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  1. Hdcable

    Death Metal discussion thread

    Death Metal is one of the subgenres that gives metal bad name... I cant stand the vocals but know how hard is to sing like that, but i do love the instrumentals, hard core face fucking guitar rules \m/ I dont apreciate death metal a lot but it is legit style of music those idiots that say otherwise don't no shit about music
  2. Hdcable

    Youtube is strange.

    They are google people... But it's useful if you REALLY HAVE to watch a justin bieber video D: That cenario is my worst nightmare...
  3. Hdcable

    Scary Moments in Doom 3

    The first 10 minutes i played i was jumpy but after that i lol'd every time i blew something's brain off...
  4. Hdcable

    Extreme Doom Mod

    Thanks for the tip it helped me alot i will try to give it a fix!
  5. Hdcable

    Extreme Doom Mod

    I am making an "extreme" doom 2 mod that means my maps arent focused on complexity but on difficulty, i also am modding the weapons to more "extreme" ones (double shotgun(not double barreled))although i suck at spriting... I only completed one level yet so i was hoping for some hints or tips I state that I AM A NOOB so if you wanna diss my work you can go piss off if you have constructive criticism i will be glad to hear you... For a real challenge play in nightmare i dare you to finish it with only one try Link:http://www.mediafire.com/?dvam4r16w1uk5rx I will be posting updates here
  6. Hdcable

    Extreme Doom Mod

    Alright thanks for the tip... i will reupload it...
  7. Hdcable

    Extreme Doom Mod

    Done it already :) link is on the first post
  8. Hdcable

    Extreme Doom Mod

    I'm kinda of new to this forum thing i dont know how to post pictures...
  9. Hdcable

    My first noob map.

    It's purpose is good but it misses variety i got tired of shooting and dodging cacos and whatever... You should make smaller more concentrated maps