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  1. 19Wraith

    Anyone want me to play their levels?

    Hey bro I wish you could play few of my maps. Industrial Suicide - https://legacy.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/indusuic Metastasis - https://legacy.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/metastas High Tension - https://legacy.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hightens Oblivion - https://legacy.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/oblivio2 Tekloniton - https://legacy.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tekniton Structures of Death - https://mega.nz/#!T9IFHIAZ!WbtpAVyOC3cH76qJ-OTII5h_XDY-MMSRa0I1imjo3xI ( Takes map 12 slot )
  2. 19Wraith

    Last two Heretic maps

    Thank you for your review. I didn't know placing too much maces would disable the player to start on vanilla heretic (still i think it would be unplayable on vanilla for the Visplanes). I placed many of them because most of the time the weapon does not appear. Do you know how to ensure the proper placement of the mace without the need to place it several times? That said, i think you will enjoy the difficult much more on intermediate level. (Skill 3 for zdoom and perhaps skill 2 on zandronum).
  3. 19Wraith

    ROP 2015: Finished!

    Hi guys. Just finished two heretic maps. They are under vanilla, but may not run with dosbox for the visplanes and stuff. Initially i posted them here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/72646-last-two-heretic-maps/ but Obsidian suggested me posting them here for the project. If you guys accept them i would be very pleasured. Links to the wads: https://mega.co.nz/#!DxIhEBID!JbTGqWSMdamskosTtrKhetE6h0KmUocZK_B5YW2n9d8 https://mega.co.nz/#!qgREXSrK!oBPNPIqK4-QX5mR7IEv7mQ0Uyqm3bpbsT-SQFs7O7Vo
  4. 19Wraith

    Last two Heretic maps

    Thank you, i will post them and wait for luck
  5. 19Wraith

    Last two Heretic maps

    Hi guys I want to share with you my last two Heretic maps: Magnum & Profanum Sanctum. They play themselves individually, not as the same wad. That said i will say that Profanum Sanctum will appeal to those who enjoyed the third Heretic episode, while Magnum has a more urban city style. Be careful, both maps are pretty hard, specially Magnum. But are highly enjoyable on lower skills. Screenshots: Magnum: Profanum Sanctum: Links: Magnum: https://mega.co.nz/#!DxIhEBID!JbTGqWSMdamskosTtrKhetE6h0KmUocZK_B5YW2n9d8 Profanum Sanctum: https://mega.co.nz/#!qgREXSrK!oBPNPIqK4-QX5mR7IEv7mQ0Uyqm3bpbsT-SQFs7O7Vo Enjoy the wads guys
  6. 19Wraith

    Last map: Oblivion

    @Surreily You are right mate. I corrected the mistake. I was writing fast so i didn't realise that. Also, if you thought it was pretty hard, try it on Hurt me plenty. Difficulty is made that everytime you increase dificult level monsters appear in larger number (obiously), but health also appears in fewer quantity. So every step of dificulty should feel way easier/harder depending what you choose. I advice you to play it on HMP. I think you're going to enjoy it a lot. @scifista42. That was not the door i am refering to. I never had problems with that door. I mean this one. http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2015/03/15/150315045138912681.png#.VQWra46G_3Z The Orange side of the door is the one doesn't work properly on proboom. Anyway you have acces from the other side so i think it's still playable. I tried to fix that but i just coudn't. :( Thank you guys for trying it and glad you like it :)
  7. 19Wraith

    ROP 2015: Finished!

    i played E1M7 anachronistic metropolis from Hymn, and i loved it, specially the visuals. Definitely one of the best heretic maps. And i have high expectations with your new map Xaser ;)
  8. 19Wraith

    Last map: Oblivion

    Hey guys, here i want to show you my latest contribution to doomworld. It isn't as long as anothers maps i've done before, but not so short. I think it's pretty well ballanced and enjoyable. Not either frustating or easy, not either huge or tiny. The accion is pretty diverse and i think it's pretty damn enjoyable. Of course this is not your super high detailed map, so if you're looking for something like that you won't find anything you like, but it's not that simple. Ok, some screens and link below: http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2015/03/12/150312104027729425.png http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2015/03/12/150312104034104178.png http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2015/03/12/150312104042657795.png http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2015/03/12/150312104056670118.png http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2015/03/12/150312104102633931.png http://sia1.subirimagenes.net/img/2015/03/12/150312104111997001.png Link: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?file=levels/doom2/m-o/oblivion.zip Hope you like it guys. Reviews and constructive criticism are always welcome :) And this time it works nearly perfect on proboom, just one side of one door doesn't work, but it works on the other side, and you have the access :)
  9. 19Wraith

    Help with some tricks

    Do you think guys there is any possibility building an invisible wall in front of the lower sky ceiling textures or something aplied to that?
  10. 19Wraith

    Help with some tricks

    Hello guys. I want to improve a bit my skills and i wonder if you guys know to help me. Look at this: As you see on the image, there is a column with shorter height than the other parts of the map. What i want to avoid is that horrible HOM that appears above the column because both ceillings don't have the same height. But i also want to have different heights on differents parts of the wad without this ugly bug. Do you know any trick or something i can do so i can have different areas with different height with sky texture on both without that HOM? Hope my message is clear
  11. 19Wraith

    Community Chest 5

    i would like to be part of CC5, but i will confirm when the rules are done
  12. 19Wraith

    About visplanes

    hello guys. At the moment i'm working in a map on heretic under vanilla, so my goal is a map under any source port, including vanilla mode. Do you know any program/utillity or something that show you how many visplanes you're seeing while i'm playing/editing my map. I think there are programs that work only in doom, but i want something that runs with heretic too since i consider myself an active mapper for heretoic, and testing everymoment on dosbox is tedious and boring for me. Thanks in advance guys, and sorry if there are some mistakes there, i'm not a native english.
  13. 19Wraith

    Latest map.

    You are right in that point Memfis. I always play on zdoom. At the moment i have tested another map i finished after Tekloniton and there are issues opening some doors as well, the map is playable though.
  14. 19Wraith

    Latest map.

    Hello people. Just finished one of my latest maps some weeks ago and it's already on the website, i would like for you play it and to comment it. Some screenshot for a ''preview'' of what you are going to play: Download here: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?file=levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tekniton.zip Hope you like it guys :)
  15. 19Wraith

    My gameplay

    Hello people Well, this is my gameplay of my favourite wad i've played ever, Metamorphism. Attractive visuals, good layout and monster placement is clever and challenge, so you can see it here. I really recommend you this map becuase it's amazing and really fun to play, as most of kaiser's maps. http://www.youtube.com/user/aday2die?feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/yF3_8khWrSQ Hope you like it.