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  1. Hello,darkreaver.Your building has been vandalized by some bad-ass Serb. The first pic says Magnus Hansen (maybe http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Magnus_Hansen) ,and the other one would look like PEPPPPER,with all letters Serbian Cyrillic, except the last one (r),which is written in Latin.So, my advice would be that you look for a neighbor of a Serbian origin,or someone who recently had guests from Serbia, and introduce them with a paint/repair bill :)
  2. Kingston , Jamaica or outskirts of Panama City , Panama
  3. redhead

    Book suggestions

    Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov Terra Nostra by Carlos Fuentes Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons
  4. redhead

    New Year's Resolution?

    - get a bloodhound puppy - start a food blog - get a life-long supply of Guinness somehow - meet a special someone and have a kid - make a bigger stash of forest blueberries than this year - surf in Hawaii again - create a remake of Doom 64 map #20 which would have the mythical and legendary super-super secret - start gathering resources for making a Doom 2 adventure-puzzle wad with the story of spiritual journey of one Carlos Castaneda - win Euro Lotto and buy a tropical island
  5. redhead

    The Hunted - A DooM 64 EX custom map

    Hello there . I'd like to try your map , but the text file doesn't say much . Tried typing - file The Hunted wad , no result . And , yes, I tried all map slots , no results , too.
  6. redhead

    Bleeding Terror (DooM 64 EX map)

    Just finished your map , I liked it , but since I'm a Doom 64 addict , I'm not hundred percent realistic . Couldn't see anything wrong , only maybe minor lack of ammo here and there ...Anyway, keep them coming ! Cheers !
  7. redhead

    Things That WAD Designers Do That Irritate You

    I hate when I have to wait for the elevator to lower for,like, 10 minutes and when it finally comes ,it brings,let's say, two Mancubus bastards , and ,needless to say , i have to forget about the elevator and deal with them first ,and then to wait for the stupid thing again ...AAAARGH
  8. redhead

    Your favorite movie scenes

  9. redhead

    Doom64 EX 2.0 Released

    Problem solved already, thanks .
  10. redhead

    Doom64 EX 2.0 Released

    MSWCR71dll was not found - that's the message I got when tried to launch it .
  11. redhead

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I discovered Doom when I was already in my thirties and I was playing both of them till my fingers bled , for years and years , totally unaware that out there people are making some stuff , called wads , mods ... Then I found out about that , and I had a HUGE problem : I didn't have a clue how the hell to load them . My ignorance was ( and still is ) so big , that I don't even know how to put a link to the stupid question I asked here on Doomworld . That is how I earned this nice status,anyway... So , a year has passed , and I can say that I have played every goddamn wad that was ever made , so I managed to catch up with all of you guys , more or less , heh. And,one more thing - I am 40 now and I am female . I hope everyone reading this is having a laugh , seriously , this is a odd story/confession , that nobody can even come close to .
  12. Hello , everybody ! I will ask the question , risking to be called a moron ... Anyway , I downloaded some newdoom maps and community chest 1,2, and 3 , but I just couldn't install them properly . I tried to install some of the Doom mega wads , also no result . Obviously I am doing something wrong . I really tried everything , and I would appreciate any kind of help .Thanks !