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  1. 1- A car, initially going eastward, rounds a 90 degrees curve and ends up heading southward. If the speedometer reading remains constant, what's the direction of the car's average acceleration vector?

    2- A plane with airspeed 370 km/h flies perpendicularly across the jet stream, its nose pointed into the jet stream at 32 degree from the perpendicular direction of its flight. Find the speed of the jet stream.

    3- An object undergoes acceleration 2.3i + 3.6j m/s^2 for 10 s. At the end of this time, its velocity is 33i + 15j m/s. What was its velocity at the beginning of the 10 s interval? By how much did its speed change? By how much did its direction change? Show that the speed change is not given by the magnitude of the acceleration multiplied by the time. Why not?

    4- A particle leaves the origin with initial velocity v0 = 11i + 14j m/s, undergoing constant acceleration a = -1.2i + 0.26j m/s^2. When does the particle cross the y-axis? What's its y-coordinate at the time? How fast is it moving, and in what direction?

    5- A jet is diving vertically downward at 1200 km/h. If the pilot can withstand a maximum acceleration of 5g before losing consciousness, at what height must the plane start a quarter turn to pull out of the dive? Assume the speed remains constant.

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    2. fraggle


      Bloodshedder said:

      Do your own homework


    3. Memfis


      Lol I hate physics, why the hell am I studying it if the speciality is called "Computer Security"?

    4. Blastfrog


      i cant really answer your homework questions but what i will recommend is that you drink more sodahol

      then youll be just like me (though you probably dont want this to happen)

      Memfis said:

      Lol I hate physics, why the hell am I studying it if the speciality is called "Computer Security"?

      Because colleges can be stupid by making you study too much stuff while thinking it's healthy. I mean, I get it, lots of subjects are interrelated even if not immediately apparent in how they connect, but sometimes unrelated stuff is simply just that. Perhaps they want to use more of your money, or make its use seem more justified (paying x amount for many classes than just the ones you actually need, so x would seem like a more appropriate cost than the latter situation even if not proportional to the true cost of running the class), or maybe they want to weed out the "weak" by making those who can't take an absurd amount of classes wish to drop out.

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