control Panel open when I open the Start Menu and type "CMD". Snipping Tool. XP doesn't seem to have the tool that lets me quickly crop part of the screen and paste it into conversations. Aero Snap. I find myself trying to drag a window to the side or the top of the even only to not see it automatically cover half of the screen or maximize the window in XP. Even if they removed Aero Glass, at least Microsoft kept the useful snapping behavior. HATE They removed a lot of customization after Windows 7. Colors? Gone. Ability to choose the classic theme? Gone, stuck with ugly single-color title bars. They also removed Aero Glass, which is why I didn't include it in the "like" section above as I liked Aero Glass! Mobile apps are where they don't belong. Microsoft, starting with Windows 8, felt they needed to shove mobile apps onto a desktop operating system. Said apps on mobile devices would usually lack features proper programs or even websites would have. Desktop Window Manager. It was nice back when there was proper “glass” you could use on all windows as DWM powered the beautiful effects, but nowadays I'd like for DWM to stop using the GPU as the main cool thing it powered no longer exists. After a big update Adobe Premiere Pro would do old-school wipe screen redraws, making it a chore to edit text and videos, and guess what process' GPU usage shot to 100% every time? DWM! Windows 7 didn't make that happen when I edited videos on it!
  13. Is your picture Zero Suit Samus with a Metroid on her head? She has a cute face in this picture if so.

    1. Pinchy


      This video was on youtube for a while, don't know why it was removed, I downloaded it though and made some animations https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/597426

  14. Xane_MM

    The Children's Part of Youtube

    @Neurosis The CrazyTalk Animator program gets my attention, as I've seen evidence that the Twilight Sparkle design I showed in my post may be animated in that program. For one, she appeared in a picture showing how many different "peeing through a bathroom wall" videos were made. She can be seen at the upper-left corner here. Additionally, characters and objects held by them in that series of videos sometimes look pixelated when zoomed in on, and CrazyTalk Animator mainly accept image file formats, which can't be coincidence. I wonder if that Twilight Sparkle design is on their marketplace or something; I've looked through many pages of actors and couldn't find her, so they must've shared her design with another person to make the video in that picture separate from the video series the design appears in. Basically, I wonder if anyone can find that design. I'd probably try out this program if I got that design. I bet it's on some separate website from the official marketplace for CrazyTalk Animator. Other than that problem which worries me, it is dumb what they do in the videos. They could just make innocent stories or things like what the children's shows they're taking characters from do, but they instead make the characters behave incorrect from how they would canonically behave and introduce things that really don't need to be there.
  15. Xane_MM

    The Children's Part of Youtube

    To the first post, thanks for linking to that subreddit and giving a name for this weird thing on YouTube; I read on Medium about it but wanted to know more, and that's what I got! I fall for cute things so this ElsaGate series bootleg of Twilight Sparkle got my attention. This bootleg series has some of the weird things ElsaGate videos are known for, most commonly Twilight Sparkle fighting other characters. The thumbnails usually lie about what's actually in the video, in one case showing "3:1 = FUCK" on a chalkboard. That would've been a funny scene, even if really inappropriate, but that never appeared in the video! Bad news is now this series is recommended to me on YouTube! Well, I'd prefer this over other ElsaGate videos any day!