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  1. Lila Feuer

    Blood 2 does not deserve the hate.

    Lol most of those tips will not apply on Genocide, it becomes extremely run-and-gun on easy and Caleb is a powerhouse, but on the flip side everything is way less damage spongy. And honestly what did you expect? It's unfinished so the lack of polish and care to balance to things like HP values versus damage values are going to be neglected, I doubt the game received much playtesting, I'm positive someone went in, and jacked up all the values for enemy HP and damage output and called it a day. I have beaten B2 on Suicide once and while the foreknowledge does make it a lot less frustrating the later parts in chapter 2 and most of chapter 3 are still a pain in the ass. Don't bother with the Nightmare Levels on Suicide unless you plan on cheating, twice, due to Ishmael's level and the Nightmare boss fight. To defend B2 a little, I still really like its overall aesthetic and the music is probably the best thing about it, and chapter 4 I suppose you could make an analogy to Doom 3's Hell level in that while you only visit Reality Beta once it's easily the best part of the game and is more in-line with what I'd expect from Blood.
  2. Lila Feuer

    Blood 2 does not deserve the hate.

    I will always run out of most of my ammo late in chapter 2. But some tips for the brave: Use your bullet weapons, preferably dual Ingrams against humans, ammo is plentiful due to the abundance of pistols, Ingrams and M16s dropped along with boxes of ammo. Don't bother with the M16's primary fire as its DPS isn't comparable to the Fanatic's and they will always damage you pretty badly, just spray with the Ingrams. Shotgun shells for all creatures, flares for lesser creatures like soul drudges and a must against zealots, there is usually plenty of ammo for the sawed-off and flare pistol but not always, the primary fire of the akimbo sawed-offs and flare pistols also deliver better DPS than either one by itself via alt-fire. Sniper rifle can be against creatures, and humans from a distance, ammo isn't too uncommon and it's one of the few decently powerful weapons so don't neglect it just because it's a sniper rifle. M16's alt-fire, tesla cannon's alt-fire and the napalm launcher's primary fire are good against humans behind cover. Drop the bug spray, voodoo doll, howitzer, orb and singularity generator weapons, the first is a waste of the M16's grenade ammo, the latter are either ridiculously under-powered or otherwise too cumbersome to reliably use in any real situation. Find the death ray in the meat packing plant, it's hidden on a rooftop but it's the better energy weapon for its primary fire versus tesla cannon. Life leech against the behemoths when they appear to get health back, don't waste your ammo on them as they're too strong, plus they usually get caught up on the map geometry anyway so you can usually run away. Minigun should be saved for bosses. Boss tips: Unload sawed offs or M16 grenades w/ anger power-up against Naga, try running around it to avoid its attacks the best you can. Use whatever you can refill in the arena against the mandatory behemoth and Gideon's first fight. Second Gideon form is broken in melee range, just get in his face and unload. Hit Undead Ishmael with flares and watch him die, dispose the rest of the Undead Chosen with whatever you got, beware Gabriella's minigun. Get the anger if you can in the Ancient One's arena and just unload your shotguns and minigun into his eye.
  3. Lila Feuer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Arch-vile rode the Cyberdemon's rocket.
  4. Lila Feuer

    Doom Eternal - News

    Man it feels good to wait. This laundry list of issues sounds like garbage. Lmfao.
  5. Lila Feuer

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    @Gokuma Footage was found in a Transylvanian salt mine in extremely poor condition IIRC. Whatever is left is what you can find already in worn VHS quality.
  6. Lila Feuer

    What doom 2 monster weapon is your favourite?

    The Zombieman and the Lost Soul are in a corner right now. Crying.
  7. Lila Feuer

    Exploration - Which way?

    Typically random, I just like to go with the flow. My tactical approach would be to clear an entire "sector" that is uniformly connected BEFORE trying any doors.
  8. Lila Feuer

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Smells like burnt toast in here.
  9. Lila Feuer

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    @<<Rewind Is that sector based lighting from the sky? I always wished defining GLDEFs for flats rendered sprites in that color.
  10. Lila Feuer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Beat Resurrection of Evil, 'tis a good expansion. Gonna do Lost Mission next, for the first time in OG Doom 3. https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-lost-mission/downloads/d3-lost-mission
  11. Lila Feuer

    Who is good enough at Doom to finish Sunder?

    I'm pretty sure ZeroMaster's a human.
  12. Keyboard when I was younger but now it's just uncomfortable after 30 minutes of playtime. So keyboard + mouse it is, but I don't shy away from a gamepad.
  13. Lila Feuer

    Blood 2 does not deserve the hate.

    I'm sorry, but Doom 3 was meticulously designed a very certain way and I feel id had mostly succeeded. You can fire up Doom 3 right now with very little if any problems and complete it without a single crash and everything functions in it as intended. Blood II on the other hand is barely a prototype, it's alpha-quality software with tons of content removed due to rushing for a Halloween release thanks to their horrible publisher and a very new and buggy engine that hated every video card you threw at it, and that was after patching. Even with fan fixes and using a wrapper like dgvoodoo the game is still unstable, and it may very well no longer run ever again in just a few more years. Sounds like you played on Genocide, you should play on Homicide or Suicide, that'll change things real fast with enemies that turn into damage sponges and weapons that feel grossly under-powered. A sawed-off shotgun does more damage than a howitzer for example, and the napalm launcher is a joke.
  14. Lila Feuer

    Quake 2 Or Half-Life 1?

    I am a low-key HL1 fan and like it more than HL2 due to, well, everything, especially Black Mesa and the variety of Xen lifeforms on offer. Not to discredit HL2 as a great sequel, but it always leaves me wanting more enemy variety and weapons options. Wiith that being said, I'm gonna have to side with Q2 here because it's easier to just jump in and blow away Strogg without having to be confined to more restrictive script-based levels in a linear fashion. The combat in HL1 is also kinda sorta maybe pretty rubbish nowadays, with awkward "intelligent" AI at best and brain-dead stupid every other time due to the over-reliance on scripting everything, so Q2 wins in the action department.
  15. Lila Feuer

    Is TNT Evilution good, bad OR okay

    It's OK.
  16. Lila Feuer

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Yeah I need to get to updating my x86 stable build with an SVN sometime.
  17. Lila Feuer

    Do you think Plutonia is hard or unfair

    Not that hard once you memorize the maps, I got through it using key saves a few months ago with relatively very little reloading. I would call it decently challenging overall i.e consistently medium-hard.
  18. I was able to run it on Win10, I just used the 1.3.1 patch and it booted up fine.
  19. Lila Feuer

    What ports do YOU use?

    Gameplay mods / eye candy: GZDoom Everything else: Eternity Engine I'm quite simple now really.
  20. Lila Feuer

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    How good is the Boom compatibility for Eternity Engine? It's my favorite of these kinds of ports, despite being based on SMMU, I'm too stubborn to switch to anything else.
  21. Lila Feuer

    Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom

    I didn't finish this but I played a big chunk of it in late 2018 and really liked it!
  22. Lila Feuer

    Random Image Thread

  23. Lila Feuer

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing Resurrection of Evil for Doom 3.
  24. Welcome to Hexenworld. Yes, Brace 4 It was referencing Winnowing Hall.
  25. Lila Feuer

    Do you use texture filtering? Why or why not?

    Huge no-no, old games like this with small dimensions for textures and spritework in general don't benefit from filtering whatsoever.