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  1. So I've been developing a very simple game on Unity. The basic idea is to avoid spawning obstacles controlling 4 ships. My current aim is to finish all the scripting before importing assets, that is why everything you see in the video is a cube.

    Might not look attractive, but this is my first good attempt to make a video game. I still have to script spawning obstacles, score and other few necessary stuff. What do you think?

    1. scifista42


      Maybe you should make all 4 ships controllable at the same time, perhaps by keys Q,A,W,S,I,K,O,L. Would be a nice practice of player's multitasking abilities, and you would afford to increase difficulty a bit, then. Or use key presses different for each ship, but allow moving only one ship at a time, maybe? But I'd personally prefer the former. I can imagine the left-right-select mechanic to get annoying when multiple ships needed to be moved. Nice game (I've already seen your video v2).

    2. C30N9



      I changed the selection to use the 1-4 keys. It's because making all 4 ships move at the same time requires too many keys (Q-L). And I'll probably make the obstacles move faster as the player hit score milestones.

      Also, models (sadly the plane model is not mine).