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  1. So I'm experiencing a strange issue on map03. Like @TheCyberDruid I'm stuck after clearing the first courtyard area. The way forward is blocked by a closed door with the YELLITE1 texture (sector 79). Investigating with UDB reveals that linedefs 142, 430, 911 and 916 are all supposed to open this door with action 109 (W1 Door Open Stay (fast)) but when I walk over these lines nothing happens. Interestingly if I change the action on these to 2 (W1 Door Open Stay) the door opens when I walk over the lines. Not sure what could be causing this. I'm playing on dsda-doom-0.21.3, complevel 2. EDIT: never mind this is just due to me accidentally playing on complevel 0 instead of 2 🤦‍♂️ please ignore... Another issue I've had is that the custom sounds are significantly louder than the default sounds already in the game. I had to lower the volume of all sounds because of the volume of the custom ones. Not sure if anyone else experienced this. Besides that I've been really enjoying these levels! Very unique visual style, great use of lighting, and tons of excellently placed barrels.
  2. elic

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    Have the time stamp of this? I remember listening to that interview a while ago and feeling like something was off about Romero’s response there, like he didn’t fully understand the question or wasn’t sure yet how big the project would be. I just think we should hold off on expecting this project from being 32 maps until we get a more clear confirmation.
  3. elic

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    Has Romero actually confirmed that the Doom 2 project will be 32 levels? I feel if that was the case he would have made it clear in the reply tweet.
  4. Pretty fun stuff. Highlights include the graffiti in map01, unexpected cave trek in map03, and the entirety of map05. Would personally have preferred maybe a more exploration-heavy map to break up the solidly action-oriented style of everything here (all the levels seemed to have pretty similar combat style), but besides that this was very solid
  5. elic

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    IDK the vast majority of the comments on this one look pretty fair and respectful. Seems like mtpain attracts a pretty good crowd generally
  6. elic

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Pretty much in agreement with Mt Pain here. I played to about map10 or so on the switch version around when it came out and was not very impressed. Just found the levels to be really bland. I feel the atmosphere would have been a lot stronger if the monsters and everything were new to me, but being pretty familiar with Doom's combat the pretty standard monster placement wasn't really able to scare me or anything.
  7. One final batch of feedback: All levels played on DSDA-Doom complevel 4 UV with limited saves from a pistol start MAP24 Super fun damaging floor gimmick here. I kinda feel that damaging floors as a gameplay mechanic only rarely are used to their full potential despite being super common in general. Having the pressure of a challengingly low amount of radsuits is a great way to shake up Doom’s gameplay. This map compares interestingly to the other mostly-damaging-floor-map I can think of – Skagway from UAC Ultra. While that map is a straightforward gauntlet, this one is really more of a puzzle box, with each of my attempts gradually getting me closer to unlocking an optimal route. Had a great time challenging myself (and succeeding) to do the map saveless, which played well with its puzzly nature. MAP25 Yet another gloomly techbase map, with more laid back combat once again providing a great contrast to the previous level. A bit less distinctive than some of these other maps but still really enjoyable overall. The whole thing is oozing with atmosphere Cool double switch motif. The alignment on this pair looks off tho MAP26 :( MAP27 One of my favorites of the wad. While the “2 versions of same map” gimmick isn’t totally original (I was going make a comment about how this might have been influenced by NEIS E4M2 until I realized there’s a much more obvious inspiration) I think this is the most successful attempt at it that I’ve played, with tons of cool connections between the 2 halves. The concept wasn’t totally obvious to me at first, but then I picked up the computer map, noticed the similarities between the 2 map halves, and then everything began to fit into place. Besides the overall concept I had a great time with the combat here, with it consistently putting up a challenge but never really being overwhelming, and loaded with nice set pieces One of the best uses I’ve seen of the mordeth bridge effect here. This whole area around the raising water pool was one of my favorite sequences of the wad actually More automap weirdness here with some random stray non-hidden lines showing up on it (after the computer area map is picked up IIRC). These have been common enough in the wad by this point that I recommend someone just going through and idbeholda-ing at the start of each map… MAP28 Relatively low monster count, but I found this to be one of the wad’s hardest maps. A strong sense of tension runs throughout the map, with a tight health and ammo balance being complemented by level geometry that maximizes the danger of each enemy. Gameplay kinda reminded me of Dark Souls of all things. Probably my least favorite of this batch of maps (just found the start sequence a little annoying I guess), but, like, still really good The double key setup of MAP10 is reused – also loving this wad’s commitment to optional areas MAP29 A surprisingly straightforward and easy start here compared to the other Tarnsman maps in the wad, but the gameplay gradually ramps up here until it culminates in possibly the wad’s hardest sequence following the blue door. An excellent penultimate level for the wad, with some clear Evilution homages but still a unique identity. FWIW I had pretty bad ammo problems in the big spider fight. If the archvile encounters precding it go poorly and they resurrect the Mancubuses you can get locked out of having enough to really deal with it. Besides this I really enjoyed this whole section, especially the use of crushers MAP30 lol well this is something. A pretty cool map, not my favorite of the wad, but clearly an achievement in vanilla hackery and in-level storytelling, and overall a fitting ending I think the story aspect of the map is its biggest strength, and at some points I feel the combat got in the way of it. I guess I wasn’t a big fan some of the gameplay here, finding it often more annoying really than challenging (the big ambush in the dark in the blood stream is an example of this). YMMV but I think the map would have been improved if the difficultly was toned down to allow the level’s atmosphere and narrative to remain more clearly in focus. Just because it's the final map doesn't mean it needs to be one of the hardest, and MAP29 already provided an excellent climax to the wad's gameplay challenge Gotta love a good Team TNT logo sighting Not a bug, but just wanted share the tragedy of this lost soul getting stuck in the void 😢 Great music here, kinda similar to the Doom 2 MAP30 midi actually. Wish more wads had ambient-leaning music like this I found lupinx-Kassman’s plot synopsis post to be really helpful in actually explaining the story. While originally playing the level I thought the premise was doomguy getting shrunken down and Fantastic Voyage-ing it through some normal-sized person or demon’s body, which meant the final reveal was something of a… headscratcher (sorry). While I’m not opposed to ambiguous stories in general, I think have some of these plot details be made more clear could really enhance the experience of playing this map for the first time Overall pretty awesome wad, totally worth the wait, and shaping up to be one of my favorites. Really loved how much variety there was, with nearly every map feeling like a unique experience dissimilar to anything else in the wad, yet with the wad being surprisingly cohesive as a whole. It was pretty interesting seeing the varying interpretations of what makes TNT maps what they are, whether it being a prevalence of doom cute, a haunting atmosphere, an intimidating sense of scale, or a blast through a brightly lit techbase. One fortunate way the wad clearly differs from Evilution is that it's final 3rd was its strongest, with a really incredible string of closing levels starting from around MAP22 and never letting up.
  8. FWIW I was only to get like half the AVs with the invuln each time, and afterward just got swarmed by the remaining ones. I'm personally not that great at using the BFG though so that could have been part of why it was so tough for me.
  9. More map-specific feedback. Except for MAP22 and MAP23 these were all played on the 1st beta release, so sorry if any of the comments are outdated
  10. Aren’t the recurring cyberdemon encounters like the main theme of the map though? At least that’s the impression I got when I played it. FWIW I never found the plasma secret and therefore never really had the ammo to kill the cyberdemon, so it was pretty threatening for the map’s entire duration, including a great exit rush to try and avoid it’s rockets at the end
  11. elic

