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  1. @rehelekretep Yeah I was warned by fraggle for posting an img only reaction to the Brutal Doom moddb award thread, who decided to then post an img only response to hardcore_gamer not long after in one of his latest famous threads. So can only mods get away with this, the staff's favorite members, or is it a power thing? If it's not the place for that sorta thing then punish everyone. I see Neurosis' post was also deleted for questioning the lack of a rules sticky in here on page 2. Okay, what's the problem here guys? With the direction this thread's going this seems like a nice place to start with some real constructive posting. Do we literally make up the rules as we go along now hence no official guidelines or is this an excuse to just kick less popular members off for not knowing any better?
  2. Look at this burning trash heap of a thread. God DAMN!
  3. Will this disappear if it questions someone upstairs?

  4. It's disheartening to hear The New Colossus being so meh seeing as the previous games were mostly pretty good. I wonder what happened during development.
  5. Yeah I heard DMC 4 is unfinished, not sure what happened, you spent half the game as Nero and the other half as Dante, re-playing Nero's path but in reverse or something? The difficulty is increased on Dante's run, but I think you also fight the same bosses too. The setting is very similar to DMC 1, however, which I enjoy.
  6. Keep in mind that it's refurbished unused content, so there'll be some weird same-yness at times and a general sense of unfinished or a lack of polish. It's not that bad, but it does come off as fan fiction-y. Then again it's developed by a different team, but if you wanted a sense of closure after the original game it does just that. The new music is lovely!
  7. Thankfully my OCD makes it so I have to read the text doc(s) that come with something, because I always think I'm gonna miss some cute background story or run into compatibility issues with a gameplay mod.
  8. @Avoozl You'll be in luck, as the DMC HD collection is going to be coming to PC in March. Finally!
  9. @SGS Man It's honestly not a bad reboot, I like the Dante design, enemy design and the whole Limbo concept and general theming and setting. Great soundtrack too, and a real spectacle in terms of the battles and weapons. But I think the bosses are terrible, especially Mundus's Spawn, and the style rank system hands out S's like candy. Rank system in general is also too forgiving compared to the series' Japanese counterparts. Sadly, amidst all the positives the game has it managed to sell worse than DMC 4, so the likelihood of a sequel is probably unlikely. Total cliffhanger ending too. E: Well, out of all of them I'd say Bob Barbas is the most interesting boss.
  10. Entire community is BABIES!
  11. Separating the reviewers from the journalists, nice.
  12. Do you smell something burning?
  13. A fallen kingdom, a twisted sky. Within, maggots fall from your eyes. The spite of darkness won't hear your spell. Teach to your juniors, contaminate them all.
  14. Who said it had to reinvent the wheel? What's wrong with just having more of what we like in the present day? I liked (at the time) that I got a modern Postal 1 with Hatred, and then Carmageddon: Reincarnation/Max Damage, and now DUSK looks like it's going to scratch that Quake itch. Yeah, it's not Quake, or Doom, but it could be the next best thing. They're going to be rolling out an editor and workshop support, so mapping and modding the game is going to be a high priority, of which constitutes part of the fundamentals of what makes a classic FPS game or not, besides having solid game feel, great feedback and a memorable cast of weapons and enemies.
  15. This looks like the cutest goddamn thing ever. I usually say we don't deserve dogs, but in this case, we don't deserve children.