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  1. Toughguy

    Computer Problems

    From Guide to detecting and removing malware on AtomicMPC.com.au: BTW, I didn't catch what type of web browser you use ... you might try the latest Firefox to see if it works differently for you there. The loss of system restore functions is leading me to believe that you've encountered rootware. You might see about running a trusted rootkit to detect and quarantine any suspicious data on your system that antimalware, spybot, and antivirus software isn't detecting. Oh yeah, and get Linux. :p (Sorry to be the "getlinux arsehole" -- I couldn't resist.)
  2. Toughguy

    Custom Monster Problem

    If you have Heretic, Hexen, or Strife, you should be able to find a template for multiple projectile attacks in the bestiary.
  3. Toughguy

    Sugar plums my ass

    @ gggmork & bucket: It's posts like these that get me reaching for that "like" button (too bad I can't find one). I asked for Windows 7 for Christmas; now I just have to figure out what to get for my family. I'm used to being deployed in the middle east around this time, but now I don't have any excuse not to celebrate Christmas. It totally effing blows.
  4. Toughguy

    What the hell happened?!

    There are a few Windows programs to fix these sorts of things, Registry Cleaner comes to mind ... I think that's the name of a legit software solution. From here it sounds like there's malware infecting your systems. This thread in an Australian geek forum is my personal reference for detecting and removing malware using freely available and trusted tools. Hope this helps.
  5. Toughguy

    Tron Legacy

    I was there, man! It was so essentially a B movie! :p (I was actually two years old at the time, but the wiki article shows...)Tron was released on July 9, 1982, in 1,091 theaters grossing USD $4.8 million on its opening weekend. It went on to make $33 million in North America, moderately successful considering its $17 million budget.So I take back what I say about it being essentially a B movie. It did have a major production budget behind it. Fix'd for clarity. Cheers.
  6. Toughguy

    Tron Legacy

    / Review -- no spoilers Just got back after watching this in IMAX3D. Definitely worth the go just for the eye candy. Creators did a spectacular job getting every last bit of awesome out of their special effects efforts. Film didn't seem too long especially considering that it is 127 minutes, and that time passed very quickly for me even though I had to pee -- I'm getting old I guess. This does justice to the original TRON film, taking a classic and turning it blockbuster. I personally miss the odd processor architecture and design throw-in like that silly "yes/no" bit from the original. With today's technology what it is with the "if the light glows green it's working" common knowledge base, this film produces a fairly reasonable picture of the microcosm that could be hiding beneath our keyboards. Plot doesn't hold on to what the original movie did. They seemed to be setting the same stage in the beginning of the film with the evil software corporation, but then they blasted off on some tangent with an opening to a sequel that I personally fear is going to turn into another Matrix trilogy. "Noooooo!!!...." Jeff Bridges seemed ... well ... yeah, he was the same Dude from Big Lebowski and he carried forward his hippie swagger from that aweful Men Who Stare at Goats into this film, but it only produced a bit of 60's nostalgia and comedic relief which complemented the action a bit. Do watch ... and watch on the biggest, awesomest screen you can find. Very worth it. <END OF LINE>
  7. Toughguy

    Strong Weapons in Coop

    I only sometimes use the solo-net option to play in coop mode single-player. I like it as it is with the "more monsters" option personally. But I could see how four players with plasma rifles or rocket launchers would make very short work of a demon horde. So yeah, go ahead and try some without power weapons ... it should be good for multiplayer coop, but likely not so much for solo-net playing.
  8. Toughguy

    A Different Look at Doom

    Oh, I'm certain that it has caught on, but thanks for reminding me. I remember the first time I learned the IDDT cheat; it blew my mind how this game looked exactly like Asteroids. It was even slightly playable in the IDDT mode on the original DOS version, and the map cheat about made it into a whole new game for me. Cheers. Wouldn't it make more sense to leech Strife's hub-map feature to a source port that can plug multiple WADs in series? Then the problems lie in decorations and textures that are unique to individual WAD files ... prolly not too much to overcome.
  9. Toughguy

    no inverted colors when invulnerable?

    Didn't see anything wrong with your "invuln.pk3" file. I'm guessing the fault lies in your "gzdoom.pk3" file. Try replacing it or restoring it from a backup.
  10. Toughguy

    no inverted colors when invulnerable?

    The text from Bishop's last reply inside the code block belongs in a file called "decorate.txt" Open your archive manager of choice and add that txt file to a new archive. Then when you run GZDoom, use the option "-file <name_of_the_new_archive>" or just drag and drop your archive onto the GZDoom launch icon. Should work just fine. Make certain that you're not adding or modifying files on the native gzdoom.pk3 archive.
  11. Toughguy

    no inverted colors when invulnerable?

    Yay! I actually got an archive to work in ZDoom. Cheers for the help Bishop. You're right. I just renamed the file "/actors/doom/doomartifact.txt" "/decorate.txt" and it worked just fine. @BurningCadavre: Yep. It's impossible to tell when it's running out. I guess you just have to count down from 15 ... :(
  12. Toughguy

    no inverted colors when invulnerable?

    I don't have any advice on this one, I've never gotten a ZDoom pk3 mod to work before, but I tried the advice Gez gave to see if it would work and it didn't. Created a new zip file called "mymod.zip" and added the folder "/actors/doom/" and put a file containing his text called "doomartifact.txt" inside the folder. No changes in the game. I tried naming the file "doomartifacts.txt" but ZDoom returned the message "File mymod.zip is overriding core lump actors/doom/doomartifacts.txt."
  13. Toughguy

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    And here I am kicking that dead horse called "SopMOD" with a 3 min. showcasing of version 1.1. I personally don't think it looks that bad considering it's a first individual effort using only vanilla-doom compatible processes and very minimal feedback. Perhaps I'll put it to bed with a final version that doesn't involve DeHackEd work ... just a handful of home-made sprites (chainsaw, chaingun, rocket launcher, and plasma gun) and replacement sounds for the chainsaw.
  14. Toughguy

    baron of hell high definition, still working...

    I kinna like this last one. I thought the veins just made him look old. Have you loaded these sprites to see what he looks like in the game at all? I know if you only have a frame or two completed, you'll probably have to play slow-mo or use the pause cheat to get a good look ... sometimes the image borders just don't blend so well into the game's environment.
  15. Toughguy

    Doomed Déjà Vu

    Finally finished the level on UV. Just a couple ragequits and then I was actually kinda sad to see it end. Good map. That "merge area" that you mention has to be the toughest fight of the game ... but Dis is a close second. It would be completely impossible to beat that fight without that invulnerability powerup. Usually when I'm being bombarded by hitscans over a ridiculously vast expanse, I say to myself "why don't you just cover the whole floor with nukage and get it over with?" But in this case you already did that. Thanks. :p The E2M2 fight wasn't as bad as I thought after I found out that the window opens into a door after throwing the switch. I was just about to start over because I only had about 35% health at that point, but it's possible to get through without taking more than a few points of damage.