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  1. Processingcontrol

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only [Limit Removing] - In the final stages

    Looks like I picked a good day to lurk... I could understand an argument that Hangar could do a better job at fitting it's title. I think the more abstract representation of the hangar itself is fine, but maybe having it be more of the focus of the map could be more in line with this project's goals. However, if the map needs to be replaced, it should be a decision made by the project leads, and it's kinda obnoxious to come out of nowhere with a replacement without discussing it with them first. The map could definitely use some changes - most obvious is the incredibly outdated meme in easter egg area - this should definitely be removed or replaced with something less cringey. Also now that project is limit-removing, the outdoor are could use some visual touch-ups - when designing it I had to make some major concessions to fit the vanilla limits. Don't see how its a rehash of d2ino map01 though. Besides having similar texture themes they don't have any more stylistic similarities than any other 2 random Processing maps. Also unironically loving the new nickname "Processing". Thanks dude
  2. Processingcontrol

    Prboom+ mouse running

    After exclusively using the keyboard for 6 years, I'm finally biting the bullet and switching to mouse+keyboard control. I'm now finding it awkward to use the shift key to run (yes, I don't use autorun), and I think it'd make sense to use right-click on the mouse for running. For some reason prboom+ (the one true doom port) isn't letting me switch the controls to that. Anyone know how to do this? Does prboom+ just not let you run with the mouse for some reason?
  3. Processingcontrol

    Prboom+ mouse running

    Thanks for the advice, ESDF + a seems to be working alright. Don't get why such a well-developed port would have such weird limitations.
  4. Processingcontrol

    Exquisite Corpse 2 [community uniwad project]

    EDIT: Actually, nevermind
  5. Processingcontrol

    How did you get your avatar subtitle?

    I don't have a custom title because I never do anything interesting.
  6. Processingcontrol

    Most underrated games you've ever played

    Redneck Rampage, or at least the first episode of it. The quality of the level design plummets in E2, but E1 is a very consistently fun batch of "realistic" maps.
  7. Processingcontrol

    The Walmart Game

    5'x5' Dog Kennel Large Supply of Dog Biscuits Butcher Cleaver Steak Sauce
  8. Processingcontrol

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only [Limit Removing] - In the final stages

    Actually, it doesn't really matter because the map isn't very good anyways (especially compared to D2INO Map01, which I consider my most successful map), and probably shouldn't end up in the final project.
  9. Processingcontrol

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only [Limit Removing] - In the final stages

    I spent a lot of time making E1M1 vanilla compatible. Won't be very happy if it turns out it was all for naught.
  10. Processingcontrol

    April Agitation: the megathread

    Most of the Chasm is pretty great IMO, and among Sandy's best work in the Doom games. That whole underground cavern look is just awesome. The side areas, like the weird flashing blue room and computer station section, are pretty cool too. The map as a whole is really hurt though by those razor thin walkways. Going through those parts is not fun in any sense of the word.
  11. Is the project still active? Also, what happened to that hell map I gave someone else to work on? Was it ever finished?
  12. Processingcontrol

    *Completed* WOOO Series Playthrough

    Cool playthrough. You missed the exit in Map06 though. :)
  13. Processingcontrol

    Doom 2 In Name Only: An indepth review thread

    Mind explaining how you managed to do that?
  14. Processingcontrol

    Doom 2 In Name Only: An indepth review thread

    @Marcaek I agree with what your saying - I did think the idea of that thread was a bit silly, but it still got me thinking about the way I designed my maps. I'm not sure if your trying to imply that the map lacked "smart monster usage and well-meshing aesthetics" or not, but just for reference, I payed just as much attention to those things as I usually did when creating the map. @Tarnsman You may dislike the map for different reasons, but it seemed like JawsInSpace hated it for the things I mentioned in my post, and I'm confident many others did as well.
  15. Processingcontrol

    Doom 2 In Name Only: An indepth review thread

    Some background on the creation of Map06: Before I started working on the map I was read some thread where someone was splitting up the mappers here into two categories: those who made maps that pandered to the community's common perceptions of taste, and those who ignored the common consensus of what makes a good map and mapped with only they're personal preferences in mind. I was placed in the former category, which I found a bit annoying since I also had more respect for mappers choosing the latter philosophy. I then thought a bit about all the maps that I made and realized that they never deviated too much from the mainstream, and that my placement in the first group was justified. I decided to experiment with creating something that would clearly fit into the 2nd category. I forget whether I made this decision before or after taking the map06 slot in D2INO, but in any case I chose it for my experiment. I purposely added things to it that I knew would create a polarized reaction - I love cryptic layouts, archvile mazes, and small doses of platforming, but I know that some people hate them all with passion. The reaction to the map is exactly what I expected. Some like it, some love it, many hate it. Success? Of course I would prefer it if nobody hated it, but I know that there are some things that some players simply don't enjoy (which is cool for them - everyone is entitled to their own opinion), and when I made the decision to include these things in my map, I knew that it lost any chance of being liked by everyone.
  16. Processingcontrol

    What is your Doom Engine(s) of choice?

    I'm a Prboom+ fan. It has pretty much anything I'd want from a sourceport.
  17. Processingcontrol

    Jaws In Space Presents: A Movie The Way Ed Wood Would (a WIP)

    Same here. Actually, for the first few months he was posting here I thought that was the guy's username. I also thought that Tarnsman's username was Transman for a while.
  18. Processingcontrol

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem2048

    What about Doom II in name only?
  19. I'm dropping the two lab maps. One map was enough for me.
  20. Here's E1M1! No difficulty settings or multiplayer starts yet.
  21. Processingcontrol

    [RELEASE] Plutonia 1024

    First get rid of those insta-kill teleporters. Nobody likes those. Other than that I guess its okay - better than all your other levels that I've played. Still could use a lot of work, but at least it looks like something decent could be made out of it with enough effort.
  22. Ugh, never realized that Ultimate doom had such a horrible selection of rock textures. Making a cave that looks halfway decent is gonna be a huge pain.