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  1. Food!
  2. Yeah, a lot of the Duke 3D soundtrack is surprisingly somber and moody, which in effect mirrors Doom's own soundtrack. There's not many rockin' tunes so both games' atmospheres are notably more foreboding than constantly upbeat.
  3. Yeah, about that 'armor'.
  4. Added the rest! Now I really can't complain there isn't enough Doom 1 love to go around.
  5. Doom: The Lost Episode, aka semi-unofficial Episode 5: Evil Unleashed. Some people seem to really hate this but I think it's alright so far. Hard as hell with my personal mod however, and pretty damn scary at times. I replaced the music with tracks from DmC: Vergil's Downfall and they fit really well.
  6. Doom still claims my soul, but Carmageddon tries to wrestle control here and there.
  7. Found out about Petra Verkaik through a Doom II PWAD in the XXX section in an idgames archive when I was like 12.
  8. Pokemon.