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  1. odysseyofnoises

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    Wow, very cool source port! I will definitely be using this from now on, as it's a great way to play boom wads in multiplayer to do tricks like glides and keybumps and whatnot. It's a bit esoteric, but it would be pretty cool/funny if it were possible to set a -speed for slowmotion in multiplayer lol. Also, an option an enable cheats in multiplayer would be pretty nice, especially resurrect... One small thing I've noticed is that the wrong music plays on certain maps. For example, pl2 map27 will play the stock Plutonia map27 music (unless pl2.deh is also loaded), though most of the other custom tracks seem to play fine. Crispy Doom, or any other port I've ever used, doesn't have that issue.
  2. odysseyofnoises

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Plutonia MAP17 UV-Speed TAS in 0:07 pl17x007.zip
  3. odysseyofnoises

    What / how many languages do you speak?

    (1) English: native speaker. (2) Russian: also technically native, but I still consider my English skills to be superior, as that's the language I use in a wider variety of situations. Sometimes, I feel like I have some slight gaps in my Russian vocabulary, causing me to struggle to grasp at a word, which doesn't really happen in English. (3) Hebrew: intermediate. I know it well enough to have basic conversations, but I can definitely tell I have gaps in my knowledge when I hear native speakers. (4) Finnish: beginner. I probably wouldn't really even count this as a language I properly "know," since I can only really ask and answer some basic questions. In truth, I learned most of my Finnish from HexTheRex on ZDaemon's Thursday Night Survival, lol. So I can maybe have a basic conversation about Doom and some other topics, but my vocabulary is really limited. I can't seem to understand shit when I hear people speak it, and even in written text, I often find it really hard to recognize familiar words when the grammar is applied to them; that can change the way a word looks significantly. It's a pretty hard language but an interesting challenge nonetheless. I doubt I'll ever really be fluent in it though.
  4. odysseyofnoises

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Outposta.wad MAP01 nomonsters in 2:25, recorded using Chocolate Doom 3.0.0. The wad has been updated, and I've attached the new version, so please update the wad archived on DSDA accordingly. Also, please delete my old 2:27 nomonsters demo, as it no longer plays back correctly with the current version. outpostao225.zip OUTPOSTA.ZIP
  5. odysseyofnoises

    Happy (Now on Idgames!)

    Overall, the wad is very well designed and generally quite fun to play. There were some maps where I couldn't figure out exactly where to go because the triggers were not obvious. However, I like the designs, especially with regard to the use of color. The custom monsters and decorations were nice additions too. I'm not sure if anyone else has reported any of these issues elsewhere in this thread, but here are some issues I found whilst playtesting in multiplayer using GZDoom 3.7.2: (1) Co-op starts should be added to all the maps so that players don't telefrag each other at the start. Some maps, but not all, seem to have them. (2) On MAP04, there are some small walls that appear to have missing textures. (3) On MAP05, the white orb that opens after the mini-boss fight seems to be a one-time teleporter, which is a problem in co-op; it should be a multi-use teleporter. Then the second one didn't seem to work at all. I'm assuming that second one was supposed be the exit. (4) On MAP06, the fog at the start of the level causes extreme lag that doesn't happen in other areas. This same problem is also true on other maps that have the white fog. (5) On MAP10, there are some lost souls stuck in some decorations. (6) On MAP12, we couldn't really figure out what the hell to do to solve the map. So yeah. Probably needs some hints of some kinds. (7) On MAP13, one of the co-op starts is between some decorations, preventing the player from moving. (8) On MAP22, there's a place where you can get stuck. (9) On MAP23, the map appears to not be exitable, as the blue portal doesn't work (assuming that's the exit). Screenshots are attached where relevant. Screenshots.zip
  6. odysseyofnoises

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    Here's a demo I recorded in Chocolate Doom where I get all the way to the final room but unfortunately die. This reveals the solution to the barrel puzzle for those who are stuck and should also be enough to prove that the map is possible in UV Max. Make sure to download the very latest version of the wad in the first post before attempting to play back this demo. op01.zip
  7. odysseyofnoises

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    I don't know what to tell you other than to keep trying. The barrels should never get permanently stuck, and if you accidentally push one into a wall and it won't move, you can always dislodge it by shooting it away from the wall.
  8. odysseyofnoises

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    You have to push the barrels out of the way in the right order to access the silver key. It's a puzzle.
  9. odysseyofnoises

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    I changed the map to make it slightly easier, as well as to make one of the bridges wider, and updated the posted file. I don't want to stray too much from the difficulty though because, since it is only one map, I intended it to be brutal.
  10. See the text file for relevant information, including a list of officially supported source ports. Screenshots: OUTPOSTA.ZIP
  11. odysseyofnoises

    Chocolate Doom Crash with no Error Message

    Here's the latest version with the spinning-fan problem fixed. There should be no more crashes inside that room. However, there aren't supposed to be any ceilings lower than floors, so if you'd kindly point out which sector indices have that problem, I'll gladly fix them. I already found one and fixed it. freezerifle.zip
  12. odysseyofnoises

    Chocolate Doom Crash with no Error Message

    Funny enough, when I used chocorenderlimits, it actually would crash in the noted area (before I fixed it, that is). There is still a nearby area where the visplanes will overflow (with an actual error telling me so) if the silver barrier is lowered and player stands at just the right position and angle, but I'm just letting that one go, since it shouldn't really happen in normal gameplay; you'd have to actively try to get it. Other than that and some specific places with segs overflows, there are no other problems that I'm aware of, so I can safely continue mapping.
  13. odysseyofnoises

    Chocolate Doom Crash with no Error Message

    It works fine if you use -merge freezerifle.wad -deh freezerifle.deh.
  14. odysseyofnoises

    Chocolate Doom Crash with no Error Message

    I wasn't getting nearly 137 when I checked in that area, but yes, I really did overdo it a bit with the detail there. Even so, I'm still skeptical that it was a visplane overflow because why would the solution then be to make the posts inside the fans solid? I'm actually adding visplanes by doing that, and yet the map no longer crashes in that spot. I'm convinced it had something to do with the middle textures.
  15. odysseyofnoises

    Chocolate Doom Crash with no Error Message

    Well, I ended up solving the problem by making the posts in the middle of the spinning fans solid instead of using middle textures. I'm still not really sure what exactly the problem was, but maybe it was some sort of crazy opening overflow.