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  1. Thought that was odd, like the restart option with setting to reload a game.
  2. I hold run, it feels more tactile lol
  3. Yep that's literally what happened to me, wow, in my 24 years of playing I don't think this has ever been triggered, I must've gotten really (un)lucky. Now I know what the emulation submenu pertains to at least, I'll have to disable those on my next game.
  4. There has been a very bizarre bug I've triggered that I didn't even know was possible. I reached MAP21 of Kama Sutra and not too long after dealing with a shit ton of archviles and approaching an area with an invul and a bunch of imps and cacos the collision detection in the game mysteriously broke, none of my shots registered on enemies and theirs didn't either and I could (partially) clip into the geometry, I also couldn't pick up items like aforementioned invul. I still took melee damage however. Can't tell what caused this to happen but it started with the last cacodemon seeming to be a ghost monster somehow, until I noticed my rocket splash damage wasn't harming it. This is a vanilla wad and I'm on vanilla compatibility, so unless it's a (very rare?) vanilla bug it's pretty concerning as this is the first instance I've had of such a thing. E: Not sure if it's because of the window at the beginning, I noticed sometimes my shotgun shells didn't register through it yet my rockets did. Then the BFG blast I unleashed outside was "eaten" by the geometry (like how rockets sometimes go through some walls). My problem started when I was aggroing visible Cacos who were deaf near the invul with the chaingun, so idk if it was something to do with my bullets passing over some line or if the architecture is just fucky and I unintentionally broke collision that way, I couldn't reproduce it.
  5. Now for a graver insult per suit train of thought: we added Prisoner 849 to Fortnite! Merry Xmas!
  6. Oh cool, I didn't grab the games on Steam yet because they never go on sale (should've figured that wasn't a good sign) and now they're gone. Imagine that, scrubbing the very thing your engine was named after, 24 years later. I hope an outrage gets sparked to put the titles back up, that literally does nothing but hurt history and archival purposes. There's plenty of games on the market with no working multiplayer because the servers were shut down ages ago, you're just killing the single player and possibly entire single player mapping scenes and modding communities as a result of it.
  7. Lila Feuer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yep, they affect damage received and output, it isn't so drastic as to make it cheap but it makes things more appropriately stressful. I played like 60 hours on Xbox game pass earlier in the year of the base game, and now 20 hours in on PC. Coming off of New Vegas which I played first I can see the difference in writing and quest lines like it's day and night, but I still really like the game world and don't mind things even being scaled back content volume-wise compared to NV. The most egregious sin is probably the state of things, as it proves Bethesda didn't really understand what makes Fallout, well, Fallout. It's suppose to be the post-apocalypse, but it looks like the bombs dropped a couple decades prior. Atmosphere is more akin to something like the Metro series or even STALKER. That said I dig the environments and find the gameplay loop and exploration to be on par with NV.
  8. Lila Feuer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Got Fallout 3 GOTY on Steam recently for $4, playing through it on very hard with a hardcore mode and aim down sights mods to better match New Vegas, as well as the updated unofficial patch.
  9. Lila Feuer

    What are you playing now?

    Playing KS now, just reached MAP11. Very solid so far, I find one-man megawads to be extremely hit or miss but two-man megawads tend to have ideas bouncing off of another and result in still consistent yet clearly varied styles.
  10. They should just reboot it again and go for more of a horror slant, it's not like survival horror games aren't profitable in current year, there's a lot of indies but there's also notable AAA releases in the works for multiple IPs. It doesn't even have to go full Doom 3 for fear of alienating the common audience, it would be nice to see a Doom 64 style interpretation but with modern presentation.
  11. Not sure how I missed this but what a fantastic idea, I missed out on these and this is a convenient way to play through them.
  12. Lila Feuer

    What are you playing now?

    Reached MAP31 of Demonfear, a possible progenitor for the Scythe series, these are very short and small maps but they're fun little skirmishes that have their moments.
  13. TFW I'll be playing this vanilla version of KDiZD through before I actually play the original mod it's based on. I glimpsed bits and pieces of it mostly out of mockery due to all the controversy but never gave it a fair shake. I know it's extremely divisive however. This on the other hand just looks right up my alley when it comes to vanilla weirdness.
  14. Can't verify atm but I wouldn't be surprised if it's because when I started WOS I forgot to set compat to Boom (was on vanilla) and immediately had problems on the first map at the end. Instead of starting a new game like I should've I just exited and changed it to Boom in the config file then went back in and my problem was fixed. Then I got to MAP06 and the problem seemed to be stamped into my savegame. It wouldn't surprise me if starting a new game and warping to MAP06 and hitting the switches now works properly without changing compat settings in-game.