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  1. Doom miniatures are back.

    Glad I got my ones. It appears they are now sold out. Do you think that's it or that they will make another lot?
  2. Want to buy

    very nice collection there. what version is on the cd. and alas i was too tired and went to bed and was outbid on the manual last week... so still no manual for my copies :P
  3. Want to buy

    tyvm for that link.
  4. Want to buy

    yes that one does look a bit... plain... all ones that i have seen at least have the doom logo on them. (apart from the shareware) there is only the mail order version and the ultimate doom retail release of doom 1 as far as i know. What does your box look like? Mail order box Ultimate Doom boxes
  5. Want to buy

    yes i was. just mainly for the manual tho :P i acquired a second mail order copy last week so now i have a red disk version and the 1.1 blue disk version, both in box, however both had no manual either :(... was quite surprised at how high it went myself.. however it does appear to be in nice condition.
  6. Want to buy

    hm well i did a bit of a search around and came to the answer of "The label on the disk depends on the version. 1.1 is blue and the rest is red." is this so...? so would the blue be rare?.. i may have to acquire a copy then...wish i had bid now.
  7. Want to buy

    if you are referring to this auction http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130435463903 then yes i was aware of this, i check Ebay every now and then, i thought about getting it.. but no manual :P... so i would have 2 incomplete copies then :( odd tho because those floppies have blue labels... i think my other set has red labels, can anyone shed some light on that?
  8. Want to buy

    yes lol
  9. Want to buy

    Hey guys looking for someone who is willing to part with something from their collection, I have the old mail order release of doom floppies in the original box, however i am unable to find the 16page manual or original addendum that it came with so basically im looking for someone willing to sell me their copy if they have one, not too fussed about the box as i already have that but am open to offers of that also, mainly interested in non boxed original mail order versions "with the manual".. or even just the original manual also trying to find a copy of the shareware version on floppy with box if available thanks (already have the 1.666 cd in box) thank you for taking the time to read this..