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  1. uryu the wind scythe

    3d model animation in doom

    OK I finnaly got some time from work, and I'm wondering...does this apply to weapons as well? (I'm having trouble with blenders way of animating models...) P.s im uaing. GZDOOM only now.
  2. uryu the wind scythe

    Anyone have a sword?

    Just cutting in ( don't mind the pun) to tell neubejiita...that was hilarious. Thank you, you made my night.
  3. uryu the wind scythe

    3d model animation in doom

    I'm working with skull tag, zandronium, and gzdoom. The mod has no problems with any of these so far... I'll try the information on this link and hope it works.
  4. uryu the wind scythe

    3d model animation in doom

    OK...so I have searched all over, and I'm sure its here somewhere... but darned if I can find it. Anyone hook me up with a link to a tutorial witch tells how to write the code for a animated 3d model? I know the basics of importing a 3d model, but the rest has eluded me so far. Also, i have looked THOUGHLY thrugh DS-MODELS.PK3 and cannot figure out what i am doing wrong. Help is greatly appreacitated.
  5. uryu the wind scythe


    Question... So i want to make a nice rotating menufor my game, like in ROTT, Iridon 3d, or M.U.G.E.N. I looked on Zdoom wiki and it told me that most of the menus is defined internally by CCMDS(console Commands) and basicly told me nothing i understood about What i Want in particular. The rest seemed to make sense, so my question is, Can anyone point me to an article, concerning that type of menu? (how to make it) Any help is appreciated. P.S i dont have a 24/7 internet connection, so i may not be able to get back to this converstaion right away.
  6. uryu the wind scythe

    3D Sprites?

    no freakin way! dude! you awesome at this stuff! its an honor grey ghost. it truley is.
  7. uryu the wind scythe

    3D Sprites?

    ok..what after that? see imma total noob at this{note that he spelled n00b wrong} and wondering what to to: how to write modeldef and import into the game? can you tell me? or is that to broad?{no sarcasm intended}
  8. uryu the wind scythe

    Extra monsters?

    becasue i had to learn all this on my own w/o help of anykind.
  9. uryu the wind scythe

    Extra monsters?

    here's a SUPER easy way: all you do is take whatever monster in dooms orignal file and put that in a txt file called decorate. after you got say...the baron in this case , you would take all our sprites and input them into your wad , then you would go to said decrate file and re-name all the orignal parts like this SPAWN: BARON A 1 A_BOSSREADY{NOT THE REAL CODE!!!} BARON B 1 A_BOSS SET NOW CHANGE IT TO THIS:{PROVIDED YOU CHARICTOR NAME IS PINKI} SPAWN: PINKI A 1 A_BOSSREADY PINKI A 1 A_BOSS SET all you do is change the first part. the first title. theen , having this done , replace the orignal monsters name it should look like this: BARONOFHELL 8348 something like that. all you need to do is change it to MYACIDMAN 1111{or any number} that is all and that's that.{lol.}
  10. uryu the wind scythe

    How do I make so that you can talk to people?

    i would say...take strife...shareware..whatever you got. and look at it. pull a orange juice box and concentrate. stare at the script for about an hour. if nothing comes to you. all hope is lost. in fact , imma do that now k?
  11. uryu the wind scythe

    Hud editing (Doomguy's face)

    that's ok. cause i sound noobish all the time. :) there are sevral options you could do... A) i use the zdoom engine , you might have better luck with this engine. B) are you covering everything with a certain color? e.g , doom uses a blue-looking color for its "transparent" what i mean is that this color is used to blend the world of the game around whatever you happen to put in{if that is unclear , let me know...} C)are these the right cooridnates? wintex {veryold program} allows you to automaticly set the face to its default position. XWE , a slightly newer program , allows you to manually input the numbers , and even has a little square that you can use for this. {XWE is old too , but slumped is not as compaitble with my computers as xwe or wintex} c-1) there is also the thought of , if you put the face in the wrong cooridantes{e.g too high , half or all , your new face will be chopped off}{e.g , too far to the side , and it will be replaced by the numbers on the bar}it is very possible that it will dissapear complelty , mostly , or sommewhat. D) some colors doom , my version of doom , does not like at all. and it freaks out anytime i try to use negastive colors or something like that. truthfully , it sounds like you got the wrong cooridinates , if you do , here are the correct ones , as provided by XWE: -5, -2 {see what i mean by looking newbish?} if these dont work...let me know..ill help as much as i can , ok?
  12. uryu the wind scythe

    Player Class not working - HELP!

    hmmm...i know a little , little bit about this...but your experince about covers it... maybe there is something in the zdoom pk3 file you can look at...?
  13. uryu the wind scythe

    re-load! re-load! re-load!

    hmmm...ok. but i dont have munny , so i cant buy any programs...also , thanks , but fireworks wud not download. so ill try gimp ,and hope it works. thanks for all the help guys. i really appreciate it.
  14. uryu the wind scythe

    re-load! re-load! re-load!

    ok , so first of all , photshop and psp was never available on my dial up connection. and yes , i have spent years working off ms paint. anything else is very weird. xwe i only got a few months ago before that i used wintex. as for slade 3 , it only works with some compenent i dont have on my computer. but i will check out fireworks , that may be bettter{thanks in advance}
  15. uryu the wind scythe

    re-load! re-load! re-load!

    that helps a little.... but..you dont have to use trial and error.... like , in the main wintex editing window{the one with apply} right beside the apply button , there are six buttons on the right..-> a)set for weapon up b)set for flying sprite c)set for wall d)null offesets looks like this 0.0 e)set offsets for weapon f)set off sets for sprite A)this is what you want , it will automaticly set you for the middle of the screen , where the norm doom weapons are , no guess work involved. b)this sets your custom picture where a flying sprite would be , this is unadvised if you have ....say a zombieman , set as flying , he would be in the air , and quite difficult to shoot. c) this is for wall , only in the patches/flats. D)this only works on custom pics , and only while you are editing. E)this sets the weapon at the status bar. set weapon up , pushes it to where it will appear level with the status bar , {try it!} f) this is for a walking sprite. then click apply. to see what any of these are , look on the bottom of the screen , it always says what it is , or where you are... i dont really use wintex al that much anymor , xwe , allows you to put in full color , and even use dvd pics! that's why i use that , i cant use slumped becuase , it requires some addituanl files ,you should try xwe , {optional} just because it's a lot eaiser to grasp.] and yeh. i use ms paint to. havnt found a eaiser , more detailed program yet.