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  1. Lila Feuer

    Which musicians have you seen live?

    I saw The Birthday Massacre last year in March, including a preshow meet and greet, they're awesome and have been one of my all-time favorites since discovering their music in 2009.
  2. Lila Feuer

    Box of Chaos, a open-to-all Wolfenstein 3D community compo

    Just wanna let OP know I'll be submitting my map once I finish my Doom mod for Dec 10, hopefully there's still slots left if it's a concern, I know the deadline is the beginning of next year but I won't force you to wait that long lol. Great to see so many pitching in, it's honestly a very fun game to creatively task yourself.
  3. Lila Feuer

    My skincare

    yes. I too am also a human. my face skin needs moisturizer. like real human!
  4. Lila Feuer

    Do you have trouble staying awake?

    Well I voted coffee but typically I feel tired often to some degree and my sleep is a heavy variable in terms of length and quality, the two of which do not really correlate. For example I can get very little sleep but feel completely fine, and then there's opposite of that where I slept a shitload but feel like garbage anyway. Overall I often have more trouble going to sleep on time and falling asleep in that first crucial hour, on really bad days I can lay restless for up to five fkn hours.
  5. @Li'l devil Yep the Belphegor. Even just a more aggressive attack certainly helps differentiate him from just being an imp with way more health and a more damaging fireball.
  6. Lila Feuer

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    @Li'l devil And with the music turned off, the lack of ambient sounds ala Quake makes navigating the lifeless environment rather unnerving.
  7. Lila Feuer

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    Doom shareware via Doom95 on a games for windows 95 sampler CD.
  8. Lila Feuer

    Random Image Thread

  9. Ugh, seven more free days to finish my modding project before the big 3-0 for Doom. Hope I have enough time left to actually play it myself before unleashing it on an unsuspecting public.

  10. Lila Feuer

    Big Half-Life Update

    @Rudolph Civil Protection / metro cops are still human, Overwatch soldiers were human, you can see the Combine's handiwork inside the Citadel in the form of Stalkers. OW are processed humans, faceless clone troopers to police the remaining humanity and quell any resistance efforts, effectively acting as the Combine's presence on Earth.
  11. Lila Feuer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Looks like the Doomguy put on a few extra pounds from eating too many of these.
  12. Lila Feuer

    what was doomworld like in the early 2000s and early 2010s?

    Tbf my first impressions of the greater Doom community was Skulltag forums in 2009 and ZDoom forums circa 2010-2012, I initially recall liking those communities more, but really thinking and looking back (then, especially ST since well you know) they were actually more annoying, particularly in regards to their moderation staff compared to DW's.
  13. Lila Feuer

    Big Half-Life Update

    @Jello In terms of worldbuilding yes it makes sense, it's a high stress situation, some keep their cool and some don't and make mistakes, it's what makes them HUMAN after all ahahaha. I would like to see them try and bait the player with the grenade though.
  14. Lila Feuer

    what was doomworld like in the early 2000s and early 2010s?

    I at least got to witness the end of this era, long live the fish!
  15. Lila Feuer

    Why is Sir Robin's Castle on Doomworld?

    I was kinda mislead that the Doom and Quake scenes were drying up by the turn of the millenium and stuff because the TEAMShambler reviews page for Quake stopped being updated in I think 2003, and Sir Robin's site wasn't being updated anymore, and my interests were shifting to other games at the time too so. Glad this was never actually the case.