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  1. PaintedBlack

    adjusting replacement skulltag default weapons

    Thank you for your response, I just figured it out. Was having a brain fart and forgot i could adjust it in xwe... thanks again!
  2. i changed the sprites for my skulltag weapon (chain gun) but now the alignment is way off (its way up in the sky). how can i correct this? thank you for any help!
  3. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a program that would allow me to edit say a floor texture for example and the program shows a mirror of what i'm working on. Basically like side by side so i can see real time if my textures will match up seamlessly, i've tried multiple searches for such software and zero luck, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for you responses! As an update i'm currently working on level 14 of my tc wad, it's coming along nicely, i'll be posting more as it happens.
  4. PaintedBlack

    how do i remove the original guns from doom

    I'd like to make a zdoom port, trying to figure out the player classes thing, because it would be pretty cool to add to my game! thanks for the input man, any other suggestions? i'll gladly listen
  5. First off I'd like to thank everyone who helped with my previous questions. The TC mod is coming along great, still in early alpha. I've come into a bit of a problem. I would like to use custom weapons rather than the original weapons, is it possible to remove them? like say for example i'd like to replace the chainsaw and the pistol and instead only use my custom weapons even if a cheat code is used. also any suggestions on how to play a wav file at the beginning of levels? like the last level of doom 2 when the boss is talking, or duke nukems comments. Thanks for the help in advance! if you want to get an idea about my mod check out http://manifesto-game.blogspot.com/2011/01/manifesto-survival-in-hell.html it's the blog for my rpg game i made, this doom TC will be the second game in the series.
  6. PaintedBlack

    Two Questions!

    Ok! thanks for the tips guys, very much appreciated!
  7. PaintedBlack

    Two Questions!

    Is there a webiste with doom skyboxes for download? i need a night skybox, or if i wanted to make my own is there an editor with a mirror feature that would allow me to make the wrap feature easier? second question, i've downloaded the sniper rifle from realm667 and was wondering how to change it to set it to weapon 5, i edited it in XWE and thought i fixed it but it didn't work.. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance guys! P.S. my tc is coming along great, i've got a hell of an idea for making some new custom baddie sprites, i don't want to say yet until it's done, but it'll be f'n cool ;)
  8. PaintedBlack

    Story text after each level?

    K many thanks guys, i will attempt this one! lol if nothing else, i'm figuring maybe i'll have to add my own triggered sound events to tell the story if this isn't what i'm looking for, or possibly both! thanks again for the help! Ok so i got mapinfo to work but i can't get it to go to the next line.. i've tried \n like in dehacked and every other way i can think of.. seems like tutorials on this are rare, so any idea on how to continue the text on the next line?
  9. PaintedBlack

    Story text after each level?

    Ok so, you know when you finish an episode and the story text comes up, is it possible to modify doom to show a text page between each level? i would like to make a story based mod, and although it would slow down the over all play through of my mod i think having more story would benefit the over all feel of my TC. Also many thanks to everyone with tips to me in my previous posts, I have now figured out custom weapons and monsters thanks for your help!
  10. PaintedBlack

    Cloning monsters?

    Thank you very much! Sorry i know i'm all full of noobish questions lol I'm doing my first TC so running into all kinds of issues as i go. Thanks for taking the time to answer dude, I really appreciate it! **
  11. PaintedBlack

    Cloning monsters?

    Is it possible to add the same monster several times to a wad with different variations? What i want to do is make several clones of the demon with different colours and different attributes and sprites.. (basically won't be a demon when i'm done..) i'm just wondering is there a limit to how many i can make? what would i name the new entries? if this is a common thread i apologize just please give me a link to a reply or if you have an answer please let me know! Thanks!! :D
  12. PaintedBlack

    re-load! re-load! re-load!

    It's actually quite easy, i use wintex. I export the images from the wad, edit them in a photoshop type program, they have to be saved in 256 bitmap before they can be imported into the wad, so expect some colour loss unless you are a digital artist of some kind. look at the alignment of the original weapons in doom then try and align yours (usually it's like -180 by like say -68 or something, just an example) hit apply! MAKE SURE YOU HIT APPLY! save the wad, load it up, see where the weapon is... Trial and error.. once you figure out how to do one you've got it figured out.. no problem..what i've just went over strictly replaces just graphics.. Hopefully this was helpful to you i figured out most of this on my own and through random tutorials (thanks doomworld, you changed my life!) anyway DOOD good luck! ** oh btw the only way i could get the 256 colour bitmap was in mspaint for me.. it's ghetto but mspaint is so sexy... in a ghetto booty kind of way... Oh and if you are having problems finding doomworld i suggest bookmarking this page! then you can easily see your responses.. I would like to post a youtube video tutorial to help others out, maybe if i get enough space and am bored enough i'll try and figure it out.. right now i'm WAY too busy with my doom tc when i'm not working.. -Painted Black
  13. PaintedBlack

    Dehacking the super shotgun

    I have tried xwe, slade and slumped. I've tried doom ultimate 1.9 and boom types for the lump (.deh and .bex) to no avail. I can run the .deh file with the -deh command, but for some reason my lumps aren't detected and come up as unknown... do i need to make an entry in the wad like DEFANIMS or ANIMATED (boom)[I tried both of those]? any suggestions or links to tutorials that might help me? I added the file in xwe and seleted type 20 (dehacked) and still not working :'( Thanks a lot guys! Any help is greatly appreciated!!:D I will absolutely!! Thanks for the interest! This is going to take a while to make but I have some radical ideas that will make some serious changes as well as a cool story (it's a prequel to a zombie rpg i've been working on in rpg maker)! ** Thanks for the word of encouragement! :D UPDATE!! FIGURED OUT HOW TO ADD DEHACKED FILE TO MY WAD!! YAY one step closer to making something REALLY COOL!! **
  14. PaintedBlack

    Dehacking the super shotgun

    I'm sorry if this is a N00b question! I'm making a TC converstion for doom and i've replaced the super shot gun and I want it to take half the time to reload! I know this basically makes it a super weapon but the super shotgun won't so up until later levels in my wad. i'd also like to make it use one shell instead of 2 if at all possible... Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance! even links to a tutorial if there is one on this.. Thanks again! UPDATE! I figured it out, teh awesomeness~!! now i have a new question, can i add deh files to a wad? I tried using slumped but to no avail...