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  1. @Eris Falling Wow, gives me strong Hexen vibes with the sky. @xvertigox This is from Unloved in case anyone's wondering.
  2. Tried out Overwatch since it's free to try for a few days right now, safe to say Pharah is my character of choice, as the Soldier was in TF2.
  3. I'm with Ross Scott (Freeman's Mind, Game Dungeon) when it comes to this sorta thing. I refuse to let games that the publisher no longer cares about, isn't supporting and isn't selling die just because lawmakers years ago couldn't take into consideration that maybe things will change someday, but no let's not even try to future-proof. They may own the intellectual property, but since the companies changed hands they probably don't even know they do own it, and they clearly aren't making any more money off of it. If I can still buy a game, preferably digitally because I don't have a CD-ROM drive, nor do I want to take up space with physical material, then I will buy it. But if it's something like No One Lives Forever or Soldier of Fortune, Hexen II's mission pack and Heretic II, the first Diablo and so on, it's fair game (pun intended). Also, I'll add further that if an old game is still being sold, but the developer isn't supporting it anymore and it has problems running on modern OS without DIY and fan fixes, make it freeware. Otherwise you're just taking money while delivering a broken product that may not even work properly someday, if at all again.
  4. Been playing through Modern Warfare 2 a second time before hanging it up, taking lots of screenshots. Finished a Zerg mission in StarCraft tonight and absolutely rekt the Terran with my armies of Zerglings and Mutalisks. Finished Doom II in BFG Edition and started on No Rest for the Living.
  5. He speaks in Legalese guys.
  6. Lol you look bored in your avvy. They're not anything special.
  7. I always kill the first Arch-vile in TNT MAP11 that spawns in outside, failing to realize each time I need him to AV-jump me onto the crate with the Megasphere on it. So I would remedy this by rocket jump mouse-aiming, like a twat.
  8. @Memfis Hell Revealed II MAP32? Fun fact, I didn't think to check behind me at the start for a hidden Invul, so I made the start of this map waaaay fuckin' harder on myself than it ever had the right to be.
  9. To be fair nu-Doom is also guilty of this, with a weapon selection that arranges itself in the order you find them, so the Chaingun becomes the last weapon in your inventory to cycle to. Yeah, pisses me off. You're wanting the way Wolf3D or Quake 1 does it, where it's instantaneous. @Pirx That wasn't original behavior in Doom, so no port is going to introduce this as standard behavior. Though, it would be nice to see a 'fast weapon switch' as a toggle in a port.
  10. Unless you're a woman of course.
  11. Doom is abandonwave.
  12. DW could use one of these for the sign-up process.
  13. The weapon order in Classic Doom in the BFG Edition being completely and nonsensically fucked. Also allowing you to switch to weapons that have no ammo. Thank Satan for using the number keys, can't fathom how anyone with a controller manages.
  14. Doom Builder's very user friendly, you usually see results pretty fast, if not faster than older editors. Helps there's a 3D view ala BUILD.
  15. Anime Avatars Arguing (AAA): The Website