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  1. chodesmear

    Celebrate 9/11 and SAVE!!!$$$

    i dunno on the internet somewhere is a spoof of the i (heart) NY t-shirts it read i (plane) NY i thought it was funny but plenty messed up
  2. chodesmear

    Bad news for the D3 story

    one those games arnt fps's so that is the reason behind the movie like game play. they are myst like so STFU!!! two they were supposed to have some of the most awsome storys ever
  3. chodesmear

    word is out :( NO COOP in DOOM III!?

    that is totaly gay if they never do add a co-op in the original they should nock off at least $30.
  4. chodesmear


    hee hee hee clever if you like the news go here theonion.com
  5. chodesmear

    Your Signatures

    i hope mine isnt too bland...
  6. chodesmear

    Bodily Injuries

    your right
  7. chodesmear

    Bodily Injuries

    yeah he said he would do it again for 5 bucks so i can get it on tape HEHEHE idiot
  8. chodesmear

    How many Pink Demons?

    sorry i was on vacation Have you even read the book?! if you have you would know the have something to do with the game, not much but some. otherwise it wouldent be able to share art and name. but if you had read them you would have realized that it not only have being BACED ON(not FOLOWING) the game that they were actualy good. i think that it would have been cool to see it like the book, IE two or more ai's that fight along with you the entire game, multiple endings if one of them die, or if you die you become one of the others and continue to fight. and if that ever happens(i know it probobly wont so dont flame me for sayin so) a co-op storymode to play on the net.
  9. chodesmear

    what do you want to see in DooM III?

    ok the chaingun IS huge but the MINIgun is alot smaller if something is huge why would we want to call it mini?
  10. chodesmear

    Bodily Injuries

    i belive those are called pungie pits not too many happened to me 1) by bike slid out fron under me; lying in street for an hour or to under arizona sun(120ish) 2) jumping on bed foot sliped and gashed underside on frame 3) dancing on a desk and fell on my head my bro 1)fell out of tree broke colarbone 2)slamed thumb in car door stiches 3)jumped off roof grass staines 4)hit head on night stand large gash 5)slit wrist on broken glass acedent a freind 1)hit by 6 cares in 2 days 2)peed on electric fence i dared him 3)jumped off 2 story roof i dared him 4)kicked in head by his bro i dared the kid 5)ate the sidewalk i trhew rocks under his skate board
  11. chodesmear

    Triple X

    VAN DESIL SUCKED IN THE FAGS AND THE FRUITIEST HE IS GOING TO SUCK IN THIS i am going to go in that movie, not pay for it (i wouldent waste my money on it), piss people off, be loud and rude, and get kicked out that is how much that movie sucked
  12. chodesmear

    what do you want to see in DooM III?

    i dont think the gore in SOF was too realistic pluss i think that nudity would realy kill the adrenalin rush if im runnin down a corodor being followed by a spinney i DONT want to see cyber hooters as i round a bend niguel said that he wanted duel Miniguns not Chainguns there is a huge differance mainly in SIZE so i doint know why you were arguing, and id rateher have that than a shotgun anyday
  13. chodesmear

    what do you want to see in DooM III?

    what do you guys want to see in the new game?
  14. chodesmear

    How many Pink Demons?

    well actualy, in the third insallment of the DooM books, by dafydd ab hugh, a scientest studying the remains of a cyberdeamon make the observation that there is no real end between the flesh and the metal, coming to the conclusion that metalic parts were not atached but rather grown, or atached than fused to the the bone into one solid object
  15. chodesmear

    The lost episodes of Doom

    actualy i saw the ultimite doom, doom II, and the master levels for doom II at comp usa last week. and if you dont find them order them idsoftware.com