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  1. ... and I'm still stuck between CS and CEN as majors. I'm mainly aiming for CS as major and accounting as minor. But what do you think? Which major should I get? Which is better? Which one has bigger salary?

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    2. C30N9


      Probably more jobs. I mean US has more companies that work with programming.

    3. fraggle


      I'd advise you to worry more about what you find more interesting and less about what salary you're likely to earn.

      Do you more an interest in (high-level) programming in general, or do you have a stronger interest in hardware: low-level programming, circuits, working with actual hardware etc.? If the former, go for CompSci, if the latter, go for CompEng.

      I myself have a CompEng degree.

    4. C30N9


      Got accepted in CS, hope I'm doing the right thing. :P