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  1. Lila Feuer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Ichor I love that, it's so technological for the setting, channeling lava through their building to emit a light source as well as being decorative.
  2. Lila Feuer

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    It also lets you select your difficulty upon starting a new game, something that was impossible to do in the original. Eventually Normal would become too easy and you'd have to grind Hell over and over to level up at all, which is boring and no fun. There is a way to play on the other difficulties, but it requires launching multiplayer (local, solo) and only 4 of the game's 16 quests will be available, you still have to unlock the other difficulties also (the Sorcerer trivializes this process). Then you can fool the single player by loading your MP character and then loading your SP character to trick the game into changing the difficulty to Nightmare or Hell for them. But as you can see it's a lot of really unnecessary steps, just to play on a higher difficulty in the vanilla game, just play a mod instead.
  3. Lila Feuer

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    I played Hellfire, and while it offered some new features to the game that were quite nice, (the new areas not so much) including two hidden classes you can enable via a command.txt IIRC it ended up restoring bugs back into the original Diablo that Blizzard patched out which Hellfire itself needed its own patch to fix bugs specific to it. Seeing as the new content like the Hive and Crypts are poorly implemented as well as clashing in theme and unbalanced in difficulty it's not recommended. Blizzard had no hand in the development and its technically unauthorized (developed by Synergistic and published by Sierra). If you happen to get a hold of it however, 'The Hell' mod for Diablo requires Hellfire to operate and is the definitive way to play Hellfire, albeit radically overhauling the difficulty and content on offer, akin to a new game altogether. Diablo can still be played on modern OS with this: https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper/wiki/Diablo Otherwise if you want more Diablo II flavor in your Diablo 1 the 'Belzebub' aka Diablo 1 HD mod will improve the gameplay akin to its Blizzard sequel, restore quests that were cut from the original game and add more classes, in addition to enabling 60 fps, modern resolutions and colored lighting. It's in beta however, but still very much playable. Do know it will considerably raise the difficulty, so consult the forums for Belzebub if you run into problems. Not really, Wanton Destruction has some good levels, but it's mostly a mixed bag (the secret levels are clearly unfinished) and Twin Dragon is just amateur from top to bottom.
  4. Lila Feuer

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    The new sprites and tile sets were actually put to good use in addons, albeit recolored to look better. You're not missing anything with the maps however, I regret going through them again last time. I've beaten them a total of three times and that's more than anyone should have to, if you want proper sequels to Spear of Destiny, play Spear Resurrection and Spear End of Destiny instead.
  5. Lila Feuer

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    Actually the levels are really, really badly designed, with lots of straight up mazes, like actual maze-mazes, and endless winding corridors, lots of empty rooms and hallways, insultingly easy exits that the mappers defended as 'speed running', mandatory pushwalls to complete levels, no interesting environmental setpieces or object arrangements, haphazard and cheap enemy placement. It's literally just selling the fancy new graphics and redone audio and calling it a day on level design. It's easy to pump out Wolf maps because they're so simple, but it takes some actual effort and an understanding of the game's strengths and weaknesses in its design to make something that actually looks decent and plays well, otherwise there wouldn't be a scene for it still.
  6. Lila Feuer

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    GREAT Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny - A solidly made and more condensed version of the Wolf3D game. Carmageddon: Splat Pack - Tougher cars, bigger tracks and even more peds to splatter. Quake: Scourge of Armagon - Highly detailed levels with quality new content that boasts an increased challenge. Quake: Dissolution of Eternity - Yet more of the same as the previous with consistent quality. F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point - Darker, scarier and harder than the base game with some truly memorable scenes. DECENT Blood: Plasma Pak - A pretty decent episode with some new content to spice things up. Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders - Two tough episodes, Heretic's Thy Flesh Consumed. Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel - Three harder hubs, not really Hexen's Plutonia but closer to TNT. Hexen II: Portal of Praevus - A condensed Hexen II game with more action and a new theme. Postal 2: Paradise Lost - A proper five-day Postal 2 expansion with plenty of new content and more recent humor. MEH Carmageddon TDR 2000: Nosebleed Pack - The two new environments are pretty spiffy but there's only two, and the new vehicles are a mixed bag. Postal: Special Delivery - Only four new levels, a new art direction loses the grit from the original game. Quake II: The Reckoning - Cool new features, same Quake II game which isn't good to begin with. Unreal: Return to Na Pali - Initially exciting, but clearly refurbished unused content and overall lesser quality. F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate - Fan-fiction gone retail, initially interesting but quickly succumbs to mediocrity and outstays its welcome. TRASH Blood II: The Nightmare Levels - Refurbished unused content that is a mixed bag, awful levels that are unbalanced, very short, and ends on a cliffhanger that will never be resolved. Quake II: Ground Zero - Less new content than The Reckoning but what's there is a mess, with annoying enemies and lackluster weapons, also it's the same bland Quake II. Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend - Frustratingly linear 2-day game that is short, overly scripted, annoying, and worst of all unfunny. Half-Life: Opposing Force - Poor story, lame new aliens, some cool new weapons that can't save what is ultimately a shorter and weaker Half-Life game that comes off as a glorified mod than a proper continuation of the already established lore. Quake III: Team Arena - Hahaha, this tried to compete with Unreal Tournament? I was going to, but won't add Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, because I hate Doom 3 to begin with.
  7. Lila Feuer

    CYAN-DOOM - A gameplay mod for GZDoom (latest stable)

    The only downside is none of these weapons are designed around smoother animations, it would be kind of jarring to see a smooth high frame count animated rifle only to see the stock animations of the other weapons.
  8. CYAN-DOOM "Just like the good ol' days." RECOMMENDATIONS: Use a minimum gamma level of 0.75 or lower so that dark areas in maps are sufficiently dark, prompting use of the flashlight. Set sector lighting mode to dark or doom. Play with the PSX/Doom 64 soundtrack for a better atmosphere. Otherwise any dark ambient stuff will do e.g. Quake, F.E.A.R. etc. Message colors in teal or yellow typically look best to me but you can use whichever you fancy over the default gray (Doom 64 font). Spectres rendered using Fuzz paired with Pixel Fuzz for that classic Spectre look (and to make them harder to see in dark areas). Blood sprites and particles combined (Spectre bleeds dark red pixels but has fuzzy blood splats). INTRODUCTION: Cyan-Doom is a personal gameplay modification that I'd been putting together since 2016, originally starting out as a very simple randomizer that only added a few new monsters, as I was often guilty of overdoing things and adding way too much stuff. Then I decided I wanted some new weapons to compliment this, and set out to do something akin to 'Skulltag Stuff', in essence a handful of new monsters, weapons, and pickups, while staying themed and true to the Doom formula. Inspiration struck, and I found myself wanting more, while at the same time still wanting less than the usual randomizer mod. The theme eventually struck: it's PC Doom but Alpha content mixed with console Doom (PSX and Doom 64), with some personal twists and notably increased difficulty while still being balanced. Here's that finalized vision, a sorta neo-classical Doom experience that I enjoy as an alternative to the base game, for PWADs that either don't come with new content besides levels or just don't depend on ACS, while staying true to that core Doom experience. In effect, a natural extension of the original game. If id endorsed a Quake styled 'mission pack' then it might of been something like this. But in order to seperate myself from other me-too randomizers I also opt to feature some new ideas using familiar content in order to inspire others and be less predictable in my execution. Hopefully I succeeded! FEATURES IN CYAN-DOOM: Toggleable flashlight the player always has that renders the old light amp redundant, but at the cost of being able to see everything fully lit, preserving level atmosphere and increasing tension. Brightmaps across the board for the majority of things, further enhanced by glow maps on light source and liquid flats to provide Doom 64 style lighting to many areas. Enhanced light source objects like torches, candles, columns and tech pillars from Beautiful Doom. Correct blood colors for several monsters, or no blood at all for certain ones, better blood spray and blood effects, like improved decals, while staying reasonable (classic xdeaths retained). Several new graphic replacements and additions, mostly subtle. Several pickups, notably health and ammo, with mostly unused id graphics. The Imp's original fireball. New liquid flats for water, nukage and lava, new skies for Doom 1 and 2 scenarios. Super Shotgun from PSX Final Doom, green firing Plasma Rifle. A couple new decorative objects, 'Bloody Chain' from PSX and 'Hell Growth' from id. New font and HUD from PSX and Doom 64, including the alternative death face from getting xdeath'd while using the STATBAR. New PLAYPAL based on Sigvatr's Pal Plus, with personal changes to the red, green and blue ranges. The overall tone is notably darker and more at home with PSX and Doom 64. New sounds for new enemies, pickups and the environment from PSX and Doom 64. Swapped bullet and cell minimum and maximum capacities, you now have more bullets to work with but less cells to hoard away. This is something that always bugged me and as such I've done something about it. Many new monsters, several new weapons and pickups, and a couple new hazards, documented in the featured manual! (Happy 24th birthday Doom!) Download Mod Download Music SCREENSHOTS (Outdated, SpriteShadow removed, subtly modified Pinky demon and Baron of Hell appearances removed):
  9. Lila Feuer

