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  1. Hello ZDaemon Sessions People, It's time for an FFA epic. The chain gun and rocket launcher have been tweaked similar to, but not the same as fastchainandrockets, and your health drains to super low levels due to, uh, radiation! Add a pinch of air control and a slight reduction to splashfactor almost just because. We'll run through half the main pack and half the bonus pack together (subject to change) and we'll see if you can handle the 'who touched my doom?!' settings... Grab a cold one and get funky this Saturday. Settings: see here Date: Saturday 14th September 2019 Euro: 19:30 BST / 1:30 pm CDT US: 01:00 BST / 7:00 pm CDT To play, grab ZDaemon and log in at the above time and date!
  2. Evolution

    ZDaemon 1.10.02 Released

    ZDaemon 1.10.02 is now available (and will be automatically installed for you via the ZDaemon Launcher). You will find several nice fixes, additions and improvements; just check the changelog. Feature highlight: Duel Game Mode: Implemented a new "duel" mode (gametype=9). It differs from normal DM in the following aspects: a. maxplayers is forced to 2. b. overtime is forced to 1. c. sv_deathlimit is constrained from 15 to 60. d. When 2 players join, they start in "warmup" mode where they can play, get a feeling about the server, shoot and damage each others, but the frag/death/suicide counters remain at zero. When they are ready to start the game, they can call a vote with the command "callvote game". The vote requires 100% agreement to pass. e. Once the "set game" starts, it will end in one of 3 ways: * Someone wins/loses (normal end of game). * Someone disconnects (automatic forfeiture of the game no matter the disconnection reason). * The players can use "callvote cancel" to cancel the game. If the vote passes, the game is canceled, no stats are recorded and it returns to warmup mode. f. If demo recording is enabled on the server, it will record demos only for the actual game: not the warmup. g. The warmup period length can be constrained by the "warmup_timelimit" CVAR; it defaults to 5 minutes and can range from 0 (which means unlimited) up to 1000. Download 1.10.02 here.
  3. You better not fucking swear at me either, memfis! Fucker. It's tricky to understand the mindset of players who kick off with other players after losing - but it's obviously not a healthy mindset, and seems to take over from a proper reflection where they could have been considering what they did wrong and what their foes did right to improve their game. I've lost a lot of games man, plenty that I should have won as well had it not been for my own stupidity. They're the games that still haunt me if I try and remember my losses. You have to roll with the punches, and congratulate your foe - win or lose - for they only help your gain more experience and knowledge. So pretty much what has been said. You couldn't have won that Tournament just like I couldn't have. But we made the whole event work and we gained from it. From the viewpoint of somebody who's aiming to build a community back up and get some good competitive games flowing again, fraggle's recommendation of only playing with friends is disappointing to read. If you want to get better as a player then meet and fight new coolbros, and keep the scene alive and well. If there's toxic players you don't like, chances are others don't like them too. You can avoid those once they've been identified.
  4. The pics look fantastic - nice work folks.
  5. Yo TabbiKatt: BlueVenom is looking for you to play your tourney game. Hop on ZRC when you can and let's rumble. [nvm, had to DQ]
  6. Evolution

    ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #345 - Baculus

    Can't blame me this time!
  7. Evolution

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I want that mug. Also, if there will be a medkit girl, she has to be thicc to keep the scale right, right? Edit: the evil eye pic doesn't load for me?
  8. Evolution

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Just going through ancient screenshots and noticed this unholy blast from the past... Once upon a time I was allowed to make edits to a friends map for a 1vs1 mapping competiton, and so decided to troll and sneak in a secret somewhere with an added texture. Problem was, I borked the texture or pnames lump in xwe like a newb and this work of art just took over... [NSFL]
  9. Nice and informative reply, Rev. I was thinking along bruce's lines too - the face shift could be sheer 200/200 power of a raging soul desperate to get out and get revenge... I just had to see how it would look if it didn't twitch, once it came across my mind!
  10. Thanks. I'd also suggest that the left side of the mega lacks detail too. Look at the frames: there's a lot of animation going on all the way to the right edge while four lines on the edge side pretty much stay the same.
  11. The megasphere has 4 frames like soul and invul. Unlike those however, MEGAC0 (3rd frame) shifts the face area one pixel to the right. I checked spr19 and noticed there's already fix frames to replace unwanted green pixels for A0 and D0. In-game, with my edit over the top of sprfix19, it looks more correct imo. I shifted most of the C0 image one pixel to the left, and then filled about 10 now-missing pixels with the same ones from the previous frame B0. See for yourself with a clearer view: load up d2m30 by itself and then with '3-spr19evomega.wad' from spr19evomega.zip Doom2 Megasphere Evo Megasphere Spr19+Evo Megasphere
  12. Sign ups have closed, brackets have been loaded and both tournaments are now live! Please follow updates via http://forums.zdaemon.org/ and http://tournaments.zdaemon.org/ TabbiKatt/42PercentHealth: Great that you guys are getting involved. Please continue to use ZLauncher Chat #euro/#usa channels and the ZD forums to schedule your games and settle any queries; and get your practise in as much as possible, because there'll be some very tough games in this tournament. Hopefully in the near future we can look into splitting players into two divisions, but I refrained from doing this with the 1st tourneys from not being able to fully gauge number of participants and everybody's skill levels. Tournament winners will be posted here.
  13. Evolution

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    ZDaemon 1.10.01 has been released! (and will automatically be installed for you by the ZLauncher). This is a server-only update. What's new?: Significant improvements to unlagged; hitting in online mode should now be exactly the same as in SP mode even in very high ping situations; furthermore, there should be far fewer "dropped shots".
  14. Teach them the ever popular "WASD" keys, but for doom and its glorious physics, A/D would be better as strafe left/right rather than turn left/right. Mouse movement to aim; Mouse2 = shoot, Mouse1 = strafe_on (strafe speed = max), which doesn't have to be used initially but helps make you move faster... Use = F/E/whatever is within comfortable reach. Always Run = on, of course! That config allows them to just start holding down W to go forward, while aiming/steering with the mouse, and shooting where necessary. From there they can try strafing left/right with WA or WD while aiming/steering. Seems like it might be a good starting point if they're mature enough to use a few keys together.
  15. Nice uploads! What you do for TNS is great, we really like seeing how much you and others enjoy the game. Just to add a little bit of side-hype: there's work going on with something that TNS fans and general monster-huggers alike will no doubt want to get involved with; and it won't be limited to a single night of the week.