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  1. I must've finished 10+ megawads now easily with Woof! and I will do 10+ more.
  2. Lila Feuer

    What are you playing now?

    Glad to know MAP27 confirms my suspicion on Community Chest 1 that this WAD wasn't playtested and was most likely balanced around psychopaths. I ran out of all my ammo and I have no health and I'm expected to keep slogging through with nothing to work with. From a consecutive play! I'm sorry? What the hell happened here? I really hope I didn't just lose nearly 8 hours of my life trying to finish this thing, I already don't look forward to another one of Gene Bird's filler maps followed by the biggest goddamn bastard in the entire megawad on MAP29 and then apparently a very uncool Icon fight as the finale. I'm so pissed off right now lmao.
  3. Lila Feuer

    What are you playing now?

    Recently finished MAP32 of Community Chest 1, for the penultimate secret map requiring Kaiser's timed-once-with-foreknowledge-required secrets to even get to MAP31 on MAP15 and MAP31's admittedly clever exit secret this was the most haphazard random thrown together thing I've played in recent megawad memory. Was there no screening process for this WAD or were they desperate to fill in a slot that nobody else wanted or could think of anything to do with? It's just insulting, I don't know what's worse, big slog maps that are unintuitive to navigate or just really boring random stitched together areas with waves of monsters. The latter's certainly easier and actually doable in under 10 minutes but it doesn't feel any more rewarding. Finally halfway through!
  4. So I'm a massive moron, say what you will about old Boom format maps, it's because I forgot to change compatibility to Boom and restart the game. Despite changing compatibility after the fact the savegame preservation kept things on vanilla format, likely resulting in the fuckiness as prescribed. So ignore my previous post.
  5. Lila Feuer

    What are you playing now?

    Finished MAP12: No Tomorrow by Use3D for the first Community Chest after 53 minutes of a lot of head scratching due to the nonsensical progression at times. I honestly don't know how you're suppose to get the yellow key without plasma bumping it through the bars, there wasn't anything to work with and the area locks you in unless you get that key. Besides that it was architecturally interesting but it wasn't the greatest to play, with a surprising amount of health starvation. The next map in the megawad is also his and his last contribution to said WAD. Pacing issues much? I only ever finished CChest3 and liked it quite a bit back in 2009 so I'm trying to play catch-up, I didn't get very far in the original and I only got about halfway through the sequel before stopping so I'll have to eventually play that one too. E: Welp MAP13 just halted all my progress, 30 minutes passed, 80 monsters left, no keys, left hanging again with no clue how to proceed, don't really feel like revisiting the same areas just to confirm my beliefs that nothing changed, this might be where I get off. Ugh, take notes and don't do what this guy did when it comes to navigation, it's constantly wasting your time! E: Oh good, something broke on my end, bars that should've lowered decided not to in Woof. E: IT'S ALL COOL SAVEGAMES JUST DON'T UPDATE COMPATIBILITY WHEN CHANGED SO I THOUGHT I WAS IN BOOM FORMAT AND WAS ACTUALLY IN VANILLA FOR THIRTEEN FUCKING LEVELS THAT'S OKAY I'M NOT MAD OR ANYTHING.
  6. Glad I updated, I ran into a weird issue on MAP06 of Community Chest 1 that resulted in a massive HOM and when I rolled over the latest version the issue seems to of fixed itself. E: OK nvm this area's a fkn mess and it's because of the 3D bridge. https://ibb.co/zsd0fT0 https://ibb.co/mzt58yw Go across it to the yellow door and turn around, massive HOM and you're locked in by an invisible wall, if you clip out to try and return to the start of the area you will be similarly locked in. Also falling off the bridge and using the telepad in the lava will render the bridge as being no longer solid. I am using Boom compatibility and I don't know if it's my savegame being carried over or not now. I notice if I look in the direction things become visually corrupted when approaching the door nothing breaks, but if my back is to it and I turn around then it's all messed up. This is wild. Of course the map nobody likes from this megawad is having problems. Getting the key nearby and going back to the bridge makes it no longer solid as well. This is impossible to finish without noclip lol.
  7. Lila Feuer

    Master Levels - The Way id Should Have Done ?

