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  1. Xeros612

    Duke Nukem Forever on sale -- $5

    Words cannot describe just how fucking stupid you are. That's not even the point I was making. The POINT was that SHOOTERS, a genre that has NEVER been all that complex without going into subgenres like Tactical shooters, get enough bitching from a substantial(in size OR volume) portion of the community for being more linear than Doom or other "old school" shooters. YET, when an RPG, a genre that has ALWAYS been more complex than a shooter, gets consolised and simplified into oblivion (pun not intended), the same community that will bitch to no end about comparatively smaller simplifications in an already simple genre will fail to give the SLIGHTEST bit of a fuck when a complex genre is simplified to a FAR larger effect. Nice bullshit, chanfag. This is a fucking RPG we're talking about here, not some fucking "run around and shoot everything" mindless shooter, kid. If you can't handle that then what the fuck are you doing even considering an RPG? The attributes in REAL TES games affected your character's skills, abilities, carrying capacity, and health/magicka/fatigue stats. They were a major part of the game's role-playing system. But I guess that's too "complex" for console players today, despite Oblivion working well enough what, six years ago? Clearly too complex for you if you're spouting some bullshit "insult" you picked up from the cesspool of the internet. You start as pretty much nothing in every other TES game as well. You plan your build at the beginning, but you seem to forget one of the main parts of TES: FREEDOM. You don't have to strictly stick to the build you made; you just have to work harder to improve the stats you decided not to focus on. Fallout 3 isn't even a TES game, so I don't know why the fuck you're bringing it up in a subdiscussion that's clearly about TES. But yes, it IS rather casual compared to older cRPGs. Even then, it's more complex than Skyrim because *gasp* it had ATTRIBUTES and MAJOR SKILLS, and if you screwed up your build you had to either start over or WORK to fix it. The above point comes up again. Shooter plays more simply than Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, etc., this community pretty much ranges between "rage comic" bitching and "lol this game is shit with no redeeming qualities at all". Game in a far more complex genre plays more simply than previous games in the genre and/or series to a much larger effect of simplification, and suddenly it's "lol move on". It's kind of like getting pissed off when someone kicks your car's window out but not caring at all when they set fire to your house. Full implementation of attributes(they exist for one, they affect your skills for another), more skills, more items, you can actually use alchemy without having to access some static bench in a town, far more in depth conversation options with a greater total amount of dialogue choices, speechcraft implementation that utilised your character's speechcraft skill instead of some awful minigame(Oblivion) or replacing it with Mercantilism and keeping the name(Skyrim), far less hand-holding nature, fatigue actually meaning something(as in, as fatigue decreases, so does your ability to successfully do things so you have to pay attention to it and use restore potions as opposed to just limiting sprint time and making you stop doing power attacks from time to time), health and magicka don't easymode regenerate like every other easy game these days... It's a much more complex and rewarding system.
  2. Xeros612

    Duke Nukem Forever on sale -- $5

    Higher than Shitrim at the very fucking least. For all people here bitch about shooters of all genres being simplified and consolised, it's more than a bit strange to see an absolute lack of giving a shit when a far more complex genre is simplified and consolised so all the kiddies don't have to worry about stats or learning how the game works or actually having to work for a good character. Oblivion at the very least had the decency to keep classes and attributes and to not be fully consolised. You know, to be an Elder Scrolls game in more than setting.
  3. Xeros612

    Steam II: Hell on Wallets

    ... In this sale. DNF is $20 standard price.
  4. Xeros612

    GBA Doom II Cartridges

    Second one HAS to be fake. Horribly censored by Nintendo or no, Doom would NEVER have an E rating.
  5. Xeros612

    Duke Nukem Forever on sale -- $5

    @Havok MetaCritic also gave a very simple puzzle game with an autotuned robot voice spewing forced memes 90+ and the most simplified, consolized Elder Scrolls game ever a higher rating than Morrowind. I wouldn't give Metacritic too much credit to be honest. Oh, and those scores you're mentioning are only averages of the "professional" reviewers, so there's that as well. And it certainly ain't the case that games that are even more repetitive/derivative and broken are often rated lower than this. (Dead Island - remember how THAT was on launch? How about Call of Rehash? Any shittily ported Ubisoft game?) You could certainly do worse with $5 or the equivalent than a half-decent shooter.
  6. Xeros612

