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Everything posted by C30N9

  1. C30N9

    here be (baby) dragons

    Don't let their cute faces fool you. (I made the model)
  2. C30N9

    here be (baby) dragons

    That's not a dragon, that's a baby dragon. :P Yep, nearly everyone mistake it for a dinosaur. The real reason I called it a dragon because the picture I used to model on was called a dragon. :P
  3. That would be better, give it to someone else. I don't want to delay the project because of my laziness.
  4. I'm sorry, but I read the message recently. Here is E1M6: http://speedy.sh/tj4d3/dm16-c30n9.wad
  5. C30N9

    Animation crap

    I gave my haunted youtube channel a visit and found these stuff. Thought about sharing them. What do you think?
  6. C30N9

    "Wrack" officially released

    No more episodes?
  7. My old mobile's screen got crashed. Although it works fine, I can't see what I'm doing on it so I had to switch my SIM card to another mobile. I really need to get the old contacts so how do I get them since I can't see them?
  8. C30N9

    Waiting In Line 3D (I must survive)

    What's the use of the arrow keys and jump?
  9. If you threw your phone out of anger then our roads are certainly the same.
  10. It does support USB connectivity.
  11. C30N9

    Not sure what this is...

    Kinda late but Ding Dong!
  12. C30N9

    Not sure what this is...

    messing around with blender and i get this +10 points to whoever knows what I was trying to model.
  13. C30N9

    Learning New Languages

    What's the best way to learn language? Is it by books? Courses? Or online?
  14. C30N9

    Form - My first game

    Form was done by Unity 4 Free. It is my first game to be published. Give it a try and tell me what you think. As for the resolution, I have no idea why it isn't changing. Not a big problem though.
  15. C30N9

    Form - My first game

    It's in the Wooglie's description. 1-4 keys to change between the ships. Up and down arrows to move the ship.
  16. C30N9

    What did you recently do?

    Bought Wrack and been playing since.
  17. Or another question: If an animal was let to live on its own in nature without human interactions (like "zoo"ing it or preventing it from reaching anything), would it think about developing its life? (No I didn't search or "google" anything.)
  18. C30N9

    3D Cacodemon

    Nice. Is this your first time 3D modelling?
  19. C30N9

    A dragon model

    It was going great, until I reached its tricky hands. I just can't get them right.
  20. C30N9

    A dragon model

    I made it originally as a training. Now that it is good enough, this is going to the 3d market.
  21. C30N9

    A dragon model

  22. Title says it all. E.g.: If there's nothing after dying, would you commit suicide if you don't the have the life you want? Do you feel that you're wasting your time in life? How did the universe create itself (or "happen by accident") in your view? (I'm not an atheist but I posted this for curiosity)
  23. C30N9

    Sniper Elite 2 is free on steam

    It's not free anymore. What happened?
  24. C30N9

    Atheists, what do you think of life?

    Well, I meant that how did the "causes" of creating the universe happen (whatever cause it was).