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  1. Siriuss

    Beautiful Doom and Skulltag

    Open the wad with Slade and delete these functions. It may cause some bugs but if you really prefer Skulltag, just do it. Btw, why Skulltag? Its crap, since its 3d mode is ugly and it doesn't support that many functions as Zdoom... (e.g.: a_quake, a_setpitch and so on...) Or you add a lot of playerclasses, Skulltag will show only the first 5 or 6, while Zdoom shows them all and you may scroll up/down.
  2. Siriuss

    configuring damage amount?

    You better create a DECORATE with Actor Dodgeball, using the fireballs sprites, try to do it like this: Actor Dodgeball : DoomImpBall { Damage 500 } I tried it with my custom Imp and it worked. Then try to change your script that spawns these dodgeballs instead of the impballs. If theres a problem tell me.
  3. Siriuss

    A_SpawnItemEx Problem...

    I made a code for a Motheralien to spawn an Imp. Yes she does the movement (sprites, see ALOG), but no monsters are spawned. WTF? Code: ALOG F 0 A_SpawnItemEx ("DoomImp", 15, 0, 0, 0, 0, 5, 0, 0) I checked the wiki but it couldnt help me.
  4. What programs do you guys use to make custom sounds, like DeathSound of a Monster or things like that. I'm bored of using the same sounds of doom or, some guys do this too, steal the sounds of other monsters.
  5. Siriuss

    Custom Monster Problem

    Hah, that was funny. I was looking for a answer but did not found.
  6. Siriuss

    Custom Monster Problem

    Ok i have a few questions: What does +BOSS and +Missilemore mean? How can i create a monster who has more then one different rangeweapons? For example: I want to create a Baron of Hell who shots Green Fireballs AND Red one, who are a bit stronger. Yes i know how to create Monsters and their Missiles, BUT i dont know how to make a script where both missiles are used. Need some help...
  7. Siriuss

    Monster dead => Lose game?

    Ok i got it: Script 2 (void) { int health = GetActorProperty(1, APROP_HEALTH); if(health < 0) { SetActorProperty(0, APROP_HEALTH, 0); } restart; }And the monster tid 1 and 80:Scriptexecute. But 1 question: If he dies and my health is 0, i can STILL move, no death animation and sound is played but i cant shoot or use. How to fix this
  8. Siriuss

    Monster dead => Lose game?

    How to do this? Seriously: i dont like to go on wiki of zdoom.
  9. Siriuss

    Monster dead => Lose game?

    I want to do it like this: I have a friendly monster and if he dies i lose the game. I tried to make this:Script 1 (void) { int health = GetActorProperty(1, APROP_HEALTH); if(health < 0) { Exit_Normal(0); } } It wotn work? Whats wrong? Or is there a command how to make my own Health 0 if his hp is 0 or below?
  10. Siriuss

    Musicfile for intro

    whats the musicfile for the intromusic?
  11. Siriuss

    Crossing line => open script?

    Whats the function to activate a script in acs if a player crosses a line. Example: Player walks over line 1, script 1 is acitvated. How to do this? Cant find on zdoom
  12. Siriuss

    Player starts with no gun?

    And how can i keep a player frozen until a special delay ends? Example: Playerfrozen Delay smthing like 10 sec. Playerunfreeze. Or how i keep a print longer then just a few sec?
  13. Siriuss

    Player starts with no gun?

    How can i do this? I know some functions for ACS scripting but i dont know how to make a player start with no guns?
  14. Siriuss

    Help me out with adding custom monsters

    I did this too a few hours ago. First off you add all the things from the Monster-Wad into your doom-Wad. Then i clicked on the DECORATE-Lump of the Monster and saw the Actornumber. Then i opened Doombuilder and typed it in in Thingmode Tagnumber. Then the Afrit appeared.