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  1. DASH Project

    Missing some linedef options in Doom Builder 2 (v2.1.2.1553)

    I don't quite know all the technical details of source ports and what can and can't be done with raycasting versus true 3D just yet, but I presume "software mode" means traditional raycasting. Also, a Marathon-type setup would be pretty nice...but what do you mean by 3D portals? And the Build engine was for Duke Nukem 3D right? And the Jedi engine was Dark Forces, if I am remembering correctly. So would "3D floors" and ceilings mean the floors and ceilings are true 3D, but the walls are still raycasted? That's what I got out of what you said, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. If that's the case, then I might be willing to use a hybrid raycasted/true 3D setup as long as it's the easiest way to do things. Especially since I want to eventually learn to put stuff in my WADs like sloped/slanted floors and walls and stuff, doors that slide/swing horizontally, and distance fog. But still, the more original raycasting I can implement, the better. The main thing I have against doing everything in true 3D is the fact that the game environment itself would more resemble a modern game, but the sprites of enemies, items, guns, the player, etc. would all be the original, low-res, stiffly-animated sprites from the original game, or some variation thereof, and I think it would just seem silly and mess with my autistic obsession with completeness and functional elegance. Because I tend to prefer high-quality 2D over mediocre 3D, and while I do know true 3D source ports such as Doomsday support stuff like Quake models, I can *not* 3D model to save my life currently, though I do have 3D Studio Max 2011, it just seems incredibly daunting to teach myself something like that, especially when I am so much better at 2D spriting, which is what Doom was meant for in the first place. I actually downloaded GZDoom Builder (as well as the latest version of Slade 3...my version of Slade was badly in need of an upgrade, considering the last version I used was from early 2011 I think) and I find it to be just as easy to use as Doom Builder 2. Plus it has a host of new features apparently, such as more advanced sector-drawing options. Aside from that, what else makes GZDoom Builder different from regular Doom Builder? Good idea. I just made a practice map in the UDMF format last night, and I think I'm getting the hang of how it handles basic things like doors and stuff. I can't show you my WAD just yet, since all the practice maps I've made so far are beyond pathetic (like, "only two rooms separated by a single door, and no weapons or monsters" pathetic) but I expect to be able to start making more interesting custom levels over the next week (I have spring break, so that gives me a ton of extra time to practice modding and level making.) One single, extremely n00bish question about UDMF and other map formats though...since I mentioned before I want to stick with the original raycasting as much as possible, does the map format have anything to do with whether the map is rendered in traditional raycasting or whether it uses Open GL for true 3D instead? My common sense tells me no (also from experience in looking up and down in an UDMF-formatted map, and seeing Y-shearing, rather than true vertical FOV movement,) but I'm just making sure, since it's such a new format, and new game stuff is generally true 3D.
  2. DASH Project

    Missing some linedef options in Doom Builder 2 (v2.1.2.1553)

    Good. But one question though, now about slopes and other things that ZDoom can do. I am one modder who likes to stay away from true 3D in my WADs, as I prefer the genuine raycasting of the original rendering engine. I was actually reading the ZDoom wiki about things like slopes, PolyObjects and even 3D bridges, all of which seem to be able to be possible without resorting to the true 3D that ZDoom and GZDoom are both capable of nowadays (using Open GL I think.) Is it true that all of what I just mentioned can be done without resorting to OpenGL true 3D rendering? I can kind of visually "guess" to see if a WAD is genuine raycasting or true 3D by looking up or down, and as a result seeing either a perfect change in view about 90 degrees up or down (for true 3D,) or if it looks more static and "distorts" a bit, which would mean it is actually Y-shearing, on a genuine raycasted WAD. I refuse to do anything in my WADs that would require a mandatory switch to true 3D. Because for me, true 3D just isn't the same for an old-school game like Doom, as silly as that sounds. I prefer extending and pushing the heck out of the original rendering engine.
  3. DASH Project

    Missing some linedef options in Doom Builder 2 (v2.1.2.1553)

