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  1. ... And this is crazy
    But here's the code
    So give suggestions, ideas, feedback, thoughts, maybe?

    Anyways, I need help in several things:
    - How do I put limits for inputs to one kind of variables?
    - How do I convert variables? (Integers to Strings and vice-versa)

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    2. C30N9


      Thanks fraggle, was looking forward to show it to you.

      I will go with the goto advice, that is when I find a way using a loop instead.

      BTW, could you please answer the first question?

    3. Maes


      C30N9 said:

      BTW, could you please answer the first question?

      Either you create do...while loops for each variable that you are trying to input (quite honestly, a PITA) or you create a specific function for filtering numeric input, which handles the looping and user messaging. Parameter to include are the acceptable value range, customized entering/error messages, and you simply call that function whenever you need a filtered numerical user input with some specific message, rather than writing ad-hoc code all the time.

      Other less interactive solutions are automatically assuming some "default" value upon a wrong input, or exiting the problem.

    4. fraggle


      C30N9 said:

      - How do I put limits for inputs to one kind of variables?

      Inputs just give you a string; it's up to you to interpret what's in that string. If the user enters something that isn't in the form you want (eg. a number) then you need to prompt them to enter it again until they get it right. So what Maes says is correct: you need a loop that keeps reading input until it gets what it wants.

      This is a great example of how you can split up your code into smaller functions: think about how you'd write and use a function like this: