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  1. ... and I'm still stuck between CS and CEN as majors. I'm mainly aiming for CS as major and accounting as minor. But what do you think? Which major should I get? Which is better? Which one has bigger salary?

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    2. printz


      AndrewB said:

      The googles do nothing!

      No, they don't. If they did, I wouldn't ask it here. There are too many things it can stand for. Computer Engineering and... Networks? Circuit Engineering? What?

    3. C30N9


      CEN = Computer Engineering.

      @Pavera: Well that depends on your country (is it the US by the way)? Where I live lots of computer scientists graduate every year, making job opportunities at a very low rate. Though I might work on indie projects or work abroad.

    4. Pavera


      Yes, the US. I guess there are less computer scientists/more available jobs here? Dunno.

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