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  1. Korblox10

    Death Metal discussion thread

    Nah...This genre makes me dizzy and confused.Also I dislike the music.
  2. Korblox10

    Mortal Kombat && ULTIMATE MK 3

    LOL,two same characters eh?Wish you luck on creating new projects!
  3. Korblox10

    Quake Death Knight + other stuff

    One of my favorite demons from Quake.
  4. Korblox10

    Asshole Mario !!!

    I lolled too much watching these.
  5. Korblox10

    Classic doom mod, doesn't exit

    I downloaded it from a torrent site.Just go to torrentz.com and type "classic Doom 3" and you got it.If you want more help send me a PM.Have a nice day.
  6. Korblox10

    Doom Galaxy

    That would be very nice.(Sarcasm)
  7. Korblox10

    Doom 3 Fan Fic

    Want more feedback?Ok.Well done 100X times **.But i don't think everyone red it all.I had time and red it.
  8. Korblox10

    I am dumb [about ultra-violence]

    lol?Thats just..."funny".
  9. Korblox10

    Stupid things you done in Doom 3

    The stupidest thing was...trying to kill Cyberdemon with Pistol.
  10. @Rohit-N That was when i played Doom 3 first time...
  11. Korblox10

    Stupid eBay'ers

    I loled,alot.
  12. Korblox10

    Doom 4=lie

    I tried to put another proof,but that link doesn't work...
  13. Korblox10

    Doom 4=lie

    Gez you are not a spammer...
  14. Korblox10

    Doom 3 Fan Fic

    Well done.