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    If you want more content for your review fix, @kmxexii has put an insane amount of work into ONEMANDOOM ...and if you really hate reading, you can check out the Doom Radio audio reviews
  12. elic

    Should I play Alien Vendetta on HMP or UV?

    IIRC I was in a similar position when I played AV for the first time. Back then almost everything saveless on UV. AV was definitely a step up from Requiem on UV but a I managed to get through it. It's the type of thing that teaches you to get better though as you go along, and in general the gameplay felt much more thought out and designed for fun than Requiem. The challenge gradually ramps up over the course of wad, so by the time you get to hardest maps (25-27, plus the secret ones too maybe) it's not as bad as a jump as could have been otherwise. I recommend trying out pistol starting if you haven't before. I was pretty hesitant to try it for a while but it really adds a whole new layer of strategy to the game Also don't be as stubborn as I was back in the day and make use of saves if stuck on something for a long time 😛. I remember Map27 being a huge pain to do saveless due to it's sheer length and linearity
  13. elic

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Definitely some good ideas here If someone want's to distinguish themselves as a video wad reviewer, I think a great way to do it would be take a more analytical approach. Something akin to Matthewmatosis (or Tim Rogers if they want to get crazy). Focus more on what goal a particular mapper was reaching for in the maps they make and in what ways the failed and succeeded to reach that goal, rather than focusing on the reviewers view of the quality of individual levels. Would love to start a series like that myself, but if I ever find the time to ramp up my involvement in the community again I'd probably just get back into mapping instead 😛
  14. elic

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Disappointed that MtPain is thinking of ending the series after only scratching the surface of the community's content - I've really gotten to enjoy his videos over the past few months. At the same time totally understand if he wants to focus on stuff other than reviews. If he does decided to throw in the towel, I'm hoping a few more people take up the mantle of video reviews. His videos have been a great showcase of the vast creativity of the world of doom modding in an entertaining form, and it'd be shame for them to stop so soon. Also while I enjoy MtPain's stuff, he definitely has some pretty specific themes in what he does and doesn't enjoy, and it'd be great to see videos from someone with a different set of preferences.
  15. Got around to playing the first 12 maps. So far it's unsurprisingly been really good. Incredible how much diversity there is between the levels despite almost all of them following the theme of TNT-inspired techbases... though the fact that TNT itself is pretty varied helps. Map-specific feedback: