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  1. tm512

    Fractured Worlds [Final Release/Idgames]

    Just got through MAP02 on HNTR with saves and it's been giving me flashbacks to my playthroughs of Stardate 20X6 and 20X7. Some really creative fights in here and the aesthetics are right up my alley so far. That fight in MAP02 in that cramped platforming area that gets flooded with cacos, revs, and a couple mancubi and PEs really brutalized the hell out of me though. The fight near the optional purple/magenta area also gave me quite a bit of trouble. Personally I really liked the cyberdemon corridor, I'm guessing it was directly inspired by a similar fight in SD20X6 MAP03?
  2. tm512

    Crispy/Chocolate-Doom DM!

    It works, somewhat, but no, it isn't complete at all. It was also one of my first projects in C ever, so I wouldn't count on any of the code being salvageable. Probably has tons of hacks to avoid doing things properly, since I didn't know how.
  3. tm512

    A new port: Omega

    Deliberately ignoring the advice of several programmers in here and continuing to use a huge kludge, manual system of backups and patches is not a good thing. It is very liable to turn around and bite you in the ass with the slightest mistake you make. I'm sure you're tired of having your preferences criticized but people wouldn't do it if it didn't matter. As for the port, it seemed to run fine, if a bit sluggish. Requiring users to load a lump that lets the engine know what game you're trying to play seems like a horrible idea, to be quite honest. If you're set on keeping the engine from automatically detecting such a thing, at least add command line parameters for this (such as -doom1, -doom, -doom2, -tnt)? X11 wasn't able to grab my mouse, so I had to use keyboard for testing, perhaps switching to SDL would be worthwhile, at this point you could probably be an early adopter of SDL 2.0, even, since you don't have SDL 1.2 in your codebase to deal with. While I don't have much use for single-player source ports, it will be interesting to see where you take this. Good luck with it. :)
  4. tm512

    High Sensitivity or Low Sensitivity?

    Last time I measured my sensitivity I had 3cm/360 on Odamex, around the same on Skulltag, but I use higher on Chocolate Doom. My sensitivity values are 70, 2.0, and 50, respectively. It's hard to get the values matching well, but what I have works fairly well.
  5. Smooth looks really fantastic, I'd be interested in merging it with my Choco fork, so long as it isn't too much of a pain to work with. :)
  6. tm512

    Linux Poll

    Arch Linux (64-bit) Kernel 3.0.3 GNU C Library stable release version 2.14, by Roland McGrath et al.
  7. tm512

    Fanmade ports of the Jaguar engine?

    Legally impossible, it seems, as the license is probably not GPL compatible. (I didn't look at the license much, but I think it is an exact copy of the DSL). Of course, there's always ZDoom.
  8. tm512

    Odamex Saturday Nitro #1

    I intend to be there.
  9. tm512

    Download Everything?

    Try wget
  10. tm512

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks. I thought it would be something like [youtube] since that's what some other forum software uses.
  11. tm512

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Quick alpha test of my client-server netcode with brit10.wad. "Groovy."
  12. tm512

    Lunatic.wad - idgames download available

    Survival is coop with lives, if everyone dies, the map gets reset. Aside from that, it's no different than plain coop. On MAP01, linedef 4289 does not get triggered. On MAP02, as I said, I was spawned in a tiny room and was unable to escape. My friend only described the breakage as not being able to get past the room the red key opened, from the looks of it, that means that linedef tag 10 didn't get triggered. We stopped playing there, so sorry that I don't have anything on MAP03 and up. If you would like, I can set up a server sometime soon and you can see it for yourself.
  13. tm512

    Lunatic.wad - idgames download available

    The .txt said that coop starts were in, but that it was untested. I was simply pointing out that no, these maps do not work in coop unless I messed up with the settings somewhere.
  14. tm512

    Lunatic.wad - idgames download available

    Trying to play this in Skulltag survival with a friend. We found MAP01 to be impossible to complete (couldn't get to lowering the red key). MAP02 spawned me inside a small square that was inescapable, and the map was impossible to complete (couldn't get past the the room the red key opened). The maps look really nice though, but we're not getting too far on it. ;)
  15. tm512

    ZDaemon turns 109 today

    Well, apparently disagreeing with the ZDaemon team and criticizing them is enough to warrant a ban from both IRC and their forums. So yes Thad, I would absolutely love to "just play the game" as you so often say. However, 1.08.08 is the only version I can have a Linux build for, it plays like crap with the pings I often get, and it's being deprecated soon. 1.09 will not compile on either Linux or Mac OS X because there's anti-cheat code that won't work with it. And if I attempt to play it under WINE, my configuration will not save because it crashes upon exiting. If the source code was opened, I'd fix that myself, but you know how they are with the source code. To top it off, I'm banned from the majority of their services for criticizing them on the only places I can without my posts being "swept under the rug", so to speak. If they can't convince you that they're right, they'll just silence you in any way possible and pretend like you don't exist, I guess. That being said, my suggestion is for people to go play Odamex, seriously. One of the most common criticisms I hear about Odamex is its lack of players, which can be easily remedied as long as it's a group effort to get games going. Maybe it takes a bit more work and patience to get a game going, but I believe it's worth it in the long run. The second criticism I hear often is that it's buggy, and not up to par with ZDaemon (or Skulltag), though I believe that if there's a strong player base pushing and helping get Odamex to the point where they want it, it will get there quicker than ZDaemon or Skulltag ever did. Not that I see this happening any time soon, though. *shrug*
  16. tm512

    ZDaemon turns 109 today

    I really didn't want to get into this thread since I don't want to have much more to do with ZDaemon crap anymore, but I hate misinformation, especially when it involves me. On the night of 1.09's beta release, I decided I might as well try it out, which is when I noticed the silent spawn bug happening, I mentioned this to phenex2 since he was in the server. He had done some testing in choco and vanilla, and it turned out that the issue was present in vanilla, and that choco did not emulate this. Following this, I post relevant parts of the IRC log to #doom-tech. One of the lines was containing something phenex said that was along the lines of "It's not our fault zd emulates some vanilla bugs better than choco :P", which CSG didn't like. I did not ask for the source code to the fix, I asked if it could be explained more in depth, and I was told to look elsewhere. I don't believe anything had to do with this thread, contrary to what dew says. <phenex> you know. i thought you had fun programming and thought it would be a good excercise to let you figure out the silent spawns yourself. Although, I have to agree with CSG in general, I think closed source is deceitful, selfish, not productive at all to the further development of source ports, and it fosters horrible bullshit attitudes and misconceptions you see from some of these players and developers. With this being said, I will return to lurking these forums again.
  17. This is disappointing, I was looking forward to seeing it released soon.
  18. tm512

    Zdoom on a Mac

    Why wouldn't it?
  19. Yes This is an issue with vanilla doom as well. It has something to do with the way the wad is ordered, I'm not exactly sure. Fixing it is on my to-do list, though.
  20. I have been working on a source port that I intend for multiplayer, but it has extended limits and some other bug fixes, so it pretty much fills the niche for Strawberry Doom as it is right now, synced with choco 1.6.0. You can download it here.
  21. If you're interested in having coop support tested, I could probably manage sometime in the near future. Just let me know.
  22. tm512

    Chocolate Doom

    You can also just use the Run dialog in Windows (Windows Key + R), and type in your command line parameters that way... it's a bit less of a hassle than using a shortcut or a batch file.
  23. tm512

    prboom Issues Thread

    I've had this happen with other things on my system. Make sure the OSS module is not loaded: sudo rmmod snd_pcm_oss If that fixes it, consult your distro's documentation on how to blacklist modules from loading, then blacklist the OSS module.
  24. tm512

    Is zdaemon and doom3d still developed?

    The ZDaemon team is way too paranoid to release public betas, I guess. And no, 1.09 isn't done, it's in development, but unlike skulltag or odamex, where development is pretty visible, the zd team chooses to bar everything off for everyone except select few testers. Their loss, I guess, common sense should tell you that the more people testing - the quicker bugs are found.
  25. tm512

    Prboom-plus Multiplayer

    I haven't personally tried it, but it should be no less playable online than chocolate doom is.