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  1. Hey Bones, Good to see Nitro back. If you haven't considered these this time around, there's a noflash wad to prevent actual seizures occurring haha: http://devilhunter.rfc1337.net/wads/8bitctfnoflash.wad Also, there's a vox Jad made for ZDS #168: http://aws.lv/wads/8bitvox2a.zip
  2. Woah, this explains why they have arms.
  3. 1v1, when you know your opponent is down to 15hp or less...
  4. Chaingunner - they are just knobs, really. I feel like they should have the same strength as their shotgunbros. Arachnotron - if one did have to be removed and not a chaingunner - because this one's not Hell-ish enough for me. Too odd and mechanical, pain in the ass wide hit-box as well. I kind of do like them but I'd rather see a more fitting replacement. Plenty to pick from nowadays (think beastiary/TNS) that would suit the hell atmosphere more. Lost Soul - Too tough, these. The old doom engine prohibits their movement too often which is a shame. They should be fast, harsh, but easy to pick off. They're too strong imo. Regarding Wolf SS soldiers: I'd rather see 2 more doom maps than 31/32. They're wasted space to me, having never played the old wolfen games especially.
  5. Gutted that I missed this! Looks sweet.
  6. You know what they say, when there's nobody else to blame but yourself ;_; Great screenshot, great sesh, great people.
  7. Another November, Another bout of UAC Ultra. This wad is a personal favourite, and it's been just over 2 years since we ran it so I was itching for an excuse to re-rewind (when the crowd say bo). There'll no doubt be the same nervy battles and unfortunate mistakes, but be prepared for some surprises... DMFLAGS: 1174487140 / 806496256 / 0 Skill: Ultra Violence IWAD: doom2 or freedoom080 PWADs: uacultra Maps: map01-map12 Lives: 1 Players: 25/100 Item Respawn Time: 60 Seconds Player Join Limit: 3 Minutes Date: 24th November 2016 Euro session: 19:00 GMT/14:00 EST at [L@P], Germany (usually lasts over 6 hours) Install ZDaemon and join up, marine!
  8. Not sure, I'd PM an admin like AF-Domains.net. It's not a TNS ban.
  9. Ha. there I am as [dp]Eclipse in one of the pics. Before that I was known as *Dominater666*, nice spelling and edgy numbers, definitely a badass 13 year old. Great times back then: any port, low gravity, sniper shotguns, railgun deathmatches in the snow with your sqaud... We'd often play some new cool wad wario was working on, using legacy... Nostalgic looking at those shots and seeing the old users. Shame DC died as I loved it.
  10. I'm running this on ZD Server |AA| CTF: Quake 3 by Rude (5v5) [NS] zds://
  11. Being 'snagged' on vertices and walls, particularly ones not on easy 90/180 angles Classic RNG in competitve modes
  12. Great set here, yeah better quality compared to the other three packs, not to discredit them. But I can see these newest maps have more playability and can sometimes give off some nice strategic gameplay. Some of these maps are just excellent. I had a lot of fun dancing around with the other marines learning which ways to go to get where or what. Be sure to take in dew's (and others) ctf experience when you do your edits. If the map has only one entrance/exit to base, give it a secondary pathway. Hell, even pair a primary and secondary with a teleport which can lead to one of these entrances to add another option for flagrunners. For example, and while it was sweet racking up ultra kills in Greglafitte's map - https://postimg.org/image/sicudmx2x/ - there's only one way in and it's very cramped.
  13. Yeah this wad is the stuff. Played a few maps, died a few times. Got some sick cyber kills. Got stuck in a spider den in one map when I wizzed ahead of the pack. That was cool - terrifying when the plasma cells kept running out. :) I don't see extended nodes support coming to ZDaemon too soon so it would be great to see the bigger maps get curbed down to the standard nodes limit in a seperate wad for us 'hipsters' to enjoy, for the time being.
  14. Started something but don't have time to finish. It's here if you see any potential: https://mega.nz/#!BMEFlDJb!TfKDxjXZxe-aXt05b15gEnnNFwz4qJNxc4urPhvqsao
  15. Be sure to check out the competition across all ports. My focus here is ZDaemon: Beginners: Try out your SSG grip in the Euro Novice Old School Tournament. Skill is entry-level, the map (lazarus1j map14) is tight and encourages a quick bloodbath. you might just learn a thing or two. Experienced killers: Same map, tougher cheese. Euro Old School Open Tourney. Mad Skillz are vital. --- Make America great again by signing a team up for the USA Team Deathmatch Tournament! Actually, this is open to anybody anywhere, as long as you can play at North America's peak times. Rules are in the forum posts linked. Any questions, post here, PM me, find me on ZDIRC