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  1. @Ed Muh fkn eyes m8.
  2. Nothing currently.
  3. Some atmospheric shots from F.E.A.R.
  4. Mixture of F.E.A.R., BloodRayne, Borderlands and Rogue Legacy atm. Need to get back on some other games.
  5. @Zanieon That straight up looks like id Tech 3.
  6. Paxton Fettel from FEAR and Leo Kasper from Manhunt 2. Made out to seem like villains when in actuality they were used and screwed over in secret military projects. Thus many people associated with these projects got what they deserved when creating weapons they couldn't control.
  7. Yeah, once all else fails, violence prevails right? But civil war will just end up breaking out between the same feuding sides once the puppets are cut from their strings, leaving the puppet masters free to continue manipulating us and laughing at how they still haven't been targeted. It's simply easier to just neck each other instead.
  8. The Xenomorph, because its pure. Humanity is the greater evil in the Alien universe.
  9. @YukiRaven Gothic DM is one of my favorite PWADs ever and it makes me wish it had single player with that resource pack.
  10. @wheresthebeef Is it true that you have to make a minimum of $220,000 a year in California in order to live comfortably? I heard that from someone and I'm inclined to believe it. That state's fucked up.
  11. @wheresthebeef Aye. I lived there for 19 years and I saw both my life, family and everything around me fall apart in the end. Cue homelessness out of my control from Nov 5 2012 to Nov 5 2013 once I settled down in Oregon and I managed to survive impossible odds. Never again.
  12. Red, green and blue, since they're the most commonly modified via custom PLAYPALs, but I also love exotic non-Doom palette colors like cyan/turquoise and purple/violet.
  13. Agreed that the music in DMC 2 is great.