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  1. Oh, yummy.
  2. It's way more polished and there's far more content, you may enjoy it much more than the first game. E: Just make sure you get the expansion with it, as it improves upon the base game even more.
  3. I got the same experience in Diablo II with Duriel, who was like The Butcher x1000, otherwise none of the other bosses gave me much trouble. Also if you think the game's lopsided, try the Sorcerer class, invest solely in magic attribute, stock up your inventory with mana potions and learn mana shield, and you will be an unstoppable killing machine. If you want even more power then abuse the Black Death zombie (yellow zombies) to permanently remove base hit points past a point where you can no longer be stunned. I noticed the dungeon levels don't necessarily scale according to the player, you can end up with wildly different monster configurations that can sometimes be way too difficult. I found it quite hard to go through an entire game without having to start a new game at some point because later levels were kicking my ass too hard. You keep whatever's in your inventory and your character level and stats, but can have an easier time and potentially gain better equipment to get back up to where you were, hopefully this time with an improved edge. The unique factors of Diablo 1 is you can save whenever, dying is permanent (which effectively turns the game into a rogue-like if you don't save or you don't use load), floors do not re-populate so you can't farm experience or drops, and not all quests will be available on any one game, resulting in drastically different experiences. Hellfire is not good, it wasn't made by Blizzard but by Sierra, it also reintroduces bugs that Blizzard patched out with their 1.09 update (Hellfire's 1.01 patch reverts some of Blizzard's changes while fixing Hellfire's own problems). If you absolutely must use the expansion then The Hell mod will vastly improve upon it, though I haven't played it in 5 years. If you want some Diablo II flavor in your Diablo 1, the HD mod Belzebub is worth a shot, even though it is a beta. I can't guarantee it's always the most balanced experience though, at least with my experience on Nightmare difficulty so far.
  4. BF snuck up on me.
  5. How do you 'decide' to be asexual? I noticed your other post around here recently regarding sexual fantasies you want to 'get rid' of. Well, you can't just get rid of a fetish. Otherwise, we wouldn't have pedophiles for instance.
  6. This looks very promising, I never got to play this, so I'm looking forward to a full release.
  7. I adore bunnies and coffee. I also like to pick the female option in a game if it lets me.
  8. Should've put it in further context to avoid confusion.
  9. If it wasn't for being across the lava where this bastard can't get to me I would be dead in 2 seconds. I have no idea how the mod author expected you to fight some of these bosses with the Warrior later on, I have pretty great stats all-round, recently upgraded a lot of equipment, only to have it all be pissed away because I'm stunlocked into eternity and chopped down with no way to get a hit in because the fucker is too fast and also way, way too strong. He also does cold damage to slow you down. I'm sorry but, what? Cheesed the absolute shit out of him by spamming Guardian spell and pelting at him with arrows from a decent bow and it still took a full minute before he finally dropped. Yeah, what? I'm starting to wonder if this mod is even possible on Hell and 'Torment' difficulty with a Warrior.
  10. About halfway through the Caves on Nightmare difficulty with the Belzebub mod for Diablo, continuing my hard mode run with Die Anna on Carmageddon with the C95 pack, started Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on hard and finished the first level, recently finished Vergil's Downfall for DmC on Nephilim difficulty.
  11. Yeah you got a point, I never sought out anything from Getty Images specifically.
  12. @Nebula-Kristian I misread that as I WANT YOU TO BE A SHADMAN. My brain's corrupted.
  13. There's chunks of terrain that get rearranged upon loading, like what Shadow Warrior 2 does, so it's not as unpredictable each time you play. Diablo 1 randomizes entire structures, room shapes and setpieces, but it can lead the algorithm doing weird shit like long hallways that lead nowhere.
  14. The randomization works best in a game like this since it's all indoors, but Diablo II is largely outdoors so they nerfed the randomization elements.
  15. The SSG and rocket launcher do the same thing.
  16. The Butcher is probably the hardest boss in the original Diablo and it's encountered very early by level 2 of the Cathedral usually, and the player regardless of class isn't going to be leveled up enough or have the necessary gear to reliably take him on until sometime after you've finished the Catacombs, which is halfway through the game (8 out of 16 levels). But the Butcher is easier to tackle with the Rogue and Sorcerer, assuming the map you're on has a fence. Make sure you haven't blocked a door (enemy dying in the middle of the doorway) to a room with a fence, then remember where it is, lure the Butcher out and run back to the area and close the door. The Butcher can be shot through the fence with your bow or spells without any harm coming to you. As for the Warrior, you'll want decent armor and a high damaging weapon, preferably a sword so you can use a shield (clubs are good against undead, not so much against demons).
  17. Lmao this timeline sucks, likewise will use the plugin until that disappears too. Before you know it you won't be able to embed anything anymore and sites like Imgur will cease to exist. E: It's said that for a while now, nevertheless this won't make any difference. Probably just long enough to get the legal types off their back before they come back again, while thieves will continue to do what they've always been doing. You're just screwing over the average user now, like you always have.
  18. Messing with the depressingly bad N64 emulation to go through Duke Nukem 64 (since you apparently need $80 lying around to even get a console, that's not counting the games, especially the popular ones, which are near or well full price as they were back in the day) and came across this shocking scene: The other women in peril are reasonably edited, even sometimes better emphasizing their features, whereas the one woman you can't save is graphically split apart with a broken sticking out spine, which is way more explicit than anything on the PC version, even the unused impaled woman wasn't this gruesome. Nintendo wanted a porn shop to be replaced by a gun store (because that's better I guess and this is coming from a gun lover), but I wonder if this was the graphics artist just seeing what they could get away with in retaliation for the censorship. Don't praise women, mutilate their body! The Nintendo way!
  19. @riderr3 That bloody cement texture is pretty delicious.
  20. I sincerely hope Night Dive's image isn't going to be tainted from this what with some of the seriously asinine comments on the KS page. Apparently a remake is a really easy thing to do, and they think they're paying for a finished product when all they've done is help fund it. I know this company has good intentions and has delivered in resurrecting so many forgotten, obscure and rare titles, and you're going to do your best to make a recovery. Which is already a lot more than what a ton of scummy devs do who run off with KS money.