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  1. Hard drive failure. Yep.

    So I got up this morning at 7AM for lab. I had left my laptop on overnight rendering out an Oblivion video and downloading some youtube files; the same sort of thing I've done millions of times before on the laptop and other computers. So the first thing I do in the morning is open up the laptop lid to see if everything went fine and shut it down for a few hours, but instead of a "your video finished rendering" message, I see something roughly equating "DISK ERROR CHECKSUM 0" on a black screen. (I'll try to confirm later on, though it'd probably be on the twitter [same username as here] because right now the only backup system near my PC is the xbox and there's only twitter/facebook connect available there. As much as consoles try to take over PCs in terms of usability you'd think a web browser would be standard.)

    Having only an hour before lab started I could only try rebooting a few times to the same error (including removing and replacing the battery and power cable between boot-ups, just in case that would do anything). After my next class which will end roughly around 12:30 I'm going to try more proper fixing, but I fear even if I get that fixed, I'll end up losing everything on it (DVD-Rs are not good backup formats for large youtube videos and such) and I don't know if it would be safe to continue recording/rendering on the machine even then.

    So how's everyone else's week starting?

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    2. baronofheck82


      It's amazing to me your friend is still alive.

    3. NightmareZer0


      Another boring week. Same shit different day..

    4. Hellbent


      baronofheck82 said:

      It's amazing to me your friend is still alive.

      It's amazing to him, too. It's really shifted his perspective. He is very adamant about not wasting anymore time (ie his life). He realizes how precious life is and is using the time laid up in the hospital to reflect on his life and how to move forward in the most positive way possible.