    Steam II: Hell on Wallets

    I find it funny how Activision and Bethesda are only offering 25% off most of their titles. Even EA is more generous with a 33% off. (Source: publisher deals section) Er... well, EA boosted up to 50% off and Bethesda to 25-50% today I guess. And whoa, RAGE is already down to $30 standard price? That tanked in price faster than Duke Nukem Forever, I think. Maybe not, but still, that's a pretty fast price slash. Can't say I'm seeing anything enticing to me at the moment that I don't already own. Witcher 2, maybe, but why get it here when I can get it from GOG? Red Orchestra 2, still out of my terrible price range. Singularity perhaps? Actual health system looks promising but I'm not too interested in yet another console port without any FOV adjustability. Dead Island? Too pricey even in the sale at the moment for my horrible budget, and I'm not sure if there are any proper fixes for its issues yet.
  7. Xeros612

    Duke Nukem Forever on sale -- $5

    In before flood of "LOL GAME IS SHIT" posts. It was worth the $10 it was on sale for earlier this year. It's worth the $5 it's going for now. Don't go in expecting Duke Nukem 3D 2, and it's a half-decent shooter with a few good jokes and a few terrible ones, and a fair bit of fun if you can get past Halo 2 "health" system and the mishmash of 15 years of different shooters' design philosophy.
  8. Xeros612

    Your opinion on OPL (and other stuff)

    Uhhh... no. Actually, it's what I am hearing. What I want to hear is something that sounds good.
  9. Xeros612

    Your opinion on OPL (and other stuff)

    And yet, OPL-3 still sounds like absolute shit to me in every sample I've heard of it. Doesn't matter to me what it can do if it doesn't sound good to me.
  10. Xeros612

    Why isn't this game better known?

    In which case people need reading comprehension lessons because "Stormfront: Line Nation" doesn't remotely make sense, if that's how they read the URL.
  11. Xeros612

    Your opinion on OPL (and other stuff)

    Sorry, does nothing to change my OPL hate. :) Still sounds better.
  12. A few publicly posted "sample" lines for each open part would probably not be a bad idea; give people a bit more of an idea of what they may have to work with for each part. If I can get my damned mic to stop buzzing (which probably involves using the laptop and moving to a different room to record; there's something about this room that's causing it to buzz like crazy) I could probably try for a smaller part.
  13. Xeros612


    Ran fine for me. Windows 7 here. (By "fine" I mean "it will run". As mentioned before hardware acceleration makes the game crash.)
  14. Xeros612

    How to make better AI

    Doom with AI that's more intelligent than most players.... actually sounds kind of cool.
  15. Taking Maes's idea, obviously. (Not really; I had actually thought of recording these old things for listening, cleaning up, digital copy, and possibly sharing for a while now, it's just Maes's recent thread that brought the idea to the front of my mind.)

    Essentially, I had in mind an idea to take my father's old 8-tracks and (at least a selection of) the old vinyl records I've gotten from a variety of sources (mostly my grandparents' house) and record the entirety of them digitally for reasons stated in parentheses above. A wrench was thrown into those plans when I was reminded that the Emerson record player I bought at a yardsale a few years back had a warped table (seller left the damn thing out in the sun on a very hot day; smart one, he is) and a possibly damaged needle, the Cariole 8-track player stereo I used to listen to the 8-tracks with apparently burned its motor out (indeed, it just sits and grinds now, and the program change button doesn't even move), and the Realistic "boombox" 8-track player doesn't have a functioning program changer.

    Regardless, I decided to go ahead and do some recording anyway. Not really something I'd consider for serious full-album rips; at least not til I have the resources to buy better quality playback equipment. It's at least worth a listen.

    A video version of the above introduction. (Any audio abnormalities are the fault of "truncate silence" in Audacity and lazy editing.)

    The first two videos are of the 8-tracks. These are more or less just "give a short sample of each 8-track because the players aren't cooperating".

    I think the ones that actually properly played came out pretty good to be honest. It's a bit odd how some of the cassettes played multiple tracks' audio at once, though.

    I've got a few Vinyl/record songs recorded as well. I'll be updating the post when those are uploaded.