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  1. This code is supposed to calculate e to the power x. It works fine at lower numbers, but then at x = 3.6, the output starts to decrease as x goes up. What's wrong?

    C language.

    EDIT: The problem was that "factorial" function was an int, so at high values, it won't work.


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    2. C30N9


      ... wat???

      I just deleted the code without thinking out of speed. No, I wasn't embarrassed.

      I also might didn't get Phml's joke/post at first (if he was referring to leaving the post for others).

      Regardless, I edited the first post.

      (BTW, how could people reach this thread normally?)

    3. GreyGhost


      C30N9 said:

      (BTW, how could people reach this thread normally?)

      They need to login to the forums. The Google bot probably hasn't a Doomworld account so it can't index past the OP.

    4. scifista42


      C30N9 said:

      (BTW, how could people reach this thread normally?)

      Do you mean without manually typing /blogs in the forum url?

      1. Click the button "Blog" below any of your posts on the forum.
      2. Click "Comments".

      Step 1 can be done by anyone. Step 2 requires being logged on a forum account.