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  1. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    That's an interesting thought; since most of the monsters are of relatively the same size, I suppose only two or three different versions of the ice breaking sprites would suffice.
  2. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    Yes, the "freeze pellet" deals a whopping 10,000 points of damage in order to guarantee that even the strongest enemy (the cyberdemon) can be frozen. It simply doesn't make sense to me for a weapon to freeze certain monsters but kill others normally, so that's just the design choice I'm forced into, odd as it may appear. You're right about it being a challenge to design a sprite set that works with varying enemy sizes; I was actually going to bring that up as a concern myself. I suppose the only real solution, short of making a thousand different sprites, would be to have an animation that's of medium size. If you make individualized ice explosions, I guess I could figure out how to make the system work, but that's just going to be a lot of work for you, and I'm simply not willing to ask of a stranger that kind of commitment. And as for DECORATE, I'm not really interested in using that, since the whole purpose of this project is to see how advanced I can make a wad that still works under a limit-removing compatibility level.
  3. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    Okay, I went ahead and reduced the file size by simply removing all of the maps except for MAP08 (the actual version contains ten maps). MAP08 was chosen because it contains a good selection of enemies to be frozen and features the freeze rifle at the start of the level, so if you want to see the weapon in action, simply warp to that level. resxmas_CUTFORDW.zip
  4. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    The frozen state is indeed unique for all the monsters; again, I wish I could upload the dang file... I would link to my Dropbox, but I don't know what stance Doomworld takes in terms of linking to external file sites, and I don't want to cross some invisible line. I suppose the glass-breaking animation should start in the middle of the shattering process so that it can be applied to all the monsters generically. In other words, the shards are already a few inches apart in the first frame and then fall to the ground. Making individual sprites for all the monsters would be far more work than I'm willing to ask for, and I don't even know if I'd be able to implement the effect, given the sheer number of sprites that would result.
  5. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    Correct; it should be a set of sprites I can simply insert into my wad without modification and then implement using DeHackEd. Also, I would upload the wad file in question, but it appears to exceed the 5-MB file-size limit.
  6. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    That's better, but that wad contains only one animated ice shard, and it consists of only four frames. I'm looking for something that has several shards and that has /at least/ eight frames, if possible.
  7. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    I checked that out, and you're right about the Ice Golem using ice shard sprites; however, there are no images inside the wad file because the ice bits are probably generated using some ZDoom trickery. I need some actual, concrete, static sprites -- something generic that I can apply to any of the monsters.
  8. [Request] Broken Ice Shard Sprites

    I'm recreating the freeze rifle from realm667 using DeHackEd and would like to have frozen monsters break apart after a certain amount of time. Can anyone make ice shard sprites for vanilla like the ones used in the realm667 weapon? I checked the lumps, and they don't seem to be present in that wad file.
  9. Changing Radiation Suit Palette in GZDoom

    In case anyone is curious, attached is the final result from this, admittedly somewhat unsuccessful, experiment. This test map also includes some of the other features I made. Since I don't know if I'll ever get around to it, if somebody wants to make a proper vanilla-compatible, ZDoom-like map using some of this stuff, feel free to do so. One thing that's notably wrong is that the cyberdemon and spiderdemon drop items upon dying; that's something I haven't gotten around to fixing yet. In terms of this thread, my conclusion is that the underwater thing is just far too buggy, gimmicky, and limited, so I wouldn't recommend using it in a real map. freezerifle.zip
  10. Changing Radiation Suit Palette in GZDoom

    Yeah, I don't know -- it's not working. I think I'm just going to go back to using the crappy radiation suit method because this is just way more work than I'm willing to put into it. Thanks anyway.
  11. Changing Radiation Suit Palette in GZDoom

    Actually, I'm afraid I may need a bit more assistance here, as the ACS script isn't running. Here's what I have: #include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 Enter { Sector_SetColor(2, 34, 102, 255); } Note that I've also tried "Open" instead of "Enter," to no avail. I made sure to place the SCRIPTS file containing that text right above the lump named MAP01. I don't think the script will run unless the map is in ZDoom format, but I just wanted to make sure that's really the case and that I'm not doing anything wrong elsewhere. If it is the former, then I'm going to have to go back to the radiation suit approach.
  12. Changing Radiation Suit Palette in GZDoom

    You're right about the thread title being deceptive in that way. Anyways, since I haven't actually built any sectors for it yet, I'll keep SetColor in mind for when I build the map. I'll also keep in mind not to use regular blue and will try using the colors you've suggested. Thanks for that.
  13. Changing Radiation Suit Palette in GZDoom

    As I mentioned, this system is intended to work with vanilla (though I still wanted to make sure that what I was doing also worked in GZDoom, since it would be weird to have a vanilla-exclusive feature). The whole point of what I'm trying to accomplish here is to build a wad that runs in Chocolate Doom which is completely indistinguishable from a ZDoom wad. I was inspired when I played hydra.wad, which essentially does the same thing, and I thought, "What other crazy ZDoom-like features could I add that work in vanilla?" Anyways, I think the solution I've worked out is optimal, as it's the only one possible given the constraint of having to work in vanilla.
  14. Changing Radiation Suit Palette in GZDoom

    I think that change would be too subtle for most players to notice, but more to the point, the whole reason I'm doing this is to be able to swap palettes in vanilla on-the-fly. In fact, I wish there were a way not to show the radiation suit sprite at all, as well as remove the pickup sound, because when the player goes underwater, it should be completely seamless. One serious limitation to this system is that the player cannot be allowed to get out of an underwater area, since there's no way to "cancel" the radiation suit effect and revert to palette to standard one. In addition, the way GZDoom does the blue tinting looks much worse than in vanilla surprisingly, so I also wish there were a way to truly colorize the palette directly instead of just applying a fake-looking blue tint. To put it short, the whole radiation suit thing is just a big palette-swap gimmick with a whole host of limitations.
  15. Changing Radiation Suit Palette in GZDoom

    That fixed it right up, thanks.