    You are correct, my bad. I currently have it in Doom 2 format, or at least have the Doom 2 IWAD set up for what Builder uses. I just created a new map to replace it that is set up as "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format)" like you suggested...I take it I don't need an actual Hexen IWAD to do that though, I sure hope not (forgive that n00bish question...I haven't been active with modding since 2009, so I've gotten a wee bit rusty.) Either way I set the game configuration as "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format)" but still used the Doom 2 IWAD as a resource for textures and stuff. And hey, the actions I need are there. Okay, I did all that stuff, setting zdoom as the test program for "Doom in Hexen format" WADs too, and ran it. But now there are a whole host of other parameters I am not familiar with, like movement speed and tags for lighting and the sector, just for action 11 (Door Open.) I tested the WAD and found that the door plays the opening noise when you activate it, but it does not actually move. Got any pointers for learning the way Hexen does stuff? Because if I'm not mistaken, Hexen seems to be the new standard for zdoom, more so than vanilla Doom. That's where ACS originated too, I think. I am pretty sure I have the latest version of Doombuilder2...well, it's from June 1st, 2012, which is almost two years ago. But it looked like it was the most recent on the website (not sure how to get an even newer one.) And as for GZDoom Builder, if that involves using GZDoom instead of ZDoom, then I'm probably not interested. I haven't have much luck with GZDoom and prefer the original ZDoom, which I think I have the latest version of (version 2.8, from earlier this same month I think.) Actually no, I just downloaded an even newer version from just three days ago. Damn, those devs work fast!
  4. DASH Project

    Mod music

    I beg to differ. I made a music replacement WAD recently as practice that replaces D_RUNNIN from Doom 2 with a raw OPL music file ripped from DOSBox, and it worked right off the bat. Can't get it to loop seamlessly yet though, but that could come in practice. But yeah, I've at least had quite a bit of luck using unusual music formats in zdoom...my favorite has got to be Impulse Tracker and the other MOD formats. I'm *really* not a big fan of using prerendered formats (OGG, WAV, MP3) in my WADs, as I find them to be bloated in filesize, un-elegant from a standpoint of functionality, and at the very least, just not very "old-school." But that's just me, you are free to disagree :P
  5. Okay, the answer to this question is probably painfully obvious, but it's not obvious to me right now. Ever since yesterday afternoon I've been just coasting through AlysiumX's excellent Doom Builder 2 tutorials, until I got to the one about creating doors in Hexen format (also seemingly classified as the way to create doors for zdoom...I already know how to create doors within Builder, but because I wanna experiment with some of the more advanced things zdoom can do in my WADs, I wanted to figure out the way zdoom does things like doors, for flexibility's sake.) Things were just fine until I realized the available linedef options to check in my version of Builder and significantly fewer than the ones in the same window shown in the tutorial. I am missing the options for "Repeatable Action," "Monster Activates," "Block Players" and "Block Everything," as you can see in the linked screenshot below. Mine just cuts off after "Shown." I need to be able to check the "Repeatable Action" box in order to finish the tutorial, and further down the line I don't think I can do many of the things I want to do if my program is missing some crucial features. I do know that the tutorial I am watching is from December 2009, and I am currently using version of Doom Builder 2, almost assuredly newer than the version he is using in the video. My best guess is they changed some things in my newer version. So if that's the case, what are the newer alternatives to the old actions? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks beforehand.
  6. DASH Project

    Neo DOOM inventory items

    Yeah the 5th map...geez I'm stuck. I signed up to kill demons, not to stumble around aimlessly looking for a door I can open. I just hope the future levels have more monster-killing and less "find the right door" type situations.
  7. DASH Project

    Neo DOOM inventory items

    And HO-LY CRAP...Map 4 (the creature prison) is quite possibly the hardest level I've ever played in a DOOM mod, excluding the joke ones like MOCK 2
  8. DASH Project

    Neo DOOM inventory items

    Wow thanks dude! But I've never used PK3s before. Aren't they Quake rather than Doom? Not sure ZDoom will open it, but I'm a n00b who has never tried. Plus, shouldn't he have renamed it to Neo-Quake? I mean since it's PK3 does it now use the Quake engine rather than the DOOM engine? If so then that's fine too, but I'm just curious, forgive my n00b questions please. EDIT: Just tried it...auto-detect mines work like a charm, so I assume other items work like charms too. Also appears to still use the DOOM engine. But looks like my progress needs to be re-made (I've made it to map 4 so far) since my old savefile I made on the WAD doesn't work with PK3. Rats. Oh well, ya gain some ya lose some, and getting to use inventory items is a great tradeoff for having to go back through the game, which has only just begun! Thank you GreyGhost!
  9. DASH Project

    Neo DOOM inventory items

    I'm really getting into Neo DOOM, in fact I think it is one of my absolute favorite WADs ever because of all the sweet weapons and extra stuff Daniel put into it! On slight problem...it seems some inventory items (like the auto-detect mines, profane spirit, life bottle, and probably many others) seem to utterly not work, while others like the portable bandage work just fine. I am really confused, especially since I set all 12 inventory items to the 12 function keys with even less luck. When I open the inventory and try to use, say, an auto-detect mine, pressing enter (the activate inventory item key I use) just closes the inventory! Please help. This is a huge pain in the ass and I often have to drop items just so I can see the DOOM guy's face again to tell how damaged I am. EDIT: Figured I'd tell you what source port I'm using to save the time of asking pointless questions. I use ZDoom 2.4.0