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  1. What do you think? It's not the best but I'm happy with the result. Planing to sell this for cheap bucks.

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    2. C30N9


      Ralphis said:

      Not asking this in any sort of sarcastic way: do people actually buy any models from you at those prices?

      Similar models are sold for higher prices. Try searching for "cola" or "wheel" or "shotgun". Heck I even think that I under-priced my stuff.

    3. geo


      They are licenses. Is that legal?

    4. C30N9


      I don't think it's illegal to sell 3D models which are replicas of real objects, it is like taking a picture of something, so you don't need permission. However, if anyone wants to use the model in a game/movie then a permission is needed.

      There are tons of license cars sold on The3DStudio and TurboSquid. I even saw a verified model of a coca cola on TS.