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  1. @spongeThere is a strange audio bug present with the player sounding like they're hitting use rapidly despite not being against a solid object. It is random and rare, only happening twice now, the first time was early on on D1's E1M4 and last time was on D2's MAP04. No idea what triggers it however it occurs only by moving forward and backward, not from side stepping. This bug has only happened to me playing on Xbox Series S.

  2. I made a giga thread with plenty of poll options a few months back but understandably it's probably buried.

    UV unless it's way harder than I thought it would be then I'm bringing it down to HMP. That's the intention anyway, haven't had to do it yet but I'm also woefully behind on modern WADs. If HMP is still too difficult then HNTR is as low as I'll go. If difficulty settings are unsupported and it's a nightmare no matter what which is incredibly specific then ITYTD for the slight damage reduction and pickup bonuses. -Fast if I'm in the mood for an extra challenge or it's too easy even on UV but again I barely play with fast monsters, but I can if I do.

  3. @HQDefault FC3 pissed me off before I got far into the story because of the grindiness for having actual useful stuff, which makes me think I may not be a fan of the Ubisoft formula. I did enjoy what I played of FC2 however, and I think FC4's setting looks more interesting than FC3. FC5 being set out in the middle of nowhere in America is also more interesting to me, so maybe I'll try the other ones down the line.

  4. On 10/19/2020 at 2:13 AM, seed said:

    the ladies can no longer be interacted with at all, or killed, but can be saved, so it seems to have some censorship put in place

    Just wait til you find what they did to the hanging cocooned women lol. They figured since violence doesn't seem to be an issue, why not showcase the hypocrisy of that. It won't be until Dark Side tho.

    Also wait, you can just play Duke 64 on PC now like the release of the PS1 version's exclusive fourth episode? Never tried Rednukem btw.