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  1. Wagi

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    I think it's important to warn you ahead of time that Heretic and Hexen look like trash if they are rendered in truecolor, so a flag should be introduced in case users want to switch to 8-bit mode. This is because the the cyan colors are designed to fade to deep blue instead of dark cyan in the original COLORMAP. The same goes for the color range that goes from yellow to red (like lava). Simply interpolating from these colors to black will make certain levels look "washed out", like the beginning of E3M2.
  2. A lot of us play Doom not because of technical constraints but becuase we like the simple, fast paced gameplay that revolves around dodging projectiles, exploring a mazelike space, and shooting down hordes of simple-minded enemies. Although GZDoom offers a ton of features that in theory might enhance Doom's gameplay, a lot modders use these editing features to change Doom's gameplay in a fundamental way that makes it undesirable to classic players. I used to play Skulltag many moons ago. Once advanced editing features like DECORATE became mature, it opened the floodgates to gimmicky mods that had crummy graphics like Doom, but shared almost no similarities in gameplay. There wad All Out War which slowed the player's speed significantly and forced the player to navigate an overly simple and flat map full of wide-open spaces. There was Ghouls vs Humans which was more like a hide and seek game than Doom. And there are a few more that would add weapon reloading and regenerating health into the game, raising the question "Why am I playing Doom just to add a mod that makes it not Doom anymore?" Furthermore, a lot of the graphical features simply look out of place unless they are used outside of a total conversion. Why have hyperrealisitic blood and explosions in Doom if they clash with the pixelatted sprites made in the 1990s? It's immersion-breaking, like adding a photorealistic Mario into Super Mario World. The fact of the matter is that it's all a matter of taste.
  3. Wagi

    Chocolate Doom

    The last time I tried to build chocolate-doom under Windows, it was impossible to do so using the "canonical" method of using Cygwin. The instructions on the wiki were mentioning packages that no longer seemed to exist in installer. Upon asking about this on the IRC channel I was told not to bother with Cygwin and modify the Codeblocks project instead. Will switching to CMake alleviate any of this?
  4. Wagi

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    At the very least, it would be nice to get rid of all those nasty little C89-isms and also make the code use consistent indentation and spacing. There are also some peices of code like the screen wipe code that makes absolutely no sense at all.
  5. Wagi

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    I noticed the Doom source get called borderline unreadable in the thread. While it does have some major issues with it like an overdepedence on global variables and some questionable formatting choices, it's far from the worst C I've ever seen. When I looked at the Duke3D source, my head practically exploded.
  6. Wagi

    Introducing ZokumBSP

    Out of curiosity, do we know exactly why ignoring linedef #0 in blocks that shouldn't include that line breaks demo compatibility? In theory, if the line is outside of the block's boundary, it shouldn't matter whether or not it's listed in the block, right? Is this one of those occasions like E3M6 where we get overflow depending on distance and positioning, or is it something else?
  7. Wagi

    Sudden loud sounds in Chocolate Doom

    I get the same thing, and part of me wonders if SDL Mixer is somehow forgetting what volume a sound ought to be and setting it all the way to the maximum for a breif fraction of a second. It happens far too rarely to bother me, though. I can confirm that the sound glitch is not limited to just level 8. It happens most often for me on the pistol/chaingun sound.
  8. The only concrete change I am aware of that was made between the original release and Shadow of the Serpent Riders was the behavior or mace spots. Given that the demos on E3M2 and E2M9 (which contain a Firemace) go out of sync while the one that takes place on E2M5 (which has no Firemace) doesn't, I wouldn't be suprised if it was the only change. The Doom wiki seems to mention that the excess mace spots in Heretic 1.0 used to spawn monsters depending on the episode they are placed in (and even mentions that they have a ~75% chance of doing so). It also mentions that due to a glitch, excess mace spots in Episode 4 would spawn Shadowspheres. Question is, can we find out how exactly this mechanic worked? It's important that all P_Random() calls are done in the correct order, after all.
  9. I once watched a movie that was airing on TV (I belive it was Pineapple Express), where every instance of the word "Asshole" was replaced with "Casserole" and every instance of the word "Motherfucker" was replaced with "Mukka lukka".
  10. Wagi

    Heretic and Hexen

    Nothing in this case, because I only modified R_DrawColumn() and not R_DrawTLColumn() (supersampled masked column drawing would be far more complicated anyway, so I have this feature disabled on sprites and masked midtextures).All that's really happening is that it's grabbing two columns from the texture and blending them together in R_DrawColumn(). Additionally, there is another 'frac' variable that is always (fracstep / 2) units ahead so it can grab a sample one half-pixel below, so every pixel on the screen is the result of blending four 'texels' together.
  11. Wagi

    Heretic and Hexen

    Here's a fun little expirement that makes Heretic a little easier on the eyes -- Heretic's TINTTAB can be (ab)used to create super-sampled column and span drawing without having to resort to making a truecolor port. I expected a lot of artifacting due to the innacuracies involved but it actually doesn't look half bad. BEFORE AFTER
  12. Wagi

    Anyone heard that vinesauce got hacked?

    Vinny is the only one that matters, anyhow. He's the one who does those video game corruption videos.
  13. Wagi

    Adding a Chasecam to Choco?

    The other thing you have to worry about is making sure the chase camera doesn't end up through a wall or under a floor. The best way to do it would be to trace a line backward (just like the way a bullet would be traced in the engine). If it hits something closer than 128 units away (or however far back you want the camera to be), show it at that point, otherwise just show it 128 units away.
  14. Wagi

    Hell Revealed vs Hell Revealed 2

    They are definitely two different styles. Hell Revealed 1 definitely had that oldschool Doom map charm, with bizarre looking levels and some poorly made textures. Doing pacifist runs of some of the maps is also very very fun. I feel like it was a little bit more creative than just being a "slaughter map" pack. Hell Revealed 2 felt like it had more consistent quality in the levels and they were a tad less gimmicky. I like a lot of the music in there, especially map 16 (15?)... the one with the brown towers and blood everywhere. Some of the early maps are boring and tedious though. They were better detailed, but also a lot less colorful.
  15. Wagi

    So the Ashley Madison leak...

    That's not how it works.