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  1. iHaveToPee

    Most Hated Demon On DOOM

    I hate Pain Elementals too, I'd prefer 10 revenants and 20 chaingunners instead of one pain elemental because you let the other monsters attack you while you are busy with the pain elemental.
  2. iHaveToPee

    Scariest moment of Doom

    The telefrag at TNT map 30. I never encountered such a thing before that time.
  3. iHaveToPee

    favorite secrets

    Plutonia map 15 the room with the revenant and the bridge with the 7 secrets.
  4. iHaveToPee

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I added the 4 patches and changed sky3 to 1024x128, now I don't know what to do :) EDIT: I used photoshop to make it 1024 and its working. Thank you for the help :)
  5. iHaveToPee

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Wow the pic with the tnt episode 3 sky looks amazing! btw, how can I use that sky with XWE? I know that it is in 4 textures but i don't know how to put them together as one sky.
  6. iHaveToPee

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    After that I had to take a break from doom building for 3 weeks cuz of exams i returned to build maps, since I disliked my older few maps (I began using doombuilder 6 months ago) I decided to retry building some good stuff. I call this one "Muddy Water" and if I decide to make a wad it will be the first map, here are some pics. http://www.iimmgg.com/image/cf66dbc3b24367e2210e619e1d01acea http://www.iimmgg.com/image/b29151a09127ac9e26f2af8025c7f29b http://www.iimmgg.com/image/a33092094a4442618bb68d4f32d845ce http://www.iimmgg.com/image/e00163996052bd328f14eabc99a01bc8 http://www.iimmgg.com/image/c20383ef238431edb168953a2fbb0ad9 It took me 3 days to build it, I didn't show the blue door area and a little house with the blue key, I enjoyed playing it, well you need to kill some cacodemons and 1 or 2 revenants with a chainsaw at least on UV.
  7. iHaveToPee

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    The 3rd picture reminds me Plutonia2 map 33 :)
  8. iHaveToPee

    Your favorite wads.

    My 5 favorite wads: Plutonia2, Scythe2, Scythe, Hr2 and Plutonia Revisited allthought that I played it yesterday for the first time.
  9. iHaveToPee

    Plutonia Revisited Community Project: Released!

    Jimmy91 your track is excellent! Do you mind if I use it? if you agree so where can I download it?
  10. iHaveToPee

    Archvile Map

    Arch Violence from Plutnoia2 is a brilliant map with Arch Viles only. I usually play it when I want to improve my skills against Archviles in general and when I play a few maps from Plutonia2 I never ignore this one.
  11. iHaveToPee

    What are you playing now?

    Plutonia2&Plutonia Revisited's public testing release. I hardly play since I usually look for insipirations for my maps.
  12. iHaveToPee

    Plutonia Revisited Community Project: Released!

    Gambit&Wicked Garden are awesome! lvl 20- the remake of "The Twilight" was excellent too allthouth that the original map is still my favorite. I was so excited that I couldn't play in the original lvl order the first thing that I did was to check how the final boss looks :D
  13. iHaveToPee

    What are your favourite maps?

    Doom 1: Perfect Hatred Unto The Cruel Fortress Of Mystery Doom 2: Dead simple O of destruction Barrels Of Fun The Abandoned Mines The Spirit World Plutonia: Hunted Speed Genesis The Twilight Go2It Slayer Bunker Tnt: Deepest Reachesg Ballistyx Crater Pwads: 3000 AD (Scythe) Envy (Scythe) Fear (Scythe) Run From It (Scythe) Hell On Earth (Scythe) Fire And Ice (Scythe) Chaos Zone (Scythe) Graverobbers (Scythe 2) Pharoah's Tomb (Scythe 2) Mr. X (Scythe 2) Living Lands (Scythe 2) The Garden Base II (Scythe 2) Nightmare (Scythe 2) Haunting Dreams (Scythe 2) Secret (Scythe 2) Comeback (Plutonia 2) Enemey Caught (Plutonia 2) Arch Violence (Plutonia 2) Imprisoned (Plutonia 2) Charon Eclipse (Plutonia 2) When Hate Turns Red (Plutonia 2) Go4It (Plutonia 2) Assassin (Plutonia 2) Black Ice (Plutonia 2) Plutonia (Plutonia 2) Ticket To Eternity (Plutonia 2) The Gatewatcher (Plutonia 2) The Path 2 (Hr2) Not That Simple 2 (Hr2) Dis3000 (Hr2) Hr2 lvl 1 AV maps 10, 15, 31, 20, 25, 26
  14. iHaveToPee

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I started working on a map for my 3rd episode, my idea is a hellish map with a castle/fortress, volcanos and maybe some caves. start: One of the bridges that connects between the castle's walls. The Castle: I work on this map less than 2 hours, I'm checking if the first area is alright, then I'll begin the volcanos.
  15. Hey, I saw in plutonia&plutonia 2 map 11 that in the last sector there are archviles that aren't counted in the total monsters of the map, I think that there's such a thing in doom 1 E1M8 in the death sector with the imps, zombies&demons. How can I add such monsters and how can I define that when the player has certain hp or when he dies the level ends, one of my ideas is to put in the end of my map a cyberdemon that isn't counted in the total monsters that you have to kill and once he kills you the level ends.