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  1. I just got Zdoom, it owrks fine on all 3 computers, how do i launch a network game?
  2. Ok, I've been playing Doom since I was like 7. But that was a long time ago. A few months ago I downloaded a version off of [no linking to warez and such.... first & final warning, Mordeth] and installed it on two systems (one with Win98, the other with Win95). It worked fine, absolutely perfectly. I also was told how to set up an IXP so that I could play over LAN. Well, I just got a new computer with Window XP. Doom will not run with sound (and it is retarded without sound!) and I have no clue why. The sound slows the computer a lot. Then we had the memory on the Win98 computer and installed XP on it and have the same problem there now. So I have two questions that I really really need answered. #1) How do I fix the sound with Windows XP? There has got to be a way, and my computer skills are not what you would call quality. Please help! #2) I remember it being extremely simple to set up the IXP but I forget how. could someone help me do this as well? AIM me at golittierecordgo. I appreciate this A LOT. Thanks