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  1. My name is Roland, but everyone calls me Rabb like from Jag. Anyways about 3 years ago my Ex left me for dead. She got me good. i was bum out and just low, the only friends i had was a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a pack of Marlboro Mediums. one day wail i was surfing the net i came across something called Doom Builder. You all probably know it lol, just kidding. anyways i was hooked, i learned it all. then i began dabbing in XWE, that was great too. now i am starting to work in hexen format, a little hard but i am learning it. i know it sound juvenile but Doom Builder saved me from a depression that was leading down a road that i have no idea where i would have been. now my friend Britney she loves watching me build, and i have a smile every time i get the building itch. my wad i am currently working on is a TC call Deadly Dreams. She is my masterpiece, may not be as great as others but i am working on it. Anyways just a few minutes back i was trying to covert my wad to hexen format in one swoop, i had zwadconv but i could not activate it, i found the answer here and decided i will join.

    Well that's my story, still have her watch and still building to this day, i am enjoying life.

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    2. Phml


      Probably made him power up some generator while she was running off on a bridge.

    3. Lt.Cmd.Rabb


      i meant that she cheated on me, told me in the middle of a thunderstorm. it was just a means of how i felt.

    4. Technician


      Lt.Cmd.Rabb said:

      she is my friend she is.