    You could tell some of the Master Levels were intended to flow into other maps the author did that weren't included, like ending with weapons you never get to use.
  8. I should mention the title screen and outro screens do not work correctly, I kinda figured seeing as the title is Doom II's the outro was probably broke too, when you reach the end of the mod and it fades out I'm warped back to the last map I finished (Lost Childhood). And that's fine I accept that this is constantly being updated but I find this port to be extremely promising and didn't want to just use GZDoom again for the gazillionth time. Surprised I finished the game, not without some hiccups but it didn't diminish my experience that much and it was really nice seeing the lighting system in action! E: I have a very quick question, I notice there's a lot of distortion on player weapons and especially the STATBAR if enabled, I tried playing around with the UI scaling and resolution and such and I can't seem to make it clean, even at native 1080p, I like my pixellation though so maybe things look better filtered. E2: Ha, KDiZD doesn't load in k8vavoom, at all, it just locks up.
  9. @ketmar Log: >mypos Log: Map Hash (sha): 9163f906fa95f2ef56576c822825c53fc7a2a097f36eec623fc33dc2 Log: Map Hash (md5): 1ed329858ab154c55878da1c11a4f100 Log: sub: 561; sector: 268 Log: pos:(-119.221,452.979,1) angles:(30.1683,1.232) Log: +map map01 "+warpto -119 452 1" Log: lila feuer left the game Log: unloading and releasing 186 level textures Debug: new unique id is 1159 (shrinked by 8); don't worry, this is normal garbage collection cycle. Log: config at "D:/idTech1/k8vavoom/config.cfg" wasn't changed. Log: TextureManager: maximum 12 textures in bucket, used 3638 out of 4095 buckets Log: CVAR statistics: 1042 cvars, 251 buckets used, 12 items in longest chain, 4 items average Debug: new unique id is 997 (shrinked by 162); don't worry, this is normal garbage collection cycle. Log: shutting down sound loader thread Log: sound loader thread shut down. You're in luck because I kept the original save pre-warping to map04 (the problem map to enter) that I needed to finish thus far. Didn't know about that warp command! That's fine because I summoned the keys I had in addition to what weapons I acquired, even down to the exact ammo and armor that I had. It was sure fun re-fighting the same monsters on the way back to a new area and trying to reload all the scripts in the hub level on the way back so everything was open again haha. The Unloved PK3 is un-tampered with, I just loaded Doom 3 sounds and my custom PLAYPAL alongside it. Here's the save file: https://sprend.com/download?C=84957fa73cfc4352ad2618f65bb6563d I did actually run into something that did require me to noclip, on MAP04 of all places again, I'll fetch that next time, a switch that should've raised a wall I think did nothing, and it was shortly before exiting the map too. Honestly I'm lucky I've been able to play as much as I have considering how experimental this port is still but I think its support for GZDoom stuff is really exciting! I'm actually considering trying KDiZD for the first time because I remember old Vavoom actually supported it, but it is an old mod now so there's no telling how well it'll play with k8vavoom. Guess I'll be the guinea pig!
  10. I feel like I was the only person that played RoC at least a couple times or so years and years ago, because I was starved for D2 megawads, even the mediocre ones. I don't really remember anything outside of the first level, I'll have to give it another look sometime. Certainly amusing to see a modern day sequel after all these years!
  11. I've been playing Unloved with this port tonight as I haven't played it since it was new (2010) and it's been two or three years since I last tried this port out already and I'm happy to say it's playing great as well as looking very cool with the new light and shadow system. Extremely atmospheric! Will report issues if any to assist in development. E: I say just as it breaks LOL. This is suppose to transport you to another map when using it but it doesn't work, you use mirrors and other things occasionally to warp. BTW is there any way to make screenshots cleaner and larger? Also I would use a change map command to just get around this issue for the time being but I don't know what it would be if one is even implemented so I don't lose my stuff.
  12. Lila Feuer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    @scalliano tfw Super Empire was my very first video game. I'm surprised I didn't give up on the hobby shortly thereafter, and I only beat them on easy, the only difference in difficulties seems to be the starting health bar size. But yeah not being able to restore things like upgrades is really freakin' bad. I was trying to play Empire again but on the default difficulty and it made the level after the mode 7 snowspeeder stage impossible to beat the beginning, all because my health bar isn't as long. I liked Return much more, but my impatient kid ass was not having fun with the first level being mode 7 and kinda fkn difficult for the first level to boot. Nothing prepared me for the final mode 7 sequence however with escaping the death star. I tried to beat the original Super Star Wars and was flabbergasted that it had no password system, causing me to fail the game at the very end because I ran out of lives. The level design was also significantly worse with next to no verticality.
  13. Anyone notice the custom font in BtSX ep2 is missing?
  14. Lila Feuer

    What are you playing now?

    I'm on MAP18 of Doom 2 Reloaded, last played in 2009 on Skulltag with that port's monsters, weapons and items added in via randomization. Jeez I feel old saying that. It's pretty decent but I can't help but feel it's a little sterile and lacking in personality like the original Doom II.
  15. Lila Feuer

    Lost Mission from moddb won't launch through dhewm3

    @sluggard Thanks adding that as a launch option on Steam did it!