    Random Image Thread

    So I blow my own mind; the goat demon on the cover of Black Crypt looks just like Eidolon in Hexen II. Both games are by Raven.
  10. Lila Feuer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Seriously love the red in that first shot, so atmospheric. The second shot's flat however is just making me hungry for cheese.
  11. Lila Feuer

    John Bain (TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit) Dead at 33

    Very unfortunate news, and so young, it's just tragic. R.I.P.
  12. Lila Feuer

    Unreal Gold is currently free on GOG

    Enjoy it! If you're expecting a Doom/Quake style game however you might find it to be too slow, but it does what Half-Life would become more famous for (likely due to the realistic setting) with a world/player-driven narrative in a linear but long journey through an interconnected series of maps. Combat is more focused around the individual encounters with strong monsters more often than hordes of paper-thin enemies.
  13. Lila Feuer

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    @Agent6 Missing Information looks neat!
  14. Lila Feuer

    Unreal Gold is currently free on GOG

    Such a fantastic game, really been getting the itch to play it again. LGR's review was excellent too.
  15. Lila Feuer

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    @jupiter_ex Well F.E.A.R. 1 looks a lot cleaner compared to its sequel, which is really flashy, but the grenades have trails and loud FX still making them easy to spot. In CoD you would never see or hear the grenade that the indicator informs you of, which its fuse only gets shorter on higher difficulties.
  16. Lila Feuer

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    Also unlike CoD and similar titles, F.E.A.R. is not a post-processing mess with a million different things going on at once, sensory overload.
  17. Lila Feuer

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    F.E.A.R. has actual sound design, something that is taken for granted nowadays.
  18. Lila Feuer

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Unreal II made me sad, I have yet to actually finish it let alone give it more than my 45 minutes of play and that was 3 years ago, it's just such a soulless and generic looking game with tech demo written all over it. Legend may as well of called it something else, because it is not worthy of living up the Unreal name. Also the player's mobility is shit, how are you suppose to dodge the Skaarj?
  19. Lila Feuer

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    Only problem is you will never notice the grenade landing at your feet in a CoD because too much visual noise, as games get more detailed it's going to be harder to notice the smaller details, especially during hectic scenes. Even then the grenades will blow up so quickly the indicator usually gives you no more than two seconds to get the hell outta dodge before you're cheesed.
  20. Lila Feuer

    Hellraiser updated

    By any chance did icon_of_sin use a fucking time machine? Where we still used Doomsday, Mac, and thought monsters added to a deathmatch map constituted as a single player level?
  21. Lila Feuer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Nearing my fourth completion of Carmageddon Max Pack (the base game portion) but this time having made all the non-stealworthy vehicles stealworthy (using the IWANTTOFIDDLE cheat). I may have a problem.
  22. Lila Feuer

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Cause you can fart out a ton of crap but it takes real care and attention to detail to craft the good ones, like the games you already mentioned. I gotta say STRAFE's pizza rolls mini-game made me wish there was a full game like that, as it was very Doom-y.
  23. Lila Feuer

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    @CARRiON @Starkiller It really transforms the scenes in this game, which is already beautiful.