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  1. So much "free" time (1-2 hours) that I hate to sit lonely in public, so I went/hid in the library which is a very friendly environment for spending time yourself. This is gonna be boring if I'm going to do this everyday.

    1. Hellbent


      You gotta find out where the party's at. To do that, you need to talk to some cute girls in your classes. "Excuse me, do you know where the ___ Hall is?" or.. "How are you liking your classes so far?" Or any other thing you need information about. Whenever you have a question, consider it a golden opportunity to ask a cute girl for the answer. You can stop random girls on your way to class, or sit next to girls in your classes and ask them before class starts. Don't blow those opportunities on professors or .. um, dudes. Of course making guy friends is also a good way to find out where the party is at, tho.

      Good luck, and make the most of it. Best four years of your life has just begun. Don't waste them! (And when I say don't waste them, I mean, don't spend the entire time being responsible and studying).

    2. Krispy


      Go up to a cute girl in the library and start sniffing her neck so she knows you're interested.