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  1. I'm currently majoring in Computer Science, but it is possible to switch to Computer Systems Engineering. In general, CS should focus more on math, theories and software-related stuff than CSE, but after looking through my university's guide for BA degree, it seems that CS is a bit "contained" in CSE. For example, CSE students take several courses that are essential to get into software engineering (programming, data structure and management, and software engineering courses), with another courses related to Electrical Engineering and hardware stuff, but some share the same name of other CS courses (AI, Operating Systems, Algorithms). Plus CSE students can take some courses in CS as elective courses.

    You have to be good in Physics and Mathematics to switch or to do well, which I am good at both. I just keep feeling that I'm wasting a chance to study engineering and become good at both software and hardware rather than only focusing on Computer Science. At the end of the day, either degrees will likely get me the same job, but an engineer is usually generally known as being smarter (because he is an "engineer", plus the requirements to get engineering are harder than the ones to get into CS).

    Should I stop listening to people who keep telling me that I've took the wrong choice choosing CS over CSE even though I can make it through in the latter major?