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  1. Tankjob

    Test Map from Doom Builder 1

    This has always been an enigma to me: How do I set up Doom Builder 1 to open the map directly in doom? It never worked for me. I don't have a Mac. My Win XP is even registered. I have the final version of DB1. No I won't switch to DB2. Too heavy. I don't need all that stuff. But I want the Testing Configuration to work. What will make that happen?
  2. I like the 2nd and 3rd shot most. The red rocks and the lava floor hide the blocky doom layout very well. It indeed looks rocky. Auto-align of the textures would even increase this effect. Also take care of light sources. Remember that the way you are placing lights may give you hints how to set the lighting of sectors - some darker, some brighter. In turn, this can help you to add details you haven't thought about before. And I don't mean alien Vendetta sort of detail. :) Maybe just some small alcoves with firesticks left and right along the way. This kind of detail can make maps look great without being cluttered. It could be only me, but shot 4 is the one I like the least. Too big height differences don't work well, I think. Nothing against a deep crack, but this is a super-deep hole. The pile of snakes doesn't look good, either. I think, just being not soo deep and - again - texture alignment would make it look better. I guess it would be possible to make small cracks you can walk over because they are so small. With an animated lava texture, I could look real "hot". ;) Don't forget some twitching bodies and keep up the good work!
  3. Tankjob

    Map in progress: Hattusa

    This is a wad in progress. I'd like to share my first results with you. It is based on the ground plan of the ancient castle palace of Hattusa. It is different from many other wads as it recreates a historic building. Maybe the concept is a little bit like Benoit Spacher's fantastic "Metz" map but with a little bit less accuracy in mind. So far, the main buildings have been laid out in Doom Builder 1. Several areas are detached from the rest of the map because I wanted to stay in the grid and will align them later when they are finished. My current idea is to mainly use classic doom textures to identify the various areas: Guard facilities, assembly hall, library, stocks, private rooms ... I made a custom texture showing a curtain with a small gap in it. You can peek through it into the next room, and walking trough it looks real great in-game. For those doomers who would have a look themselves, here's a doom2-compatible download wad. Please don't expect too much, e.g. doors (where applied) won't work yet, you have to use IDCLIP. Comments are welcome. One of my questions is: what to do with the big yards? Placing monsters there is pointless. Maybe they ought to be peaceful areas, with the horror waiting inside ...
  4. Tankjob

    Looking beyond a sector

    Neat little detail, makes the architecture way more convincing!
  5. Tankjob

    Looking beyond a sector

    Pretty lame, dude! There is way too low ammo and the exit is unreachable!!!11 :D But seriously, thanks a lot for that tutorial!! I tried to apply the technique to my map. I settled for a compromise where the stretched wall isn't as long as I wanted it to be. OTOH, the room inside the right building still looks OK - this is where I had to take the raised viewing sector from. I found out the slim zero height sector is important to avoid HOM on the upper texture. I also put some lighting into the map as you even did in that tiny tut map. I gives so much more depth to the scene. P.S. And thanks for the hints to tweak the automap view!
  6. Tankjob

    Looking beyond a sector

    THanks for your quick reply! I was trying to think is this direction but how can I look through the sky onto the wall behind?
  7. Tankjob

    Audacity keeps adding noise to an 8-bit wav...

    You could try to shut off dither. Go to Preferences > Quality. Now, under the point "High-Quality Conversion" set "Dither" to "None". Dither tries to hide noise caused by rounding error. If you work with existing sounds, dither will already be applied, so you don't need to dither them again. Also take care, silent parts are really silent. With 0, there can't be any rounding error, as 0/x is always 0. Use Effects > Fade-in / Fade-out and Edit > Silence Audio for this.
  8. Tankjob

    How do you plan your maps?

    Well, I think Doom Builder is such a handy tool for this task. You could go for the Version 1.68 if DB2 is too demanding. DB1 is still available on the Doom Builder site. I even used DB1 to sketch a map for a board game.
  9. Tankjob

    Looking beyond a sector

    I'm trying to make an outside sector look aright. There are buildings of different height. I would like to see a wall across the top of another building. Here are some images. The first shows a tower/gate to the left and inside-the-palace buildings to the right. What I would like to see however is shown in this gimped image: The wall of the tower extends beyond the wall of the inner building. One way of doing this would be to make the ceilings of the inner building 3D floors for the sole purpose of looking over them. Currently, the map only requires limit removing, no special features. This is the layout in Doom Builder: My question is: Is there a way - except 3D floors - to make that wall visible ?
  10. Tankjob

    How to create a see-through texture?

    Thanks alot - seems like you inserted my texture into a wad - unfortunately, the file cannot be found? Is it possible to upload it again? Thanks for the hint, slade seems to offer image conversion tools. I actually included the graphic with transparency, but at the wrong place (accidentally replacing another texture) or with the wrong name or without correct headers, being included in the wad, but not showing up as selectable texture. Seems like I don't know enough about the use of slade and/or the wad file format. Thus, I'm still looking for a tutorial. :|
  11. Hi, since a few days I've been trying to get a new texture working with transparent areas in it. The texture is here: http://kadritzke.de/curtain1.bmp I tried with Doom Builder 1 and XWE. Tried bmp & png format, with and without transparency. The curtain is converted to doom palette. Either the cyan is rendered as pale grey (bmp, flat png) or the curtain becomes yellow with dark areas transparent (alpha png). I haven't been able to find some sort of how-to, though I guess this topic must have been discussed somewhere. Even tried the forum search! Could someone point me to a tutorial or st like that?